Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

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1 Role Conflict Among Female Primary School Teacher in Relation to Their Professional Commitment Gull, Zarqa Dr. Aamir Hayat
2 Analysis of Sisko Fluid Flow Througha A Horizontal Tube with Convective Boundary Conditions Rasheed, Shaheen Dr.Aqila Shaheen
3 Effect of Parental on Students, Achievement at Secondary Level in District Gilgit Batool Dr. Shafqat Ali
4 Effect of Socio-Economic Challenges on Students's Achievements at Karakoram International University : Batool, Saima Dr. Shafqat Ali
5 رادنجر ھگنس دیبی ےک ااسفونں ںیم ات اک یقیقحت و دیقنتی اجزئہ Pervaiz,Khalid Dr. Syed Ndeem Jaifer
6 بانو قدسیہ اور بشری رحمن کی ناولٹ نگاری )نسوانی کرداروں کا تقابل) Arooj, Sania Dr. Samina Mahboob
7 Social Factors towards Conspicuous Consumption: Ali, Muhammad Haris Dr. Aamir Hayat
8 Effects of dengue infection on hematological parameters Iftikhar, Aqsa Dr. Kashif-ur-Rehman
9 Clinical Significance of Serum Iron in the Diagnosis of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Patients from Selected Hospitals of Lahore Farman, Neelam Dr. Kashif-ur-Rehman
10 "اردو مزاحمتی شاعری میں آفتاب اقبال شمیم کا مقام و مرتبہ: Rehmat, Bushra Muhammad Iqbal Nasir
11 Evaluation of the Testicular Toxicity Caused by Lorazepam and Ameliorative Role of Vitamin C in Albino Mice (Mus Musculus). Chaudhry, Sara Dr. Asma Rashid khan
12 Comparison of Echocardiography with Cardiac Troponin in Stable Cardiac Failure Patients Sarwar, Hafiza Hira Ms. Mahwish Asif Ali
13 Comparison of Electrocardiography with Troponin T Biomarker in Myocardial Infarction Patients Gulzar, Maria Dr. Anam Tariq
14 The study of temperature dependent viscosity for peristaltic wave of non-Newtonian fluid Ramzan, Muhammad Dr.Aqila Shaheen
15 Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for Non-Uniform Boundary Value Problems Involving Non-linear Fractional Differential Equations Aimen, Nabila Ms.Barrira Jurrat
16 Election Campaign 2018: A Study of Editorial Coverage of PTI, PML (N) and PPP by Leading Print Media in Punjab, Pakistan Butt, Abdul Basit Dr .Salman Amin
17 Role of Fisheries in the Blue Economy of Pakistan (2001-2022) A Thesis submitted to Minhaj University, Lahore By Malik Ghulam Abbas Roll No. 07 M. Phil Political Science Session: 2021-23 (Spring) For Abbas, Malik Ghulam Dr. Syed Waqas Haider
18 (عصمت چغتائی اور واجدہ تبسم کے افسانوی کرداروں کا تقابلی مطالعہ (تحلیل نفسی کی روشنی میں Kousar, Mubeen Dr. Muhammad Fakhrulhaq Noori
19 Analysis of Inflammatory Response of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha and Interleukin-6 Triggered in COVID-19 Patients from Surgimed Hospital of Lahore Saleem, Ayesha Dr. Kashif- Ur. Rehman
20 Identification and isolation of PDR bacteria in clinical samples from different hospitals Irshad, Saba Ms. Saba Abbas
21 PrevalenceandidentificationofMycobacterium tuberculosiswithRifresistanceindifferenttypesof patients Noor, Nida Ms. Saba Abbas
22 Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin resistance in HCV Patients Shabbir, Faryal Dr. Kashif Ur Rehman
23 Eccentricity Based Molecular Descriptors of Chemical Graphs and Its Derivatives Arshad, Maima Dr. Faraha Ashraf
24 A General Review On Thyroid Dysfunction Farooq, Umar Zeemal Seemab Amin
25 آبِ کوثر،رودِکوثروموجِ کوثر(شیخ محمد اکرام)کی فرہنگ Murad, Asma Dr. Fazelat Bano
26 Beta Generalized Exponentiated Moment Exponential Distribution: Ullah,Ehsan Muhammad Ahsan ul Haq
27 حافظ محمد ادریس کے سفرناموں کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ Rafique, Uzma Dr. Samiya Ahsan
28 Azeem Baig Chgtai ke Naolat: Sardar, Naseem Dr. Samiya Ahsan
29 Shama Khalid ki Afsana Nigari: Arshad, Saba Dr. Samiya Ahsan
30 Akadmi Adbiyat Atfaal Lahore ki Adbi Khidmat  Tahmina, Liaqat Dr. Fazilat Bano
31 جدیداردوافسانے میں دیہی معاشرت کی عکاسی اورخالدفتح محمدکی افسانہ نگاری Zubair Muhammad Dr. Nasir Bluch
32 ترنم ریاض کی افسانوی نثر کا تحقیقی و تنقیدی جائزہ Ghazal, Lanta Dr. Samiya Ahsan
33 اردو رومانوی تحریک پر انگریزی رومانوی تحریک کے اثرات(بحوالہ نمائندہ شعرا) Ahmad, Mushtaq Dr.Fazeelat Bano
34 Implementation of Improved Sardar Sub-Equation Method for Exact Soliton Solutions of Non-linear Fractional Partial Differential Equations Adil, Zulqarnain Dr. Fiza Batool
35 Prevalence of Fibroadenoma in Benign Breast Woman in Pakistan Tanveer, Amaan Ms. Anam Imtiaz
36 Role of Creatin Kinase MB as Molecular Marker in Chronic Kidney Failure Ghafoor, Shazia Dr. Sumaira Mehboob
37 A Review on Microbial α-Amylases and their Industrial Applications Mhamood, Kashmala Dr. Sumaira Mehboob
38 Coverage of Print Media to Create Awareness on Coronavirus: Baig, Haiz Sayyab Dr.Abdul Ghani
39 An Analysis of Trauma Narrative in the Novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist Hussain, Tanveer Ms. Quratul Ain Shafique
40 Awareness and Use of Open-Source Library Software in University Libraries of Pakistan Hussain, Irfan Ali Tahmoor Dr.Muhammad Tariq
41 Pattern of Drug Resistance in Isolates of Staphylococcus aureus from General Ward Patients in DHQ Hospital Bahawalnagar. Faryad, Muhammad Talha Miss Mahwish Asif Ali
42 Factors Affecting Information Seeking Behavior of Farmers: Abbas, Ali Ms. Farhana Saeed Hashmi
43 Effects of Endoscopic Tube on Non-Newtonian Williamson Fluid by Using Homotopy Perturbation Technique Huma, Zile Dr .Fiza Batool
44 Effects of Job Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment of Secondary School Teachers at District Nankana Sahib Hussain, Tanveer Dr. Shafqat Ali
45 پاکستان اور بھارت میں، ُ اُردونظم کا ارتقا: Anjum, Mehnaz Dr. Mukhtar Azmi
46 Dynamics of Yemen Crisis: Implications for Regional Powers (2011-20) Ali, Ghazanfar Dr. Hassan Farooq Mashwani
47 Challenges Faced By University Students in Speaking English: Guzaib, Muhammad Ms. Fatima Anwer
48 Biochemical Analysis of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease of Diabetes Type 2 In Sialkot Shehzadi, Kinza Dr. Asif Mehmood Qureshi
49 Psychoanalytical Interpretation of Ahmad’s Maps for the Lost Lovers: Shafique, Rabia Muhammad Tayyab
50 Tensor Product of 3-Point Quaternary Approcimating Scheme Munir, Muhammad Dr. Abdul Ghaffar