Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Critical analysis of Sylvia plats introspective in her metrical compositions Saim Ali Mr. M. Islam Khan
2 Critical discourse analysis of reza fakhr e rohani ,s book ashura poems in English;a comparative Rabia Hayyat Mr. Irfan Abbas
3 Figurative Language in Political Discourse Mehwish Shahid Mr. Irfan Abbas
4 The effectiveness of guided method and self-monitoring methods for correction of fossilized errors; a comparative Rabia Seerat Mr. Asif Ikram
5 Self-efficacy secondary school students of english as a foreign Zulfiqar Ali Dr. Umar Ud din
6 Enhancing L2 vocabulary acquisition trough L1 at secondary level in rural areas of pakistan Anam Maqsood Mr. Asif Ikram
7 Mobile phones for enhancing listening skills of ielts students Abrar Ahmad Mr. Asif Ikram
8 Masculine image in syliva plaths poetry Noshaba Kanwal M. Islam Khan
9 Mystic and satanic Elements in the Paulo Coelho,s selected novels Muhammad Jamshaid Sarwar Ms. Sundas Majeed
10 Ideological perspective in Pakistan print media: critical discourse analysis of budget mews coverage Lubna Shaukat Mr. Irfan Abbas
11 Public Perceptions About the Decline of Govt . Secondary schools in district Gujarat Naseer Ahmad MR. Ejaz Ahmad Tatlah
12 Effect of leadership styles of the secondary school leaders on job satisfaction of their subordinates at district Kasur Sonia Imran MR. Ejaz Ahmad Tatlah
13 A Comparative study of the job satisfaction of secondary school teachers in private and public sector Munir Ahmad Dr. Shafaqat Rasool
14 Impact of parents socioeconomic status on students achievement Muhammad Bashir Sahu MR. Ejaz Ahmad Tatlah
15 Impact of parents behavior on academic achievement of students at secondary level in Lahore Sajdah Kubra MR. Ejaz Ahmad Tatlah
16 Effect of information technology on students attitude towards learning at secondary level in district Mandi Bahauddin Zeb Un Nisa Mr. Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah
17 Exploring the reasons to join education as profession a comparison of male and female prospective teachers at district okra Nusrat Perveen Mr. Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah
18 A comparative study of quality of education in public and private secondary schools of Gujranwala Ayesha Sheikh Dr. Shafaqat Rasool
19 Self-efficacy of in service and pre service English teachers at secondary level Fozia Shamim Dr. Shafaqat Rasool
20 Decline of public sector secondary school in destrict lahore causes and remedies Hadiqa Asim MR. Ejaz Ahmad Tatlah
21 Quality education in public and private schools at district okra Shahida Perveen Mr. Ejaz Ahmad Tatlah
22 Relationship between school culture and moral development of students at secondary level Rashid Minas MR. Ejaz Ahmad Tatlah
23 Psychometric anaylsis of university qualifying exmination using test theory and item response theory Zahid Mehmood Dr. Muhammad Anwar
24 Comparative study of professional attitude of public and private teachers at secondary school level Haq Nawaz Dr. Nasir Mahmood
25 Effects pf the induction traning on the performance of the teachers Kausar Bibi Dr. Shafaqat Rasool
26 The Impact of District Teacher Educatiors Entoring Support upon PrImary school teachers professional progress in district madni Baha Ul din Tasleem Ullah Dr. Saleem Ullah Jundran
27 A study of in service tearcher trating program in directiorate of staff dovelopment lahore Asma Anis Alvi Dr. Shafaqat Rasool
28 Usefulness of computer laboratioreis in public sector secondary schools of district sheikhupura Rizwan Ahmed MR. Ejaz Ahmad Tatlah
29 Impact of remittances of social life standards of huseholds in pakistan Huma Anees Mr. Khurram Shehzad
30 Impact Of Religious Tourism On Local Economic Activities With Reference To Sikh Pilgrimage A Case Study Of Lahore Umair Abbas Mr. Khurram Shehzad
31 Impact Of Energy Consumption Human Capital And Capital And Trads Openness On Gdp In Pakistan An Econometric Analysis Kashif Raza Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman
32 Tourism Terrorism And Economic Growth A Casetudy Of Four Souts Aslan Countries Habiba Hafeez Ms. Farhat Rasul
33 Governance Financial Development And Income Inequality Nexus Muhammad Imran Ms. Farhat Rasul
34 The Impact Of Unemployment Rate On Productivity Growth And Phillips Curve In Pakistan Misbah Naseem Dr. Tahir Mehmood
35 Sectoral Analysis Of Environment Pollution Khadija Nawaz Mr. Khurram Shehzad
36 Nexus Of Budget Deficit, Inflation And Interest Rate In Pakistan Sakhawat Ali Mr. Atif Maqbool Khan
37 Impact Of Economic Growth And Population Growth On Carbon Dioxide(Co2) Emissions In Pakistan Tayyaba Iqbal Ms. Sadaf Razzaq
38 Impact Of Technical Education On Economic Growth ( A Case Study Of Pakistan) Uzma Tariq Dr. Tahir Mehmood
39 Environmental Kuznets Curve And Toxic Gases Emission In Pakistan Momina Saleem Dr. Muhammad Ismail
40 Analyzing the relationship of energy consumption ,consume expenditures and economics growth; A Case study of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Sindhu Mr. Atif Maqbool Khan
41 An analysis of financial development aid and economic growth relationship (a case stdy of Pakistan ) Abida Mumtaz Dr. Tahir Mehmood
42 Effect of economic growth and exchange rate on current account deficit in Pakistan ;an arol rashed cointegration analysis Syed Muhammad Imran Dr. Tahir Mehmood
43 Implications of Pakistan china trade relations Uzma Ahmad Sahi Mr. Khurram Shehzad
44 Export led growth hypothesis new evidence from Pakistan Ali Reyan Mr. Syed Hassan Abbas Akhter
45 The impact of international remittances on economic growth health and investment in Pakistan Rafia Noreen Mr. Allah Ditta
46 Impact of exchange rate volatility on investment and economic growth the case study of development Abdul Hanan Mr. Syed Hassan Abbas Akhter
47 On the analysis of consumption patterns in Pakistan Muhammad Nadeem Sarwar Mr. Khurram Shehzad
48 Impact of economic growth and population growth on carbon dioxide(co2)emission in Pakistan Tayyaba Iqbal Mr. Allah Ditta
49 Forenign direct investment in Pakistsan Sami Ullah Khan Prof. Muhammad Arshad
50 The stratecgies and financial analysis MCB bank limited Zeeshan Ali Zahid Dr. Muhammad Naseer