Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Information needs and seeking behavior of provincial government officers Raheela younas butt Muhammad Ijaz Miraj
2 Institutional role in career development a study of university librarians in lahore Raheel Anwar Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Awan
3 Information needs and seeking behavior of postgraduate student of life science Samia Anwar Muhammad Ijaz Miraj
4 Students Perception About Information Literacy ( IL) Skills & Need Of IL Course: Shahid Mehmood Dr. Muhammad Fazil Khan
5 Models For Resource Sharing In University Libraries Of Lahore: A Study Bushra Suleman Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
6 A study of job satisfaction among library professionals and paraprofessionals in the university libraries of rawalpindi and islamabad Muhammad Shakil Dr Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
7 Resource sharing challenges and oppoetunities of medical teaching libraries in Lahore Muhammad Sadiq Dr. Muhammad Fazil Khan
8 A study of Digitization Initiatives in Lahore city Bushra Almas Jaswal Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
9 Perception About Print Vs Screen Reading: A Case Of Public Library Users In Lahore Neelam Mumtaz Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
10 Do They Learn What We Teach: Am Assessment Of University Library User Education Program Shamim Akhtar Muhammad Rafique Awan
11 Extension Of Cloud Computing In Public And Private Sector University Libraries Of Pakistan :A Study Dur E Sameen Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
12 Students Expectations about Library Services of National Library engineering science (NLES) university of engineering and technology , Lahore a case study Syed Zia Hussain Shah Dr. Muhammad Fazil Khan
13 Assessment of information literacy skills for M.B.B.S student of sheikh khalifa zayed AL- nahayan medical and dental college ,Lahore Ihsan Basit Prof. Dr. Muhammad Fazal Khan
14 Information Seeking Behavior Of Post Graduate Students And Faculty Members Of Punjab University Law College: Rabia Basri Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
15 Knowledge sharing fattorn among postgraduate students of public and private universities in Lahore. Zaheer Ali Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
16 Attitude of postgraduate students towards the access and use of electronic journals Kashif Hussain Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
17 Library supervision and support mechanism in school systems of Punjab and Islamabad Saima Hanif Dr. Haroon Idrees
18 Knowledge manament practices in libraries of degree awarding institutes of Lahore Rukhsana Akhter Dr. Haroon Idrees
19 Challenges of public sector college libraries in enhancing reading habits among students Sajid Hussain Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
20 Faculty perception about information literacy skills and need of literacy course Muhammad Ishtiaq Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
21 International accreditation of Pakistani library and information science in context of American library association (ALA) Muhammad Tufail khan Dr. Muhammad Rafique
22 Impact of digital resources on reference service in university libraries Mirza Abdul Rasheed Dr. Muhammad Rafique
23 Sources and services of special libraries an appraisal Waqar ahmed Minhaj University Lahore
24 Application of Marketing in University Libraries of Lahore : Nasira muneer Dr. Shahid Soroya
25 Legal deposit system of Pakistan : implementation control and management Sohail Iqbal Dr. Shahid Soroya
26 Criteria for promotion of public sector university libraries in the Punjab Ammara yousaf Dr. Khlaid Mehmood
27 Knowledge management practices in university libraries of paksitan Khurshid Ahmad Dr. Muhamamd Rafique
28 Library anxiety among undergragraduate students a case study of university of the Punjab Zia ur rehman Dr. Shahid Soroya
29 Impact Of Work Stress On Job Performance And Professional Attitude Of Paraprofessional Staff Working In Public Sector University Libraries Of The Punjab Rashid Maqbool Dr. Muhammad Rafique
30 Use of social media marketing in university libraries: a case study from Pakistan Aneela Zahid Dr. Haroon Idrees
31 Students Perception About Information Literacy Skills And Need Of Il Course: A Case Study Of Lums Muhammad Zeeshan Dr. Haroon Idrees
32 Use Of Wab 2.0 Tachnologias In Research Productivity.A Case Study Of Comsats Instituta Of Information Technology (Ciit) Abida Hanif Muhammad Tariq
33 Information Needs And Seeking Behavionr Of The Punjab Ghulam Yasin Malik Dr. Shahid Soroya
34 Impact Of Social Media On Students Of Public Universities In Lahore Fouzia Shafique Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
35 Acceptance And Use Of Google Scholar By Research Students Of Public And Private Sector Institutes Of Lahore Sohail Shoukat Muhammad Tariq
36 Use Of University Library Web Opac By University Research Student: An Evaluative Study Irfan Ali Muhammad Tariq
37 Application And Role Of Promotional Activities In University Libraries Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Fazal Ahad Ms. Saira Soroya
38 Academic use of social media among students of the university of the pubjab lahore Muhammad Zahid Raza Dr. Shahid Soroya
39 21st Century Trend Analysis Of Monograph Acquisition In Public Libraries Of Lahore Faiza Bashir Ms. Saira Hanif
40 Use Of Information Technology (It)In Public Libraries Study Muhammad Ashraf Shakoori Dr. Shahid Soroya
41 Impact Of Continuing Education Programs In Lis Profession A Survey Of Library Professionals Of Pakistan Aamir Hamid Mr. Muhammad Shahid Soroya
42 Promotion Of Information Resources And Services In The Public Sector University Libraries Of Islamabad Naimat Ullah Shah Dr. Haroon Idrees
43 Students Perception About Information Literacy(Il)Skells And Need Of Il Programs A Case Study Of Nust Islamabad Muhammad Safdar Dr. Haroon Idrees
44 Information Seeking Behavior Of Journalists Working In Waziristan Haleema Saadia Dr. Muhammad Rafique
45 User Satisfaction With Library Information Resources Facilities And Staffs Services A Case Of Lahore Public Libraries Mehvish Ara Ms. Saira Soroya
46 Motivation And Job Satisfaction Of Paraprofessional Staff Working In University Libraries Of Lahore Sumaira Hussain Dr. Saira Hainf Soroya
47 Analyzing Reference Performance In Public Sector University Libraries Of Lahore Sadia Khaliq Dr. Saira Hainf Soroya
48 Factors Affecting Professional Development (Cpd)Activities A Case Of The Universities Of Lahore Abid Hussain Dr. Muhammad Rafique
49 An Exploratory Study Of Library Websites Of Pakistan Universities Muhammad Abbas Ganaee Dr. Muhammad Rafiq
50 Use Of Marketing Features On University Library Websites In Pakistan A Case Analysis Shakeel Ahmad Babar Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj