Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

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1 Impact Of Energy Consumption Human Capital And Capital And Trads Openness On Gdp In Pakistan An Econometric Analysis Kashif Raza Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman
2 Tourism Terrorism And Economic Growth A Casetudy Of Four Souts Aslan Countries Habiba Hafeez Ms. Farhat Rasul
3 Governance Financial Development And Income Inequality Nexus Muhammad Imran Ms. Farhat Rasul
4 The Impact Of Unemployment Rate On Productivity Growth And Phillips Curve In Pakistan Misbah Naseem Dr. Tahir Mehmood
5 Sectoral Analysis Of Environment Pollution Khadija Nawaz Mr. Khurram Shehzad
6 Nexus Of Budget Deficit, Inflation And Interest Rate In Pakistan Sakhawat Ali Mr. Atif Maqbool Khan
7 Impact Of Economic Growth And Population Growth On Carbon Dioxide(Co2) Emissions In Pakistan Tayyaba Iqbal Ms. Sadaf Razzaq
8 Impact Of Technical Education On Economic Growth ( A Case Study Of Pakistan) Uzma Tariq Dr. Tahir Mehmood
9 Environmental Kuznets Curve And Toxic Gases Emission In Pakistan Momina Saleem Dr. Muhammad Ismail
10 Analyzing the relationship of energy consumption ,consume expenditures and economics growth; A Case study of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Sindhu Mr. Atif Maqbool Khan
11 An analysis of financial development aid and economic growth relationship (a case stdy of Pakistan ) Abida Mumtaz Dr. Tahir Mehmood
12 Effect of economic growth and exchange rate on current account deficit in Pakistan ;an arol rashed cointegration analysis Syed Muhammad Imran Dr. Tahir Mehmood
13 Implications of Pakistan china trade relations Uzma Ahmad Sahi Mr. Khurram Shehzad
14 Export led growth hypothesis new evidence from Pakistan Ali Reyan Mr. Syed Hassan Abbas Akhter
15 The impact of international remittances on economic growth health and investment in Pakistan Rafia Noreen Mr. Allah Ditta
16 Impact of exchange rate volatility on investment and economic growth the case study of development Abdul Hanan Mr. Syed Hassan Abbas Akhter
17 On the analysis of consumption patterns in Pakistan Muhammad Nadeem Sarwar Mr. Khurram Shehzad
18 Impact of economic growth and population growth on carbon dioxide(co2)emission in Pakistan Tayyaba Iqbal Mr. Allah Ditta
19 Forenign direct investment in Pakistsan Sami Ullah Khan Prof. Muhammad Arshad
20 The stratecgies and financial analysis MCB bank limited Zeeshan Ali Zahid Dr. Muhammad Naseer
21 An analysis of the fectors affectiong the demangd ration Miss Nida Zahoor Mr. Tahir Jan
22 Online banking fo MCB Saima Liaqat Prof. Muhammad Irshad
23 Management Islamic Banking and Financial Ration Irfan Shahzad Dr. Nasir Mahmood
24 Roel of SMEs in Pakistan's economy Muhammad Tahir Muhammad Muaraf Maqbool
25 Role of microfinance in pakistan economy Muhammad Aslam Prof. Muhammad Arshad
26 Working capital management of sugar industries Muzammal Noor Mrs .Sundas Naeem
27 Financial analysis of silk bank Aamar Shahzad Prof. Muhammad Arshad
28 Captail budgerting techniques in textile mils of pakistan master in comerce Ajmal Bashir miss. Sundas Naeem
29 Role Of Cement Industry And Financial Analysis Of Lucky Cement And D.G.Khan Cement Khurram Shahzab khan Miss Nausheen Rafi
30 Banking System In Pakistan And Muslim Commercial Bank Ajmal Bashir Miss Nausheen Rafi
31 Finanical anaylsis of sufi group of industries Muzammal Hussain Mr. Muarif Maqbool
32 Organization and study of lahore stock exchange Sarfraz Ali Muhammad Muaraf Maqbool
33 Marketing research for Mcdonalds Arabia Ridha Pervaiz Minhaj University Lahore
34 Financial analysis & reporting Muhammad Naved Prof. Dr. Naseer Akhtar
35 Recrutmrnt & eslectrion procedure adapted by del private limited Sheer yar Khalid Major (R) Khalid Nasar
36 Impact of service quality on coustomer loyalty in context of islamic banking in pakistan Mughees Ud din Nasir Nosheeh Rafi
37 Working capital management service Industries Limited Masters in commerce Faisal Ashraf Prof. Dr Naseer Akhtar
38 Vehicle Oil Change Reminder Management System Wajid Maqsood Bhatti Muhammad Saleem Akhtar
39 Doctor management system Maryam Butt Muhammad Saleem Akhtar
40 Examination management system Saba Noor Mr. Allah Ditta
41 Online property dealing system Basit Zafar Mr. Syed Saqib Raza Rizvi
42 Simulation of MCB network using packet tracer MIT session Neveed Hussain Muhtishim Sahb
43 Online Jewelry Store Iqra Saleem Ms Saba Noor
44 Real estate management Rashida Hanif Mr. Allah Ditta
45 Restaurant locator Azka Naeem Muhammad Saleem Akhtar
46 Minhaj computer science and information technology website Muh U Din Sheraz Khan
47 Accounts management system of Ali & brothers PVT ltd. Muhammad Ahsan Muhammad Saleem Akhtar
48 Online donation system sohawardia welfare foundation Yasir Baseer Mr. Abdul Sami
49 Web Portal of MINHAJ Computer Science Society Faiza Aslam Mr. Abdul Sami
50 Library Management system of Minhaj university Areeba Zahid, Arooha Zoonash Miss Saba Noor