Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Assessment Of Effectiveness Of Resources And Services Of Libraries Post Graduate Colleges Of Lahore: A User'Viewpoint Muhammad Azam Prof. Dr. Rias Ahmed Samdani
2 Current And Required Level Of Soft Skills: A Study Of University Library Professionals In Lahore Asia Sultana Dr. Muhammad Fazil Khan
3 Perception And Prospects Of Research Data Management In Department Libraries: A Study Of University Of The Punjab, Pakistan Rauf Ishaq Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
4 Users'Need Assessment for Medical Libraries Of Lahore Shazia Bashir Dr. Muhammad Shahid soroya
5 Impact Of Parenting Style Of Juvenile Delinquency: A Case Study Of Lahore Muhammad Asad Dr. Rahat Abdul Rehman
6 Tour Hub Syed Kazim Hussain Syed Younas Ali
7 Impact Of The British Colonial Rule On The Muslims Of India: A Case Study Of Constitutional Development 1909-1935 Saif Ullah Prof. Dr. Zahida Sulemam
8 An Assessment Of Minimum Perceived And Desired Quality Level Of Services Of Libraries In Private Medical Colleges of Lahore Wajid Mahmood Prof. Dr. Muhammad Fazal Khan
9 Analysis Of Ethics In Library And Information Science Research In Punjab, Pakistan: Issues And Challenges Naeema Naeem Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
10 Performance Assessment And Job Satisfaction of Support Staff In Academic Libraries Of Lahore Sajjad Ahmed Dr. Muhammad Tariq
11 Consortia to Promote Access To Health Care Information; Current Status Of Medical Libraries Of Lahore Kirn Ashraf Prof. Dr. Rais Ahmed Samdani
12 Effect Of School Environment On Students' Performance As Perceived by Teachers At Secondary Level In Lahore District Shazia Jabeen Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
13 Drugs And Crime Nexus: A Study of Lahore, Pakistan Khurram Zia Dr. Rahat Abdul Rehman
14 Spatial Analysis of Ground Water Quality By Using Water Quality Parameter And Geographic Information System. A Case Study For Lahore Fatima Hamid Dr. Muhammad Ismial
15 Online Shopping Management System Dilawar Sher Mr. Muhammad Hussain
16 Assessing The Utility of E-Learn Punjab Initiative Among Young Students: A Survey Masum Ali Dr. Muhammad Tariq
17 Social Media Impact On Reading Habits Of Research Students : A Survey Of Public Universities In Lahore Sumera Hafiz Dr. Muhammad Tariq
18 Domestic Violence Against Married Woman In Pakistani Society: A Case Study Of Lahore, Punjab Mamoona Anjum Dr. Rahat Addul Rehman
19 Voting Trends In South Punjab During 2013 Provincial Election : A Case Study of District Bahawalpur, Muzaffargarh And Dera ghazi Khan Rehman Gul Khan Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
20 Hosoya Polynomial And Topological Indices Of N-Linear Phenanthrene Saira Shafique Dr. Sumera Naz
21 Gorava Indices Of Some Nanotubes M. Mazhar Mushtaq Sajid Dr. Waqas Nazeer
22 Existence And Uniqueness Of Caputo Type Fractional Differential Equations With Four And Five-Point Nonlocal Fractional Integral Boundary Condition Muhammad Kamran MRS Barrira Jurrat
23 Molecular Characterization Of Capsicum Infecting Pepper Mild Mottle Virus Isolates From Pakistan Shaista Akram Dr. Adnan Ahmed
24 Confirmatory Factor Analysis About The Stress Among the Gender Of School Teachers In Lahore Hafsah Zahoor Dr. Irfan Aslam
25 Molecular Studies On Pakistani Isolates of tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Saba Riaz Dr. Adnan Ahmed
26 Exact Solutions For Motions Of An Oldroyd -B Fluid Over An Infinite Plate Ayesha Mushtaq Dr. Niat Nighar
27 On The Study Of Axial Couette Flow Of Maxwell Fluid Mehvish Mushtaq Dr. Niat Nigar
28 Impact Of Knowledge Management On Innovation : An Empirical Study Of Private Sector Industries Iqra Akbar Qamar Zaman
29 Forecasting Of Price And Production Of Foremost Crops In Pakistan Muhammad Arif Dr. Irfan Aslam
30 Professional Development Courses For Librarians Need Effectiveness And Its Application In Academic Libraries Of Lahore Naveed Anwar Dr. Muhammad Tariq
31 Role Of Internship In The Leadership Development Of Librarians Amir Subhani Haroon Idrees
32 Information Literacy Skill of Islamic Research Scholars: A Study of Universities Of Lahore Shahbaz Sardar Mr. Bashir Ahmed Bhatti
33 Resource And Services Of Libraries For Special Children In Lahore City A Survey Wahid Bakhsh Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
34 The Role Of Punjab Library Foundation In Development Of Public Libraries In Punjab Saeeda Khan Dr. Muhammad Fazil Khan Balouch
35 Effect Of Internet Use On Academic Performance Of Library & Information Science Students Of The University Of The Punjab Ghazala Anjum Dr. Nadeem Siddique
36 Perceptual Psychological Approach and job Satisfaction: A Case of Lahore Universities Employees Khush Dil Sikandar Lodhi Qamar Zaman
37 Power Upper Truncated Pareto Distribution: Properties, Simulation And Applications Sumeera Tabassum Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
38 Computation Aspects Of Some Molecular Compounds And Application Iqra Farooqi Dr. Absar ul haq
39 Numerical Solution Of Separable Differential Equations Using Partitioned Runge-Kutta Methods Of Effective Order Ayesha Kanwal Dr. Attique ur Rehman
40 Wu's Slip Effects In MHD Flow Of Oldroyd-B Nanofluid With Motile Microorganisms Over A Stretching Cylinder Shan Ali Khan Hassan Waqas
41 Perceptions Of University Students About While-Collar Crimes A Case Study Of Lahore District Muhammad Bilal Dr. Rahat Abdul Rehman
42 On The Study Of Some Rotational Flows Of Rate Type Fluids Ata-ur-Rehman Dr. Niat Nigar
43 Intertextual Devices In Poetry : A Literary Study Of Robert Frost's Poetry Hina Saleem Muhammad Islam Khan
44 The Syrians' Responses To Trauma Of War: An Analytical Study Of Sea Prayer By Khalid Hosseini And A Land Of Permanent Goodbyes By Atia Abawi Amen Shahid Muhammad Islam Khan
45 Interaction Aggregation Operator Under Complex Q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Environment Fareeha Younis Dr. Sumera Naz
46 Information Literacy Skill Of Faculty & Ph.Di Scholars Of Government College University, Lahore Majda Jalal Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
47 Biosynthesis, Characterization And Microbial Studies Of Zinc Nanoparticle Ikhlaq Ahmed Dr. Hina Zain
48 Bioconvection Aspects in Carreau nanofluid Featuring Cattaneo-Christov Heat And Mass Flux Model With Motile Microorganisms Umar Farooq Hassan Waqas
49 Dynamics Of Ninth Order Rational Difference Equations Muhammad Farooq Umar Dr. Stephen sadiq
50 Bio-Convection Effect In Jeffrey Nanofluid With Microorganisms and Second Order Slip Umair Manzoor Hassan waqas