Theses & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Theses & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Financial Analysis &Future Prospect Of Bank Alfalah Ltd In Pakistan Noman Ali Prof. Umer Niaz
2 Financial Planning & Forecasting Of Packages Ltd Talat Jabeen Rana Tanveer Hussian
3 Role Of Fertilizer Industry The Development Of Pakistan M Sajjad Anwar Mr Sajjad Ul Aziz
4 Financial Impact Of Automobile Industry On Pakistan Economy Nawaz Sharif Rana Tanveer Hussain
5 Fixed Income Securities Rana Tanveer Hussain
6 Rising Capital And Impact On Firm Mohsin Shahzad Rana Tanveer Hussain
7 Nestle And Unilever Basit Shaukat Mr.Saqib Habib
8 Mortgage Finance And Islamic Banking M Jahangeer Minhaj University Lahore
9 Compliance With International Accounting Standards By Listed Companies In Pakistan Aqeel Ahmad Aqeel Ahmed
10 Role Of Cement Industries In Developing Country M.Shahid Sir. Saqib Habib
11 Financial Policies Of Maple Leaf Cement Factor Limited Sohail Iqbal Rana Tanveer Hussain
12 Segmentation Strategy Of Nestle Pakistan Ltd Syed Jawwad Ahmed Gillani Mr. Tauqeer Ahmed
13 Performance Of Stock Market In Pakistan M.Usman Rana Tanveer Hussain
14 Performance Management Review Of National Bank Of Pakistan Faisal Shahzad Mr. Sajjad Ul Aziz Qadri
15 Marketing Of Tyres In Pakistan (General Tyer) M.Khalid Rasool Mr. Tauqeer Ahmed
16 Microfinance And Entrepreneurship A Project Of National Rural Development Programme Tahir Mehmood Ummara Fatima
17 Management Of Supply Chain In An Organization Adnan Murid Mr. Tauqeer Ahmed
18 Pakistan Automotive Industry Imran Ali Sir. Saqib Habib
19 Impact Terrorism And Political Uncertainty On Karachi Stock Exchange An Event Study Approach Mr.Faiz Ahmad Muhammad Sarfraz Khan
20 Effects Of Terrorism And Political Instability On The Performance Of Pakistani Firms M.Ali Khan Muhammad Sarfraz Khan
21 A Marketing Plan Of Ici Paints Pvt Limited Asim Manzoor Dr. Tahir
22 Evolution & Performance Of Mutual Fund Industry And Its Impact On Pakistan Economy Saif Ullah Mr. Faisal Javed
23 Cash Management Of Bank Alfalah Limited Pakistan Hina Arshad rana tanveer hussain
24 Financial Analysis And Future Development Zobia Sharif rana tanveer hussain
25 Role Of Marketing In Banking Sector And E-Banking Fahad Hussain Dr. Tahir Hussain
26 Financial Analysis And Future Prospect Of Ellcot Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd Mr.Ahmad Ifraheem Mr. Rana Tanveer Hussain
27 Mirza Associates Engineering Services Private Limited Usman Hameed Nabeel Rehman
28 Financial Statement Analysis Fauji Cement Company Limited M. Ammar Minhaj University Lahore
29 Determinants Of Financial Leverage Empirical Evidence From Cement Sector Of Pakistan Muhamad Aleemshahzada Iftikhar Ahmad
30 Branchless Banking System Case Study Of Easy Paisa Ghulam Mujtaba Miss. Sundas Sohail
31 Financial Analysis Report On Mcb Shahzad Ahmed Miss. Sundas Naeem
32 Determinants Of Capital Structure (A Case Study Cement Sector Of Pakistan Umme Ammara Muhammad Aslam
33 Relationship Of Interest Rate, Inflation And Stock Price In Pakistan M. Zahid Rafiq Syed Yasir Hassan
34 Role Of Fertilizer Industry In The Development Of Pakistan M Sajjad Anwar Prof. Saqib Habib
35 Financing Against Letter Of Credit Faisal Shahid Sir Saqib Habib
36 Final Computerized Embroidery Unit M.Asim Mr. Naeem
37 Foreign Direct Investment (Fdd) In Pakistan M. Usman Muhammad Irshad
38 Lahore And London Stock Exchange Shahnawaz Butt Nabeel Rehman
39 Allied Bank Limited Nayyar Khaleq Ahmed Prof. Umar Niaz
40 Lahore And London Stock Exchange Shahnawaz Butt Nabeel Rehman
41 Banking System In Pakistan And Muslim Commercial Bank Faham Ahmad Sir. Nabeel Rehman
42 Financial Analysis Of Silk Bank Danish Ali Ms. Sundas Sohail
43 Recruitment And Selection At Geo Tv Amna Mishalkazmi Major Khalid Nasr
44 Effect Of Personality Certification On A Product Value Anum Zafar Muhammad Saleem Zia
45 Marketing Research Thesis On Bata Pakistan Burhan Athar Dr. Tahir
46 Impact Of Capital Gain Taxation And Trading Sajjad Umer Minhaj University Lahore
47 Foreign Exchange Reserve Management Governance Structure And Management Strateg Hassan Talmeez Minhaj University Lahore
48 Impact Of Earning Announcement On Stock Returns Nadir Sharif Rana Tanveer Hussain
49 Impact Of International Commodities Price On Pakistan Stock Ahsan Ijaz H.O.D. Management Sciences
50 Project Nippon Paints Company Pvt. Ltd. Haseeb Hamid Minhaj University Lahore