Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 A Cross-sectional Comparative Study of Lipid Profile Abnormalities among Male and Female in Type 2 Diabetic Patients Ayesha Zahoor Mr. Hafiz Kashif
2 A Study of Metaphorical Constructions: Maria Niaz Fariha Shafqat
3 Ecosophical Analysis of Uzma Aslam Khan's Novel Thinner Than Skin Through Fictocriticism Sobia Babhir Ms .Ammara Maqsood
4 Prevalence of Hepatitis B and C in Type 2 Diabetic Patients Sumaira Sabir Mian Mubeen Ali Qadri
5 Computation of Sombor Indices of Certain Classes of Molecular Graphs Ghulam Mohyuddin Prof.Dr Ghazala Akram
6 On the Edge Metric Dimension of Arithmetic Graph of A Composite Number Nishat Abbas Dr. FARAHA Ashraf
7 Examining Relationship Between work family Enrichment and its Antecedents: Tahira Asif Dr. Muhammad Kaship Khan
8 Comparative Study of Cardiac Enzymes in Diabetic Patients Muhammad Taimoor Khan Mian Mubeen Ali Qadri
9 Numerical Investigation of Bio-Convection Oldroyd-B Nanofluid Flow Over Exponentially Expanding Surface With Higher Order Slip Iqra Hameed Dr.Niat Nigar
10 Synthesis and Characterization of Ag Nanoparticles By Using Reducing Agent from Coffea arabica Seed Extract and Evaluation of its Antimicrobial Effects Khadija Rashid Dr. Azra Maqsood
11 Exploring Parental Perspectives on Early Childhood Education: Anum Javed Dr. Misbah Jabeen
12 Correlation of Microalbuminuria with Hbaic in Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic Patients in Lahore Muhammad Talmeez Abbas Mian Mubeen Ali Qadri
13 Recovery Assessment of Covid -19 Patients on the Basis of Gender and Age Faheem Khan Dr. Sajjad Ullah
14 Comparative Study of Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus in Pus and Nasal Swabs Among patients in Lahore Yasra Hussain Dr. Hamama Islam Butt
15 The From of Solutions of System of Rational Difference Equation Suqana Abrar Dr. Stephen Sadiq
16 Determination of Inflammatory and Liver Markers in Covid-19 Infected Patients from Selected Hospitals of Lahore Muhammad Usman Ghani Dr. Kashif-Ur-Rehman
17 Difference Between the Behavior of Urban and Rural Over Covid-19 Gulmina Sarwar Dr. Shahzad Bashir
18 Delineation of Power Relations and Ambivalent Sexism in the Selected Short Stories of Tariq Rahman Muhammad Rehman Zaheer Ms. Amina Mehmood
19 Determinants of Financial Planning for Retirement: Ifra Javed Rana Tanveer Hussain
20 Representation of Socio-Political Ideologies in Speeches of PM Imran Khan and PM Narendra Modi at Unga 75th Session (2020) Khalil Ur Rehman Dr. Waqasia Naeem
21 Speech Acts in Lee Hsien Loongs Speeches Concerining Covid- 19: Syeda Sadaf Fatima Syed Shafqat Hussain Zaidi
22 Effect of Brownian Motion and Thermophoresis on a vertical Slender Cylinder in Bioconvective flow of Pseudo Plastic of Nanofluids Mehwish Hidayat Dr. Niat Nigar
23 A Comparative Study of Kamila Shamsie Burnt Shadows and Wajahat Ali's the Domestic Crusaders in the Context of Diaspora and Marginalization Ghulam Abbas Ms. Bushra Siddiqui
24 A Study of Fatima Bhutto,s the Runaways the Light of Defense Mechanisms Nimra Iftikhar Syed Abuzar
25 Timetable Scheduling System Hafiz Muhammad Umar Afzal, Muhammad Raza Mr. Fawad Khan
26 Hybrid Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Charts for Coefficient of Variation Using Auxiliary Information Tanveer Fatima Dr. Saadia Tariq
27 Strategic Benefits of Kartarpur Corridor for Pakistan Farzana Majeed Mr. Mehboob Alam
28 Protective Effect of Riboflavin against Tartrazine Induced Toxlcity of Liver and Spleen in Albino Mice Muhammad Waqar Dr.Asma Rashid Khan
29 Optical Solitons in (N+1)Dimensions with and Cubic Nonlinearity Iram Shahid Dr. Muhammad Younis
30 Role of Rehabilitation Centers to Control Drug Abuse: Maqsood Anwer Prof. Muhammad Saeed Khan
31 Attitude of Students Towards e-Resources: Saima Imtiaz Shahid Mehmood
32 Vertex-Based Topological Indices of Double and Strong Double Graph of Certain Classes of Graphs Muhammad Asad Ali Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Sardar
33 Identification of Challenges Pereeived by Teachers and Students in Online Teaching at District Narowal During Covid-19 Pandemic Muhammad Aqeel Malhi Dr. Shafqat Ali
34 Examining the Mediating Role of Organizational Identification Between Green Human Resource Management and Employee Green Behavior at University Level Atif Tufail Dr. Sajjad Ahmed
35 The Use of Tiktok app to cope with Depression: Fareeha Ilyas Ms.Aqdas Waheed
36 A Study of the b-Chromatic Number of Fractal Graphs Asad Zaman Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Sardar
37 Computation of the b-Chromatic Number of Certain Types of Fractal Graphs Tayyiba Sattar Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Sardar
38 Precarious Ideological Subject Position of A Diaspora Family: Azhar Hussain Ms. Bushra Siddique
39 Dynamics of the Non-Linear Rational Difference Equation Sana Akram Dr. Stephen Sadiq
40 Effects of Local Television Advertisements on Consumer's Choice of Branded items in Lahore M. Farroq Mushtaq M. Aqdas Waheed
41 Exploration of Queerness and war Trauma in Ocean Vuong's on Earth were Briefly Gorgeous2 Adeel Sabir, Faiza Hayat, Aqsa Munir, Ayesha Sarwar, Sumbal Shabbir Ms. Shama Iqbal Hussain
42 Pattern of Drug Resistance in Isolated of Staphylococcus aureus from Hospitalized Patients Ifra Shabbir Ms. Syeda Samar Mustafa
43 Investigating the Impact of Perceived Organizational Supoort and work environment on Employee Relation: Arfan Akbar Dr. Sajjad Ahmad
44 Pattern of Drug Resistance in Isolates of from Hospitalized Patients Tajwar Samson Ms. Syeda Samar Mustafa
45 On Topological Descriptors of Two Dimensional Organometallic Arsalan Shoukat Dr. Faraha Ashraf
46 Bano Qudsia ke afsanvi me asri shaoor: Umme Kalsoom Dr. Muzafar Abbas
47 Bano qudsia ke Afsanvi me Asri Shaoor: Umme Kalssom Dr. Mozafar Abbas
48 Existence and Uniqueness of Integro-Differential Hadamard Differential Equation with Non-separated integral Boundary Conditions Danish Ali Ms. Barrira
49 Urdu ki Khawateen Nawal Nigaro pr Adbi Tahrekaat ke Asraat Tahkiki o Tankidi Mutala Muzammil Kamar Dr. Samia Ihsan
50 Searles Theory and Fiction: Rabia Sajjad Mr. Muhammad Tayyab