Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

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1 Ameliorative Effects of Black Pepper Against Arsenic Induced Toxicity in Rats Gulzar,Kubra Dr. M. Khalil Ahmad
2 BI Metric Dimension of Bicentric Subdivision of Graph Butt, Muhammad Kaleem Dr. Niat Nigar
3 Mixed Metric Dimension of Graphs Obtained by Rooted Product Hafeez, Muddasar Dr. Niat Nigar
4 Correlation of HDL-Cholesterol and LDL-Cholesterol in Diabetic Patients Ahmad, Touqeer Mian Mubeen Ali Qadri
5 فیض احمد فیض اور ناظم حکمت کی شعری میں اشراکی رجحانات عزیز, بشریٰ ڈاکٹر سید ندیم جعفر
6 کرونا کے تناظر میں اردو کالم نگاری کا تجزیتی مطالعہ بحوالہ روزنامہ نوائے وقت ادریس ,اقرا ڈاکٹر محمد فخرالحق نوری
7 سعادت حسن منٹو کی نثر میں معاصر شخصیات کی کردار نگاری : گلزار, آمنہ ڈاکٹر محمد فخرالحق نوری
8 محمد تقی عثمانی کی سفر نامہ نگاری تحقیقی و تنقیدی مطالعہ محمد عظیم ,عاشق ڈاکٹر فضیلت بانو
9 The Role of Financial Development in Economic Complexity: Niazi,Humaira Dr. Ayesha Qamar
10 Determinants of Twin Deficits: A Case of South Asian Countries Zahid, Kinza Dr. Ayesha Qamar
11 Prevalence of Drug Resistance in Isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from DHQ Hospital Bahawalnagar Iqbal, Muhammad Shahzaib Miss Mahwish Asif Ali
12 Comprehensive Review of DNA Damage Detection Methods Hasan, Hamza Dr. Shahzad Bashir
13 (عالمی افسانوی ادب کے تراجم ( مطالعۂ خصوصی نجم الدین احمد پروین ,عابدہ ڈاکٹرریاض قدیر
14 مرزا غالب کا تصوّرِ خدا : محمد ,نیک ڈاکٹر مختار عز می
15 Prevalence and risk factors of Helicobacter pylori infection in male and female of specific age group Haider, Ali Hafiz Muhammad Kashif
16 Helicobacter pylori infection causing serious gastric problems among those who consume spicy food in Lahore, Pakistan Ikram, Faria Hafiz Muhammad Kashif
17 Effect of Stevia Plant as Sweetener On Human Health Arshad, Maha Dr. Shahzad Bashir
18 Assessing the Effect of Dietary Practices and Physical Activity on the Health of Pregnant Women Irshad, Irfan Ms. Fatima Muslim
19 Eccentricity Based Topological Indices of Selected Line Graphs Ehsan, Saira Dr. Faraha Ashraf
20 Role of Pakistan Women in United Nations Police Anwar, Saira Muhammad Rafi Khan
21 Prevalence of Sebaceous Cyst in Pakistan Hamid, Ansa Ms. Anam Imtiaz
22 Association of Cardiac Biomarkers and Renal Function Tests in Arthritis Patients Zahid, Muhammad Ms. Anam Imtiaz
23 شیر علی کی تحقیقی و تنقیدی تصانیف کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ معاصر رجحانات کے تناظر میں’’ نبیلہ ڈاکٹر فرزانہ ریاض
24 Probing the Therapeutic Potential of Ginger Concoction to Modulate Knee Osteoarthritis Khan, Faisal Rasool DR. SALEHA HAMEED
25 ا ردو میں خواتین ناول نگاروں کے مذہبی تصورات (مطالع خصوصی عمیرہ احمد و نمر ہ احمد ) اسلم ,شازیہ پروفیسرڈاکٹر عابدہ بتول
26 اکیسویں صدی کے اردو فکشن میں سماجی شعور کی پیشکش (مطالٔعہ خصوصی نعیم بیگ ) خالد,عمارہ ڈاکٹر ناصر بلوچ
27 (رحمٰن عباس کی ناول نگاری کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ (عصری شعور کے تناظر میں رفعت ,کفیل ڈاکٹر ثمینہ محبوب
28 ’’حسن منظر کے ناول ’’وبا‘‘ اور مستنصر حسین تارڑ کے ناول ’’شہرخالی کوچہ خالی‘‘ کا تقابلی مطالعہ ناہید,عمارہ ڈاکٹر ناصر بلوچ
29 Distribution of ABO and Rhesus Blood Groups among Students of Minhaj University Lahore, Pakistan Khalil, Musfirah Dr. Hira Muzzamal
30 Trash Picking and its Effects on Trash Picker children's physical Health in Lahore Jamil,Shahida Dr. Aamir Hayat
31 To Evaluate the Therapeutic Effect of Cress on Elevated Levels of URIC Acid in Patients with Gout Liaquat, Asima Ayesha Malik
32 Immune Regulation and Lymphogenic Studies in COVID-19 Recovered Individuals from Surgimed and Jinnah Hospital Lahore Shafique, Tehmina Dr. Niaz Muhammad
33 Role of Moringa Oleifera Drink to Modulate Type 11 Diabetes Mellitus Waseem, Noor ul Ann Dr. Saleha Hameed
34 Ethno Medicinal Survey of Weeds to Explore the Medico-Botanical Wealth of Changa Manga Pakistan Akram,Sadia Dr. Bilqees Fatima
35 Correlation of HbA1c variances HbF and Labile A1c in Diabetic Patients Ahmed ,Arslan Mian Mubeen Ali Qadri
36 Prevalence of Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes in Adolescence “A HbA1C Base Study with Respect to Age Groups” Bilal,Hafiz Muhammad Mian Mubeen Ali Qadri
37 Evaluation Of Serum Prolactin Level In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Ijaz, Unique Mian Mubeen Ali Qadri
38 Relationship Between Leadership Styles of Head Teachers and job Performance of Secondary School Teachers : Anwar, Zeshan Dr. Shafqat Ali
39 Bifurcation and Stability Analysis of Higher Order Rational Difference Equations Rafiq., Sobia Dr. Stephen Sadiq
40 Solution Expressions of A Discrete- time Exponential System Ghafoor, Saira Dr. Stephen Sadiq
41 Computation of Resistance Distance and Kirchhoff Index for Selected Types of Windmill Graph Akram, Faiza Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Sardar
42 Analysis of Solution Max-Type System of Difference Equation Ghazil, Maria Dr. Stephen Sadiq
43 The Solution of Three- Dimensional System of Difference Equations Using Recursive Relations of Higher Order Siddique, Noman Dr. Stephen Sadiq
44 Alzheimer’s disease: Asghar, Narmeen Dr. Mahjabeen Saleem
45 Synthesis of NixZn1-xSy Doped Ceramic Material Nanocomposites and their Application in Wastewater Treatment Iqra Manzoor Dr. Ayesha Imtiaz
46 A Review of the Pakistan’s National Action Plan in the Backdrop of Countering Terrorism: Challenges and Way Forward Akbar, Zahid Dr. Adeel Irfan Rao
47 Socio – Political Situation in Afghanistan after US Withdrawal Shamaoon, Muhammad Dr. Adeel Irfan Rao
48 Isolation and Characterization of Gut Microbiota of Common Ducks Raised in Safari Park Lahore Ahmed, Iqbal Dr. Madiha Akram
49 Exploring the antioxidant potential and physiochemical Attributes of corn silk powder in functional drink Tabassam, Toseef Dr. Saleha Hameed
50 Comparative Analysis of Quinoa and Guar Gum Based Cookies Shahazad, Muhammad Muaazam Dr. Ghazala Kausar