Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Resource And Services Of Libraries For Special Children In Lahore City A Survey Wahid Bakhsh Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
2 The Role Of Punjab Library Foundation In Development Of Public Libraries In Punjab Saeeda Khan Dr. Muhammad Fazil Khan Balouch
3 Effect Of Internet Use On Academic Performance Of Library & Information Science Students Of The University Of The Punjab Ghazala Anjum Dr. Nadeem Siddique
4 Perceptual Psychological Approach and job Satisfaction: A Case of Lahore Universities Employees Khush Dil Sikandar Lodhi Qamar Zaman
5 Power Upper Truncated Pareto Distribution: Properties, Simulation And Applications Sumeera Tabassum Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
6 Computation Aspects Of Some Molecular Compounds And Application Iqra Farooqi Dr. Absar ul haq
7 Numerical Solution Of Separable Differential Equations Using Partitioned Runge-Kutta Methods Of Effective Order Ayesha Kanwal Dr. Attique ur Rehman
8 Wu's Slip Effects In MHD Flow Of Oldroyd-B Nanofluid With Motile Microorganisms Over A Stretching Cylinder Shan Ali Khan Hassan Waqas
9 Perceptions Of University Students About While-Collar Crimes A Case Study Of Lahore District Muhammad Bilal Dr. Rahat Abdul Rehman
10 On The Study Of Some Rotational Flows Of Rate Type Fluids Ata-ur-Rehman Dr. Niat Nigar
11 Intertextual Devices In Poetry : A Literary Study Of Robert Frost's Poetry Hina Saleem Muhammad Islam Khan
12 The Syrians' Responses To Trauma Of War: An Analytical Study Of Sea Prayer By Khalid Hosseini And A Land Of Permanent Goodbyes By Atia Abawi Amen Shahid Muhammad Islam Khan
13 Interaction Aggregation Operator Under Complex Q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Environment Fareeha Younis Dr. Sumera Naz
14 Information Literacy Skill Of Faculty & Ph.Di Scholars Of Government College University, Lahore Majda Jalal Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
15 Biosynthesis, Characterization And Microbial Studies Of Zinc Nanoparticle Ikhlaq Ahmed Dr. Hina Zain
16 Bioconvection Aspects in Carreau nanofluid Featuring Cattaneo-Christov Heat And Mass Flux Model With Motile Microorganisms Umar Farooq Hassan Waqas
17 Dynamics Of Ninth Order Rational Difference Equations Muhammad Farooq Umar Dr. Stephen sadiq
18 Bio-Convection Effect In Jeffrey Nanofluid With Microorganisms and Second Order Slip Umair Manzoor Hassan waqas
19 Behavior Of Solutions of Eighteen Order Rational Difference Equations Using Fibonacci Sequence Naveeda Batool Dr. Stephen sadiq
20 Activation Energy And Bioconvection Effects In Rate Type Nanofluid With Generalized diffusion and motile microorganisms Sumeira Yasmin Hassan Waqas
21 Exact Solutions For Some Unidirectional Motions Of Rate Type Fluid Maryam Shakeel Dr. Niat Nigar
22 Unsteady Flow Of Viscoelastic Fluid In Cylindrical Domains Amirah Qayyum Dr.Niat Nigar
23 Current And Required Competencies Of Law Library Professionals In Lahore city Aleeza Ahmed Dr. Nadeem Siddique
24 Usage Of Online Library Resources By The Faculty Member Of Public Universities Of Faisalabad, Pakistan Lareb Inam Prof. Dr. Rais Ahmed Samdani
25 Coms Hafiz Muhammad Aqeel Anjum Muhammad Hussain Ghoto
26 Impact Of Arms Race On Socio-Economic Development Of Pakistan And India(1998-2013) Iram Fatima Madam Salma Naz
27 Role Of TV Talk Shows In Motivating women to Participate In Political Activities In Lahore Muhammad Nawaz Bashir Dr. Abdul Rahim Sajid
28 Hybridity and Diaspora : An Analytical study of burnt shadows by kamila Shamsie Ghulam Rasul Muhammad Islam Khan
29 Impacts of social embeddedness on students performance Jelani Shahbaz Qamar Zaman
30 On The Role of convergence of some iterative methods for continuous functions on an arbitrary interval Shafaqat Ali Dr. absar ul haq
31 Content Analysis Of Chughtai Public Library's Digital Library Rehana Kousar Dr. Muhammad Shahid Soroya
32 Acquisition Organization And Dissemination Practices Of Information Resources in Public Sector University Libraries Of Lahore Sulman Iqbal Dr. Muhammad Tariq
33 Impact Of Ict Skill On The Performance Of University Library Professional Of Punjab Muhammad Arshad Abbas Dr. Nadeem Siddique
34 An Evaluation Of Collection Development Policies And Procedures In university Libraries Lahore Farzana Ahsan Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Miraj
35 Use Of Libqual In The Evaluation Of Service Quality Of Academic Libraries Rahat Shahzadi Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
36 Usage Of Medline And PubMed Medical Databased In Medical Colleges Of Punjab Rameeza Mushtaq Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
37 Role Of Librarians Information Literacy Skills To Enhance Research Productivity Of Faculty Members Muhammad Sakhawat Dr. Muhammad Tariq Najmi
38 Forbidden Set For The Higher Order Difference Equation MUHAMMAD RIZWAN KHAN Dr. STEPHEN SADIQ
39 To Study The Effects Of Dietary Nigella Sativa Supplementation On The Meat Quality Of Labeo Rohita Israr Maqbool Dr. Asif Qureshi
40 Study Some Physicochemical Parameters As A Risk Factor For Nephropathy In Tehsil Daska Sialkot Syed Abid Hussain Shah DR. ASif Mahmood Qureshi
41 Study Some Physicochemical Parameters As A Risk Factor For Nephropathy In Tehsil Daska Sialkot Sayed Abid Hussain Shah DR. Asif Mahmood Qureshi
42 relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Learning Muhammad Naveed Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Awan
43 An Analysis Of Turn Taking, Overlapping and Repair In English Conversation, Minhaj University Lahore Hifza Sir Majid Khan
44 Analytical Study Of Agency In The Invisible people By Main Raza Rabbani Sadia khanum Mam Ammara Maqsood Qadri
45 Linguistic q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Point Weighted Aggregation Operator For Multiple Attributed Group Decision Making Mamoona Muzammal Dr. Sumera Naz
46 User's Technology Acceptance and Usage Behavior of Online Databases in University Libraries of Lahore Qaiser Iqbal Dr. Muhammad Tariq
48 Devices In Persuasive Language Muhammad Kamran Rafique MR. Irfan Abbas
49 The electre Multi-Attributed Group Decision Making Model Under Generalized Hesitant Fuzzy Environment Aniqa Saadat Dr.Sumera Naz
50 Models for multi-Attribute Decision-Marking With Complex Q-rung Orthopair Fuzzy Environment Tahir Abbas Dr. Sumera Naz