Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 The prevalence of alpha fetoprotein in the diagnosis and management of hepatocellular carcinoma Shakeel Ahmad Shakeel Ahmad
2 Oppression and identity Crisis: Sonam Rauf Muhammad Aamir ch
3 Nuclear Deterrence as a Factor of Conflict Management Between India & Pakistan: Shazia Rahim Salma Naz
4 Virginia Woolf and her Subjectivity: Muhammad Ajmal Ehsani Sana Nazir Ahmed
5 Probing the Relation of Sugars of Selected Seasonal Fruits with the Glycemic index H.S.Fareeha Wasti Dr.M. Jawad Iqbal
6 Nutritional Profiling and Technological Attributes of Spirulina Based Muffins Arslan Kareem Dr. Summer Rashid
7 Evaluating the Physicochemical and Nutritional Characteristics of Fruit Based Muffins with Special reference to Dietary Fiber Mahnoor Sami Dr. M. Jawad Iqbal
8 The Dynamics of Pakistan -us Relations under Obamas AF-Pak Policy Kamil Shehzad Bakhsh Dr. Asim Hameed Butt
9 Identity Crisis an American Brat, Jasmine and Brick Lane Amirah Aziz Mr. Muhammad Aamir ch..
10 Struggle for Identity and Prosperity: Huma Naz Ms. Ammara Maqsood
11 Tourism in District Neelum: Anjum Abbasi Salma Naz
12 Logistic Exponential Geometric Distribution : Mona Khalid Muhammad Ahsan ul Haq
13 Impact of Covid-19 on Online Shopping Behavior: Areeba Bukhari Dr.Madieha AKRAM
14 Analysis of the Variation in Physicochemical Parameters of Groundwater Quality for Pre and Post -Monsoon: Waqar Naeem Khan Dr.Muhammad Ismail
15 Disintegration of Jinnah's Moth-Eaten Pakistan Waqas Jahangir Dr. Khawaja Alqama
16 Textual analysis of multiculturalism In the novel thinner than skin by Uzma Aslam Khan Sidra Aziz Ms. Aasma Iram
17 Internship Report Umeed Welfare Foundation Samreen Fida Dr. Madieha Akram
18 Obesity as a risk factor for diabetes mellitus in offspring's of type 2 diabetic parents Hafiz Nida Shahzadi Miss Umbreen Shabbir
19 Prevalence of Tuberculosis in Hiv / Aids Patients A study Conducted at Tirtiary care Aids Referral Center Bilal Ahmad Ms. Umbreen Shabbir
20 Determination of Phosphates and Sulphates in Sugarcane Juice and Fertilizers Zeb-un- Nisa Mr. Khizar Hayat
21 Cultural Impact of Turkish Dramas on Students of District Lahore Sumara Yasmeen Ms. Razia Yasmeen
22 Evaluation of Anemic Activity of Foeniculum Vulgare ( Fennel) Through its Formulation Mahnoor Mehmood Dr. Habib Ur Rehman
23 Physical Inactivity As a Risk Factor for Diabetes Mellitus in off springs of Type 2 Diabetic Parents Noor ul Huda Ms. Umbreen Shabbir
24 Effect of Hepatitis C on Kidney Waqas Ahmad Miss Umbreen Shabbir
25 Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Lahore Population Usman Inam Shakeel Ahmad
26 Prevalence of HBV in post Dialysis Patients Hafiz Muhammad Ansar Sir Shakeel Ahmad
27 Dyslipidemia as risk factors for diabetes in offspring's of type 2 diabetic parents Kaship Riaz Ms. Umbreen Shabbir
28 Prevalence of diabetes in Hepatitis C virus patients Asad Ali Miss Umbreen Shabbir
29 Prevalence of Hepatitis C Virus ( HCV) in Dialysis Patients Hamid Ahmad SIR Shakeel Ahmad
30 Estimation of CRP Level in Diagnosed Typhoid Muzamil Hussain Dr.M.Khalil Khah
31 Acquisition Organization and Dissemination Practices of Information Resources in Public sector University Libraries of Lahore : Salman Iqbal Dr. Muhammad Tariq
32 Users Satisfaction with Resources and Services of Public Libraries Muhammad Tariq Dr .Iqbal Hussain Asad
33 Application Total Quality Management (TQM) in Medical Libraries of Lahore Abera Sial Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Miraj
34 Dialect Analysis of two languages Punjabi and Saraiki on MA level at Minhaj University Lahore Fozia Bano Sir Majid Khan
35 Estimation of Variance in the presence of non-response under two phase sampling Atiq Ahmad Dr. Muhammad Ismail
36 Power Inverted Nadarajah-Haghighi Distribution: Junaid Rasool Muhammad Ahsan ul Haq
37 Reconstruction of mughal History through its coins: Sidra Hanif Madam Salma Naz
38 The Analysis of illocutionary acts of novel 'The SPY' By Paulo Coelho Zubair Ahmad Waheed ur Rahman
39 Estimation of Variance in Stratified Random Sampling using Auxiliary Information Nosheen Amjad Dr Muhammad Ismail
40 Factors associated with students intention to use e-learning system: A study from public University of Lahore Shagufta Shaheen Mubasher Muhammad Kamran
41 The Impact of parental involvement on students academic performance Muhammad Ahmad Zafar Dr. Madieha Akram
42 Concept of the self Hafiza Aiman Arif Ms. Ammara Maqsood
43 Socio-Economic Analysis of Woman Empowerment in Pakistan (1999-2013) Sofia Noreen Dr. Bashir Ahmad
44 Class Of Estimators To Estimate Population Mean Using Auxiliary Information In Adaptive Cluster Sampling Ayesha Saleem Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Chaudhry
45 Solution of Mathematical Biologial Models Hafiz M. Mazhar Farid Dr. Aqila Shaheen
46 Some Generalized Variance Estimators Under Simple Random Sampling Sidra Tul Muntaha Dr. Muhammad Ismail
47 Analysis Of An Extended Seir Model For Covid-19 Iqra Gulzar Wizda Iqbal
48 Relation Among Soft Normed Spaces And Their Soft Dual Spaces Ashraf Ali Muhammad Tahir
49 Pragmatic study of politeness strategies used by news channels : Hina Nazeer Mamoona Shahza
50 Effects of Cosmetic and clothing advertisement on consumer behavior Kiran Shafaqat Ms. Aqdas Waheed