Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Study Of Portability Of Water By Assessing Coliform Contents From Tehsil Daska, District Sialkot Kiran Tabbasum Prof. DR. Asif Mehmood Qureshi
2 Determination Of Brucellosis And Its Impact On Biochemical And Hematological Parameters In Cattle From District Kasur Hafiz Rafay Rawaal DR. Kashif-Ul-Rehman
3 British Educational policy in Pakistan Colonial India form 1857-1947 And Its Impact On Muslim Community Shahzad Ahmed Khan Dr. Khawaja Alqama
4 Gender Discrimination in Pakistani Advertisements Sarah Hafeez Irfan Abbas
5 Motivation In Second Language Learning At Intermediate Level In Kasur District Muhammad Ibrar Shafi Sir Tariq Usman
6 An Analytical Study Of Fragmented Individuality Of Female Characters in 'Beloved ' And 'Ice Candy Man' Tauseef Ahmed Muhammad Aamir CH.
7 A Thousand Splendid Suns and Paradise As A Critique On Capitalist Patriarchy Nermeen Ahmed Ammara Maqsood
8 An Analysis of Tweets By Pakistan Politicians (Males And Females) related To National in Tegration Sumbal Parveen Muhammad Tayyab
9 Hosoya Polynomial And Topological Indices Of N-Linear Chrysene Amina Komal Dr. Sumera Naz
10 Analytical Solution Of cilia Induced Flow Of Non-Newtonian Fluid In An Inclined Tube Humaira Maqbool Dr. Aqila Shaheen
11 Novel Decision-Making Methods Under Extended Fuzzy Environment Aatifa Saeed Dr. Sumera Naz
12 Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Based On Aggregation operator Under Complex Q-Rung Opthopair Fuzzy Environment Gohar Yousaf Dr. Sumera Naz
13 Interval-valued Complex Q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making With Applications Zulkaif Shoukat Dr. Sumera Naz
14 Perception of Code Switching In Second Language Acquisition at Undergraduate Level Humaira Akhter Ms Sana nazir Ahmed
15 Perception of head Teachers Regarding Corporal Punishment In District Kasur Naseem Barkat Prof. Dr. Sadaat Farooq
16 Interconnectivity Of Woman And Nature An Ecofeminist Reading On kamala Markandaya's Nectar In A Sieve Asif ALi Ms Aasma Iram
17 On the Solutions Of Some difference Equations Ammar Hussain DR. Stephen Sadiq
18 The Invariance, Solutions and Periodicity of Some Recurrence relations Saima Perveen DR. Stephen Sadiq
19 Female Marginalization in a Thousand Splendid suns Zartashia Iqbal Muhammad Aamir Ch.
20 content analiysis of chughtai public library's digital library Rehana Kousar Dr. Muhammad Shahid Soroya
21 users'need assessment for medical libraries of lahore Shazia Bashir Dr. Muhammad Shahid Soroya
22 A Cross-Cultural Study of the speech act of congratulation in british english and urdu using a corpus approach Muhammad Sabir Mr. Muhammad Yousaf Malik
23 Transformation of sikhism from religious authority to aristocratic empire (1469-1839) Fayyaz Ahmed Dr. Haider ali agha
24 Sikh muslims social interaction (A case study of district nankhana shaib) Rang Elahi Prof. Rehman Gul khan
25 A study of postcolonial ecofeminism in amitav ghosh IBIS trilogy (SEA of popples river of smoke , flood of fire) Saima Nazar Aaasma iram
26 Exploring modality markers in political speeches of imran ahmed khan niazi Abdul Majeed Mamoona Shahzadi
27 Electromyography Based Intelligence Gesture Classification Empowered with Support vector machine Sajid Rasheed Dr. Muhammad Adnan Khan
28 An expert system desgin for analyzing the cardiovascular disease using machine learning technique Muhammad Saqib Nawaz DR. Bilal Shoaib khan
29 Impact of pakistani Drama On youth in lahore a case study of the Syeda sunbal bukhari Dr.Anjum Zia
30 Influence of social institutions on self-esteem, eating disturbance and body images among emerging adult females Hina Shshzadi Ms. Robina Saeed
31 Improving the prediction rate of chronic kideny disease patients using hierarchal fuzzy inference system Farzanz Bashir Dr. muhammad adnan khan
32 assessment of heavy metals (cu,cr,zn and cd) contamination in tobacoo (nicotiana tobaccum) and Wheat (triticium aestivium ) agriculture land in shahwala, dera ghazi khan Azra Parveen Prof. Javed Ahmed
33 Modeling and optimization of lung cancer prediction using mlti-layered fuzzy expert system Adnan Meraj Dr.Bilal shoaib
34 comparative impact of orange (citrus aurantium) and banana (musa acuminate) Peels Extraction tomato (solanum lycopersicum ) plant infected by fusarium oxysporum Syeda Zainab aslam Dr. Sundas Akhtar
35 Antifungal activity of berry (Ziziphus mauritiana) and Sohanjana (Moringa oleifera) leaves against charcoal rot pathogen of zea maize Saira bano Dr. Sundus abdul majeed
36 Antifungal activity of orange (Citrus Aurantium) and Banana (Musa Acuminate) Peels against leaf spot Pathogen: alternaria alternate Shamsa Riaz Dr. Sundas Akhtar
37 Torsional osscilations of a sphere in a second grade fluid Mohsin Ali Dr. Niat Nigar
38 A Postcolonial - feminist study Of Bapsi Sidhwas novel the pakistani bride Sakina Jaffar Muhammad aamir ch
39 Unidirectional motion of rate type Fluids over an infinite plate Tahir wasim Dr.Niat Nigar
40 Enhancement of heat transfer using nanoparticles with caputo-fabrizio Fractonal derivatives Smavia Kanwal Dr. Imran Assjad
41 A comparative study of awareness and usage of modern contraceptive methods among married women in district kasur Rukhsana Kausar Dr.Muhammad Rizwan
42 Self-concept of orphan boarders and its association with their academic achievements Amjad mehmood siddiqi Dr.Muhammad Rizwan
43 Analysis of higher order relation difference equations Malik Asad Ali Dr. Stephen Sadiq
44 Solution of higher order nonlinear Pdes by inverse differential operator method Hafiz Tariq Ali Dr. Saeed Ahmed
45 Application of extended fuzzy graphs in multi- attribute decision making Faiza ziaa Dr. Sumera Naz
46 A comparison between the reduced differential transform method and the domain decomposition method to solve higher order partial differential equations Bilal Hassan Dr.saeed Ahmed Shah
47 global attractivity periodicity and solutions of some rational difference equations Muhammad iftikhar Dr.Stephen sadiq
48 language-Specific Constraints on Scope Interpretation In second language Acquisition Attia Rehman Sana Nazir Ahmed
49 ambivalence and mimicry in 'a god in every stone an analytical study Muhammad Umar Daraz Muhammad Islam khan
50 intermediate students attitude towards learining the english language in public and private schools of tehsil sharaqpura Asifa hadayat sana nazir ahmed