Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 A Pragmatic Analysis of Cooperative Principle and Implicatures in the Novel Amar Bail by Umera Ahmed Farkhanda Jabeen Tania Ali Khan
2 An Investigation of Semantic Deviation in Perveen Shakir's Poetry Raheela Jaffar Hussain, Farhat Mushtaque, Khalida Nazir, Ambreen Zulifqar Asif Ikram Anjum
3 A Comparative Study of Mythopoeia: Muhammad Ishtiaq Ms. Asma Iram
4 Women, Family, Marriage and social life of the 19th century Middle class Society in jane Austen's Pride and Pride and Prejudice and Louisa may Alcott's little women and good wives Atiqa Yousaf, Sidra Shahzadi, Haseeb Abbas Miss Sadia Ishfaq
5 Mystic and Satanic Elements in the Paulo Coelho's Selected Novels Muhammad Jamshed Sarwar Miss Sundas
6 The Study of Human Problems in the Dumb Waiter & the Zoo Story Akhtar Abbas Prof. Muhammad Aamir
7 An Investigation of the Difficulties Encountered by Both Teachers & Learners of English Language at Intermediate level in City Lahore Waseem Iqbal Qureshi Tania Ali Khan
8 Enhancing L2 Vocabulary Acquisition through L1 at Secondary Level in Rural Areas of Pakistan Anam Masood Asif Ikram
9 Impact of Socialization upon Oral Communication in Learning English as Second Language at Intermediate level in District Lahore Kamran Ashraf Mr. Hasham Raza
10 Pakistani Postgraduate Students Motivation & Attitude towards Second Language Learning Saima Ms. Amna Naveed
11 Studying the Role of Pair work to Enhance the Speaking Skills at Elementary Level Ali Ayyaz Ali Hussain
12 Periodicities and Global Behavior of Difference Equation of Order Fourteen Atif Maqsood Dr. Stephen Sadiq
13 Production of 150 Mmscfd Sweetening of Natural Gas By Amine Process Arslan Ahmad Dr. Farooq Taj
14 Production of 219 MTPD (80000 MTPY) of Dimethyl Terephthalate from Terephthalic Acid & Methanol Syed Waqar Haider Saad Mansha
15 Political Ecology in the Fiction of Amitay Ghosh: Sameeda Rahat Muhammad Islam Khan
16 Thesis on Financial Comparison of National Bank of Pakistan and Allied Bank Limited Nouman Ali Miss Nosheen Rafi
17 Financial Analysis of D.G. Khan Cement Company Limited Zahid Ali Saqib Habib
18 Marketing of Citrus Fruit in Pakistan ( Union Fruit Export (Pvt) LTD) Haroon Shehzad Dr. Naseer Akhtar
19 Achieving Excellence in Banking Sector Through Effective Shahnaz Rao Mr. Sajjad ul Aziz
20 Pak-Elektron Limited Waqas Tariq Gulam Ahmad Rana
21 Human Resources Practices At " Warid Telecom ( PVT). LTD" Gulnaz Awan Mr. Sajjad ul Aziz
22 Production of 100 Metric Tons per day of Polyester Chips using Ethylene Glycol and Terephthalic Acid as Raw Materials Muhammad Farrukh, Haseeb Ahmad, Muhammad Awais Kazim, Muhammad Zubair Saad Mansha, Dr. Aurangeb Akram
23 Application of Logistic Regression and Poisson Regression for using Data of Type-2 Dizbetes Muhammad Awais Dr. Muhammad Ismail
24 Generalized Xgamma Distribution: Zeshan Haider Muhammad Ahsan ul Haq
25 Role of Petroleum Company in Petroleum Sector Muhammad Mudassar Saqib Habib
26 Islamic Banking System Daniyal Anwer Nausheen Rafi
27 Capital Budgeting Techniques in Textile Mills of Pakistan Imran Ali Miss Sundas Naeem
28 Capital Budgeting Techniques in Textile Mills of Pakistan Imran Ali Miss Sundas Naeem
29 Financial Analysis of Banking Sector of Pakistan ( Case Study of Bank Alflah Muhammad Bilal Yousaf Minhaj University Lahore
30 Customer Satisfaction in Islamic Banking Muhammad Asad Anwar Mr. Saqib Habib
31 Role of Textile Company in Textile Sector Abdul Waqar Saqib Habib
32 Analysis of Mathematical Model for Covid- 19 with and without Hospitalization of Infected Population Naeem Iqbal Ms. Wizda Iqbal
33 Achieve Organizational success through Effective Performance Management A Study of Packages Limited Shamim Nargis Sajjad ul Aziz
34 Financial Analysis Reporting on " Habib Bank Limited" Muhammad Iftikhar Hafeez Minhaj University Lahore
35 Paradigms of the Politics of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
36 Baloch Nationalism in Pakistan: Sana Ullah Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
37 Women Education Based Politics Touheed Ahmed Kasana Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
38 Educational Development & its Impact on Politics: Amjad Ata Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
39 Pak-Russia Relation in Changing Regional and Global Scenario(2001-2012) Hajra Bibi Mrs. Sajida Begum
40 Developmental Role of Minorities in Lahore Maqbool Anwar Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
41 Problems of Minorities and Their Resolution Muhammad Rashid Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
42 The Role of Military in Democracy in Pakistan 1988-1999 an Analysis Yahya Idrees Mr. Imran Ashraf
43 Hazaras in Baluchistan: Fida Hussain Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
44 Role of Zulfikar ali Bhutto in the Foreign Policy of Pakistan Fauzia Kibriya Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
45 Regional Cooperation in South Asia: Ghazala Shaheen Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
46 Turkey, A Factor for Durable Pakistan's Economy Asif Iftikhar Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
47 Islam and International Relation ( Holy Prophet (saw)ERA) Dawood Ahmad Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
48 Minorities in Pakistan ( A Case Study of Christians of District Nankana Sahib Muhammad Furqan ul Waqas Tarar Prof. Rehman Gul Khan
49 Track two Diplomacy Between Pakistan and India: Muhammad Kaleem Mrs. Sajida Begum
50 Punjab Police and Counter Terrorism: Muhammad Usman Muneer Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht