Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Extraction of copper and silver from saindak ore. Muhammad Rizwan Aslam Dr. Abdul Manan Ahsan
2 Numerical modeling dengue internal transmission dynamics Sarfraz Iqbal Asst. Prof. M. Rafiq Malik
3 Magnatohydrodynamic flow of newtonain incompressible fluids over stretching sheet Muhammad Ali
4 Role of eating habits after treatment in hepatitis patients Khalid Mahmood Anjum Dr. Muhammad Ismail
5 Comparison between elzaki transform and anomia decomposition methods for differential algebraic equations Muhammad Latif Atif Dr. M. Ozair Ahmad
6 Numerical modeling of transmission dynamics of hiv /aids Ali Raza Asst. Prof. M. Rafiq Malik
7 Square free borel ideals Saddaqat Ali Dr. Adnan Aslam
8 Impact of socioeconomic and demographic factors on poverty Amber Rathore Dr. Tahir Mehmood
9 Mathematical modeling of transmission dynamics of influenza Muhammad Asghar Ali Dr. M. Ozair Ahmad
10 Numerical modeling of dengue disease with incubation period of virus Samreen Kausar Asst. Prof. M. Rafiq Malik
11 Mathematical modeling of transmission dynamics of influenza Muhammad Asghar Ali Dr. Muhammad Ozair Malik
12 Counting of binary matrices avoiding some 2-2 matrices Wasim Shahzad Dr. Zahid Raza
13 Spectral Results For Normal And Completely Continuous Operators Syeda Fidia Zainab Rizvi Mr. Badar Nawz
14 Fourth Order Compact Method For One Dimensional Inhomogeneous Klein Gordon Equation Haroon Ali Mr. Zain-ul-Abadin
15 Simpsons Type Inequalities And Their Applications Muhammad Faheem Dr. Muhammad Mudassar
16 Studies Of Super Edge Antimagic Total Labeling On Disjoint Union Of Subdivided Stars Asghar Ali Dr. Muhammad Javaid
17 Numerical Modeling Of Transmission Dynamics Of Bird Flu Saima Jabeen Asst. Prof. M. Rafiq Malik
18 Compact Finite Defference Schemes For Fourth Order Parabolic Differential Equation Muhammad Sufyan Dr. Hafiz Abdul Waajid
19 Fourth Order Compact Method For One Dimensional Inhomogeneous Damped Wave Equation Muhammad Rizwan Mr. Zain-ul-Abadin
20 Non Polynomtal Spline Method For Higher Order Boundary Walub Problems Muzamil Hanif Mr. Anjum Parvez
21 Hadamard S Type Inequalities With Applications.1 Muhammad Ahmad Dr. Muhammad Mudassar
22 Numerical Modeling Of Dengue Disease With Incubation Period Of Virus Samreen Kausar Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Malik
23 Counting Of Binary Matrices Wasim Shahzad
24 Magnatohydrodynamic Flow Of Newtonain Incopresible Fluids Over Stretching Sheet Muhammad Ali Dr. Farooq Ahmad Gujjar
25 Spectral Decomposition Theorem For Completely Continuous Normal Operators Rabia Umbreen Mr. Badar Nawz
26 Spectral Galerkin Method For The Multi Domain Boundary Value Problem Shahid Iqbal Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Malik
27 Solution Solutions For Nonlinear Evolution Equations In Mathematical Physics Safdar Ali Muhammad Younis
28 Linear Operators On Hilbert Spaces And Mathematical Foundations Of Quantum Mechanics Asif Saleem Mr. Badar Nawz
29 Solutions Of Second Order Three Point Bcundary Value Problems Using Decomposition Method Muhammad Usman Malik Dr. Haroon-ur-Rehman
30 Numerical Solution Of System Of Differential Equations Using Differential And Tarig Transporm Methods Bazgha Idrees Mr. Zain-ul-Abadin Zafar
31 Efficacy assessment of allium sativum in health management of HP ercholestierolemia Bushra Yousaf Dr. Habib ur rehman
32 Evaluation of anemic activity of foeniculum vulgarei Mahanoor Mehmood Dr. Habib ur rehman
33 Determination of arsenic lead and nickel in tap water of district kasur Javed Ahmad Mr. Khizar Hayyat
34 A comparative study of estimation of sodium potassium and calcium contents in defferent fruits along river ravi Ayesha Khan Mr. Khizar Hayyat
35 Effect of medicago sativa alfalfa on hypercholesterolemia through its formulation Arifa Khan Dr. Habib ur rehman
36 Identification and characterization of curcuma longa Nimrah Ghafoor Dr. Habib ur rehman
37 Estimation of phosphate & sulphate in different vegetables & fruits samples grown in sub urban area of sialkot Javeria Urooj Mr. Khizar Hayyat
38 Determination of phosphates and fertilizers sugarcane juice fertilizers Zeb un nisa Mr. Khizar Hayyat
39 A study of carbon and nitrogen sources for growth of fusarium oxysporum lycopersici Hina Akram Dr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqi
40 Ecological Economic share of some agroforestry species in bahwal nagar Muhammad Akmal Saeed Dr. Abdul Hameed
41 Satability study of active ingredients of garlinia with reference to allium sativum Kanwal Naz Dr. Habib ur rehman
42 Estimation of sulphates & phosphates in Detergents Razia Tabsum Mr. Khizar Hayyat
43 Biosythess characterization and microbial studies of zinc nanoparticle Ikhlaq Ahmad Dr. Hina Zain
44 Development Of Secondary School Teacher Education In Pakistan Abdul Aziz Khan Razia Yasmeen
45 Cultural Impact Of Globalization On Pakistan Youth Saleem Arshad Chheena Ms.Salma Naaz
46 A Historical Role Of Central Training College, Lahore In Teachers, Training 1947-2002 Muhammad Akram Dr.Sabiha Gul
47 Soviet Union Intervention And Withdrawal From Afghanistan The Role Of Pakistan Munir Mansah Dr.Sabiha Gul
48 Socio- Economic Impact Of Shrines. A Case Study Of Hazrat Ali Hujwiri Shrine Hafeez Ahmad Dr.Sabiha Gul
49 A Case Study Of Historical Buildings Of Mughal Period In District Sheikhupura Muhammad Ali Ms.Salma Naaz
50 Contrastive analysis of Robert prost and William words worth as pure naturist Sidra Hassan Ms. Sundas Majeed