Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Advertising Vs Sales & Marketing Operations In Qarshi Industries (Pvt ) Ltd Haseeb Baig Minhaj University Lahore
2 Resarch report on electricitiy crisis in pakistan it's causes and solution Zulnurain Adlil Dr. Muhammad Tarhir
3 Evolution Of Islamic Banking M.Nadeem Khalid Nasr
4 Foreign Direct Investment In Pakistan Zaheer Ahmed Malhi Rana Tanveer Hussain
5 Impact Of International Monetary Fund Loan On Pakistan Economy M. Salman Khan Mr.Faisal Javaid
6 Achieving Organizational Success Through Effective Brand Management A Study Of Samsung Smart Phone In Pakistan Abdula Qayyum Muhammad Saleem Zia
7 Dividend Police And Its Impact On Price Of Frim Hassan, Mohsin Rana Tanveer Hussain
8 Impact Of Employee Empowerment On Job Satisfaction Ghulam Muhyuddin Miss Aisha Kawal Alvi
9 Impact Of Capital Market Efficiency On Pakistan Economy Mohsin Muneer Sir. Faisal Javaid
10 Psychological Influences On Consumer Compulsive Buying Behavior Hannan Afzal Mr. Attique Ur Rehman
11 Impact Of Service Quality On Pakistan Financial Sector A Comparative Study Bases On Islamic Vs Conventional Banks Of Pakistan Jawaria Mukhtar Sir. Faisal Javaid
12 Achieving Organization Success Through Effective Customer Relationship Management (Crm) Waqas Bhatti Mr.Tauqeer Ahmed
13 Factors Affecting The Consumer Buying Behavior Of Dsl M.Waqas Toor Mr.Tauqeer Ahmed
14 Factors Influencing Decision Making In Online Purchasing Syed Qasim Ali Mr.Tauqeer Ahmed
15 Corporate Lending Of Mcb Ltd. Iqtadar Ahmad Rana Tanveer Hussain
16 Distribution Channel Of Marhaba Yousaf Zaman Muhammad Amer Baig
17 Financial Analysis Of Abl Anum Aslam Nabeel Rehman
18 Financing On Steel Factory Nasir Siddique Sir Hussain
19 Role Of Operating Cash Flow Earning &Length Of Operating Cycle In Predicting Future Operating Cash Flow Asma Shabbir Mr. Faisal Javed
20 Effect Of Macroeconomic Variable On Stock Returns (Kse ) Affaf Ashfaq Sir. Sajjad Ul Aziz
21 Corporate Governance And Firm Performance Of Textile Of Pakistan Hania Gull Rana Tanveer Hussain
22 The Impact Of Corporate Governance Index On Dividend Announcements Evidence From Pakistan Shamim Akhtar Prof. Faisal Javaid
23 Effects Of Work Place Politics On Pakistan Emloyeesorganizationl Citizenship Behavior Faran Riaz Sir. Sajjad Ul Aziz
24 Impact Of Nonperformance Loan On Banking Sect0r Performance Ghulam Mustafa Qadri Mr. Faisal Javed
25 Impactf Employee Satisfaction On Competitive Advantage With The Moderating Effect Of Service Qualiyy In Fashion Industry Of Punjab Pakistan Zain Ul Abideen Nasir Mr. Sajjad Ahmad
26 Challenges And Opportunities Paced By Woman Entrepreneurs Sikander Ali Shah Muhammad Saleem Zia
27 Achieving Organizational Success Through Effective Brand Management Abdul Qayyum Muhammad Saleem Zia
28 Impact Of Transformational Leadership On Employee Performanceand Ocb Fauzia Ahmad Minhaj University Lahore
29 Perception Of People Towads The Islamic Banking And Enpirical Study In The Context Of Pakistan Munsaram Latif Mr. Attique Ur Rehman
30 Consumers Psychological Influences Towards Compulsive Buying Behavior Hannan Afzal Mr. Attique Ur Rehman
31 Achieving Organizational Success Through Supply Chain Management Ghulam Mustafa Buttar Mr.Tauqeer Ahmed
32 Effect Of Celebrity Endorsement In Advertising Effectiveness A Study With Reference To Pakistani Advertising Sector Javeed Amir Mr. Tauqeer Ahmad
33 Achieving Organizational Success Through Effective Market Segmentation Shahrooz Javed Mr.Tauqeer Ahmed
34 Excellence In Telecom Sector Through Effective Performance Management Sadia Malik Mr. Sajjad Ul Aziz
35 Micro Finance And Entrepreneurship Project Of National Rural Development Programme Bilal Aslam Mr. Faisal Javed
36 Marketing Analysis Of Pel Hafiz M. Usman Alam Khan Mr . Saleem Khan
37 Analysis Of Pakistan Banking Industry Sana Mahmood Mr. Hussain
38 A Critical Study Of Human Resource Practices In Packages (Pvt).Ltd Sohaib Amin Mr. Sajjad Ul Aziz Qadri
39 Human Resource Manual (Case Study On Suzkui Motors) M.Javed Anwar Mr. Sajjad Ul Aziz
40 Effect Of Stock Market Variables On Equity Return In Pakistan M.Wasim Hussan Prof. Sohal Nawaz Malhi
41 Marketing study of mobile telecom warid telecom Azhar Iqbal Dr. Naseer Akhtar
42 A Study General Study On Hrm In Warid Zaheer Ahmad Mr. Sajjad Ul Aziz
43 Corporate Governance Managerial Ownership, Monitoring Role Of Institution Fariha Naz Minhaj University Lahore
44 Thesis Method Of Traning & Development Umar Farooq Minhaj University Lahore
45 Marketing of air conditiones in pakistan pak elktron limited Muhammad Nadeem Dr. Nasser akhtat
46 Marketing Strategic Prospective Haleeb Milk Rabia Mumtaz Mr. Salman Khan
47 UBL Resarch Report Mubashir Munir Dr. Muhamad Tahir
48 Impact Of Earning Announcement On Stock Returns Nadir Sharif Rana Tanveer Hussain
49 Impact Of Terrorism On Foreign Direct Investment In Pakistan Aamir Haleem Rana Tanveer Hussain
50 Project Title Marketing Analysis Of Ici Paint Naseer Ahmed Sulman Khan