Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Fractional Calculus on Multivariable Class of Generalized Hypergeometric and Whittaker Function Ghulam Mustafa Dr. Abdul Ghaffar
2 Therapeutic Effect of Asphodelus Tenuifolius Against Streptozotocin Inuced Diabetic Rats Khadeejah Rana Dr. Saleha Hameed
3 Therapentic Potential of Garlic (Allium Sativum l.) and Coriander Seeds (Coriandrum Sativum L.)to Mitigate Hyperlipidemia and Hypertension Saima Habib Dr. Muhammad Jawad Iqbal
4 Evaluating the Role of Flaxseed Enriched Yoghurt to Manage Hyperglycemic and Lipid Profile of Diabetic Subjects Shahnaz Shaista Ms. Noshiza Majeed
5 Evaluating the Synergistic Effect of Beetroot Juice and Cinnamon in the Management of Hypertension Ali Zubair Noshiza Majeed
6 Optical Solition of Biswas-Arshed Model Using Modified Auxiliary Equation Method Adeel Ahmad Dr. Fiza Batool
7 Novel Solutions of Nonlinear Biswas-Milovic Equation with Kerr Law Nonlinearity Using- Model Expansion Method Nasar Ullah Khan Dr. Fiza Batool
8 Influence of Viscosity on Prandtl Peristaltic Flow of A Flow of A Fluid in a Vertical Tube Mian Muhammad Imran Dr. Aqila Shaheen
9 Neo Imperialism in Sinha's Animal's People (2007): Sumaira Sarwar Ms. Ammara Maqsood
10 Intellectual Inhibition of Characters in Uzma Aslam khan's the Geometry of God: Syed, Maryam Amina Mehmood
11 Female Identity Crisis: Zakia Idrees Ms .Ammara Maqsood
12 Existence and Uniqueness of Boundary Value Problem for Voltera Integro Diffetrential Equation of Fractional Order a E(3,4) Hajra Iftikhar Mrs. Barrira jurrat
13 Digital Literacy Among Undergraduate Students Qaiser Sultana Dr.Saira Hanif Soroya
14 Influence Of pakistani TV Channels On Language And Dressing Of Women : AStudy Of Geo And Hum TV Dramas Maryam Nazar Dr. Abdul Ghani
15 Heat Transfer Of A Viscous Fluid Between Two Parallel Infinite Vertical Walls Sadaf Saddiqa Dr.Niat Nigar
16 Unsteady Couette Flow With Constant Proportional Caputo Fractional Derivative Maria Maqsood Dr. Niat Nigar
17 Use Of Feminism For Gaining Power And Resisting Patriarchy In Qaisra Shahraz's A Pair Of Jeans And Other Stories Mammona Zia Sarosh Ahmad
18 Online Quiz APP Basit Ali Muhammad Sheraz Tariq
19 Local Stability, Global Attractivity And Boundeness Of the Solution Of Difference Equation Ali Raza Dr.Stephen Sadiq
20 Solution Of Higher Order Recursive Sequence Jamsheed Akhter Dr.Stephen Sadiq
21 Exploration Of Colorism And Denial Of Black Self : A Fanonian Study Of Brit Bennet's The Vanishing Half Awais Javed Ms. Shama Iqbal Hussain
22 Relationship Between Literacy And Numeracy drive (LND) Mobile Application And English Reading Comprehension Ability Of Multilingual Student of Govt.Primary School Of Sheikhupura Amir Rafiq Majid Khan
23 Computing the topological indices and polynomials of the polystyrene Asif Hussain Dr.Shahid Imran
24 Computing The Topological Indices And Polynomials Of The Rhenium Trioxide Muhammad Mudassar Raza Dr. Shahid Imran
25 Computation Of Topological Indices And Polynomials Of Kevlar Network Wajahat Rameez Dr. Shahid Imran
26 Critical Discourse Analysis Of Online Muhammad Shoaib,Bilal Asghar,Misbah Aslam,Sadaf Tahir Ms. Sana Nazir
27 Narrative Techniques: Ussama Fahad, M. Serfraz, Iqra Azam Sir Syed Abuzar Naqvi
28 A Pragmatic Analysis of Illocutionary Speech Act in the Novel for the Lost Lovers By Nadeem Aslam Suleman Shaukat, Aqsa Kafayat, Qintar Fatima,Roma James Aqsa Javed
29 Image Recognition System Mehtab Kinza Dr. Shaheen Siddiqui
30 Partition Trauma: Nayyar Abbas Abuzar Naqvi
31 Epistermology of Christian s Reservations Over Electoral Mechanism in Pakistan: Taliha Hameed Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
32 The Determinants of Leather Exports of Pakistan: Faizan Noor Dr.Mahboob ul Hassan
33 Relationship among Teachers Qualification Organizational Commitment and students Academic Achievement at Higher Secondary School in District Lahore Rehmat Ullah Rashid Dr. Fahd Naveed
34 Attitude of Elementary School Teachers Towards Professional Training in District Lahore Rubina Shahzadi Dr. Syed Kaleem Ullah Buhari
35 A Comparative Study: The World of Post-Apocalytic: Uzma Inayat Ullah Ms. Ammara Maqsood
36 Solutions and Formulae for some System of Difference Equations Ayesha Hamid Dr. Stephen Sadiq
37 Denotative And Connotative Analysis of Words And Phrases Used in Men Are from Mars, women are from Venus By John Gray Nawaz, Taha Ms. Tania Ali Khan
38 Dr. Syed Qasim Jilal ki Nasri Khidmat Rukhsana Jabeen Dr. Fazeelat Bano
39 Trakki Pasand Tahreek Ke Shora ki Natia Shairi ( Tahkeki Jaiza) Safiya Bibi Dr. Fazeelat Bano
40 Nilna Naheed ki Takhlikaat mei Asri Shaoor Mina Saleem Dr. Nasir Baloch
41 The Portrayal of Ambivalent Charactors in Burnt Shadows by Kamila Shamsie Mariam Norine, Rabqa Fatima, Saima Batool Ms. Ateqa Alvi
42 Meaning Making through Lexical Features: Zainab Rehman, Naila Batool Ms. Aqsa Arshad
43 The Image of Masculinity in the Bride by Bapsi Sidhwa: Sonai Malik Ms. Ateqa Alvi
44 Virtual Socialization and Emerging Patterns of WhatsApp Usage Among University Students in Lahore Hafiz Imran Anwar Dr. Abdul Ghani
45 Consensus Based Multi- Person Decision Making Using Consistent Hesitant Fuzzy Preference Relations Amna Shafiq Dr. Atiq-ur-Rehman
46 Stylistics Analysis of the Selected Poems of Daud Kamal Anosha Khan, Nazia Islam, Usman Obaidullah , Tahseen Ejaz Muhammad Tayyab
47 Socio-Economic and Political Determinants of Terrorism: Umair Zahid Mr. Waqas Shair
48 Significance of Imprisonment upon the Psychy of the Protaginist in the Novel Great Expectation Muhammad Aamir ,Samina Khushi, Nadia Baidar ,Ansa Waheed. Nosheen Sabir Mr. Majid Khan
49 Ideology in Political Discourses: Mumtaz Hussain Dr. Waqasia Naeem
50 Benetits of Earning and Screening Skills Through YouTube News Channels for Media Students: Dr. Abdul Ghani Dr. Abdul Ghani