Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Association of Parathyroid Hormone with Renal Functional Test and Vitamin D in Chronic kidney Disease Patients. Ijaz, Muhammad Numan Mian Mubeen Ali Qadri
2 Dlagnostic Value of Ferritin Level as a Biomarker in Covid-19 Patients Shah, Kashif Hussain Dr. Hira Muzzamal
3 Fast Food Boom in Pakistan : Tufail, Sumbal Dr. Shahzad Bashir
4 Gangrene and Dlabetes : Aqasha Dr. Faiza Yaqub
5 Bayesian and E-Bayesian Estimation of Inverse Gaussian Distribution Under Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Loss Functions Using Waiting Time Data Mushtaq, Aqsa Amara Javed
6 The Study of Cilia Effects on Contraction and Relaxation Flow for Jeffrey Six Fluid through Vertical Tube Aslam, Roheela Dr. Aqila Shaheen
7 Exchange Rate Volatility and Money Demand Function of Pakistan Sardar, Iqra Dr. Shabib Haider Syed
8 Topological Indices and Qspr Analysis of Heptane and Pentane Isomers Ramzan, Ambreen Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Sardar
9 Portrayal of Major Pakistani Political Parties on Social Media: Abbas, Neha Dr. Waqasia Naeem
10 Social Media and Image Building: Siddique, Ayesha Dr. Waqasia Naeem
11 Cyclodextrinases from Microbial Sources with Special Focus on Thermostable Microbe Pyrococcous furiosus Rakha, Aneeza Allah Dr. Sumaira Mehboob
12 Major Difference Between IBS & Diverticulosis Raza, Hamid Ms. Anum Imtiaz
13 Effect of Students’ Motivation on their Learning in Science at Elementary Level in District Kasur: Ansa, Gul Dr. Shafqat Ali
14 Peristaltic Transport of Sisko Nanofluid for Vertical Endoscopy Tube in the Presence of Heat Transfer and Magnetohydrodynamics Raheel, Ayesha Dr. Aqila Shaheen
15 Determining Effect of Different Oil Types on the Acrylamide Production in Potato Chips Anwar,Dilshad Dr. Ghazala Kausar
16 The Impact of Institutional Quality on Economic Performance of Developing Countries of Asia Abbas, Safdar Dr. Ayesha Qamar
17 Effects of Thermo Physical Flow of Jeffrey Six Constant Fluid with Endoscopic Vertical Tube Safdar, Kashaf Dr. Aqila Shaheen
18 A Study on Vitamin A Deficiency with Thyroid Disorders among School Age Children Singh, Gurjeet Dr. Sumaira Mehboob
19 Generalization of the Fault-tolerant Metric Dimension of Arithmetic Graphs Rasheed, Komal Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Sardar
20 Generalization of Degree-Based Topological Indices for the Line Graph of Oxide Network and Chain Octahedral Network Bilal Khan, Sarwar Dr. Faraha Ashraf
21 Systemic Review On Polycystic Ovarian Disease in Females Jawwad, Sundas Saba, Abbas
22 Computing Locating-Edge Domination Number of Claw-Free Cubic Graphs Choudhry, Hamna Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Ashraf
23 The Algebraic Attributes of q-Rung Linear Diophantine Fuzzy Subfield Ali, Asad Dr. M. Haris Mateen
24 The Application of Complex Bipolar Fuzzy Submodule Munawar, Hira Dr. M. Haris Mateen
25 Characterization of Q-Pythagorean Fuzzy Subrings Zubair, Maria Dr. M. Haris Mateen
26 A Contemporary Characteristics of Q-Pythagorean Fuzzy Subgroups Manan, Abdul Dr. M. Haris Mateen
27 Evaluation of Anti-oxidant Potential and Novel Synergism Effect of Citrullus Colocynthis against MDR Pathogenic Strains Abbas, Saba Hafiza Bisma Nadeem
28 Quality and Overall Acceptability of Pomegranate Juice Fortified with Clove Oil Basit, Muhammad Abdul Mr. Abid Hussain
29 Evaluating the Hepatoprotective Potential of Fennel Seeds Based Tea on Human Subjects Imtiaz, Amna Dr. Muhammad Jawad Iqbal
30 Characterization and Evaluation of Laban Enriched with Spirulina Asghar, Abdul Aziz Mr. Abid Hussain
31 Computing Degree Based Topological Indices of Line Graph of Selected graphs Waris, Aqeela Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Sardar
32 Impact of Forensic Evidence in Prosecution of Offenders under Criminal Justice System: A Study in Pakistan Sultan, Sana Muhammad Saeed Khan
33 Analytical Solution of Sisko with MagnetoHydrodynamics under the Effects of Inclined tube khan, Rashid Ali Dr. Aqila Shaheen
34 Analytical Solution of Non-Newtonian Williamson Fluid under the Effect of Magnetohydrodynamics Hussain, Saira Muhammad Dr. Aqila Shaheen
35 Misalignment of Pakistan’s Real Exchange Rate and Volatility of Remittances Ali, Muhammad Sharafat Dr. Shabib Hiader Syed
36 Demographics and Seroprevalence of Dengue Infection Affected the Adults in Lahore Nazim, Muhammad Ijaz Muhammad Kashif
37 اکیسویں صدی میں اردو افسانے کی تنقید رضا,محسن ڈاکٹر سید ندیم جعفر
38 Frequency Distribution of HLA Class I and II Alleles among Punjabi Population of Pakistan, in Comparison with other Ethnic Groups. Aliza, Mirza Mian Mubeen Ali Qadri
39 Virtual Space Fakhar u din Dr. Adeel Irfan
40 Impact of Mobile Phone Applications by Youth of Lahore Pakistan : Irfan, Muhammad Dr. Anjum Zia
41 Topological Indices of Symmetrical Structure of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks Fatima, Kainat Dr. Niat Nigar
42 Topological Indices of Symmetrical Structure of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks Fatima, Kainat Dr.Niat Nigar
43 Symbolic Significance of Wait In Waiting For Godot and Waiting For The Barbarians Naqeeb, Tayyaba Ms. Amina Mehmood
44 Influence of Social Media on Working Mothers in Universities and their Children Qavi,Abira Dr. Sidra Noreen
45 Islamophobia: Habib ur Rehman Ms. Kalsoom Afzal
46 قرآن میں نعت مصطفیٰ ﷺ ذکا اللہ ڈاکٹر مختار احمد
47 محمد مشرف حسین انجم کی حمدیہ ونعتیہ شاعری بی بی ,نواب ڈاکٹر فضیلت بانو
48 اردو حمد و نعت پر فارسی شعری راویت کا اثر مزمل شاہ, سید پروفیسر ڈاکٹرعاصی کرنالی
49 علامہ بشیر رزمی کی نعت نگاری عباس ,حیدر ڈاکٹر ناصر بلوچ
50 اقبال عظیم اور مظفر وارثی کی نعتیہ شعری کا تقابلی مطالعہ رحمن, صولت ڈاکٹر محمد فخر الحق نوری