Theses & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Theses & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Antifungal activity of berry (Ziziphus mauritiana) and Sohanjana (Moringa oleifera) leaves against charcoal rot pathogen of zea maize Saira bano Dr. Sundus abdul majeed
2 Antifungal activity of orange (Citrus Aurantium) and Banana (Musa Acuminate) Peels against leaf spot Pathogen: alternaria alternate Shamsa riaz Dr. Sundas Akhtar
3 Torsional osscilations of a sphere in a second grade fluid Mohsin Ali Dr. Niat Nigar
4 A Postcolonial - feminist study Of Bapsi Sidhwas novel the pakistani bride Sakina Jaffar Muhammad aamir ch
5 Unidirectional motion of rate type Fluids over an infinite plate Tahir wasim Dr.Niat Nigar
6 Enhancement of heat transfer using nanoparticles with caputo-fabrizio Fractonal derivatives smavia kanwal Dr. Imran Assjad
7 A comparative study of awareness and usage of modern contraceptive methods among married women in district kasur Rukhsana Kausar Dr.Muhammad Rizwan
8 Self-concept of orphan boarders and its association with their academic achievements Amjad mehmood siddiqi Dr.Muhammad Rizwan
9 Analysis of higher order relation difference equations Malik Asad Ali Dr. Stephen Sadiq
10 Solution of higher order nonlinear Pdes by inverse differential operator method Hafiz tariq ali Dr. Saeed Ahmed
11 Application of extended fuzzy graphs in multi- attribute decision making Faiza ziaa Dr. Sumera Naz
12 a comparison between the reduced differential transform method and the adomian decomposition method to solve higher order partial differential equations Bilal Hassan Dr.saeed Ahmed Shah
13 global attractivity periodicity and solutions of some rational difference equations Muhammad iftikhar Dr.Stephen sadiq
14 language-specific constraints on scope interpretation insecond language acquisition Attia rehman sana nazir ahmed
15 ambivalence and mimicry in 'a god in every stone an analytical study Muhammad Umar Daraz muhammad islam khan
16 intermediate students attitude towards learining the english language in public and private schools of tehsil sharaqpura Asifa hadayat sana nazir ahmed
17 american dreams as an american nightmare Tayyab ali muhammad islam khan
18 an analysis of humorous conversations based on violating and flouting of gricean conversational maxims in situational comedy friends season 10 Muhammad zubair sana nazir ahmed
19 an analysis of magical feminism in a firefly in the dark by shazaf fatima haider Qurat ul ain Ammara maqsood qadri
20 social life women in kalasha valley of pakistan syed muhammad husnain abbas bukhari
21 effect of various plant extracts on the growth of charcoal rot pathogen - macrophomina phaseolina Aatiqa athar Pof. Javed ahmed
22 ideological and reperssive state apparatuses an analytical study of the ministry of utmost happiness Iqra adrees Muhammasd islam khan
23 comparative study of the times of india (delhi) and the Daily Dawn (lahore) On CPEC (Aprial 2015-December 2015) Muhammad masood Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
24 Role of librarians Informantion Literacy skill to enhance research productivity of faculty members: a case study of university of agriculture faisalabad Muhammad sakhawat Dr. muhammad tariq najmi
25 studies on captive management and ethology of blue with prospects for ex-situ conservation Muhammad laique Mr.Muhammad idnan
26 syrian crisis and its impact on the security of middle east (2010-2017) islam mohay ud din Mrs. Sajida begum
27 cpec and indian intervention: repercussions and challenges for pakistan muhammad shehzad ahmad khan mr. muhammad ishaque khan
28 a comparative study of ecofeminist element in the god of small things and surfacing Shaista jabeen Muhammad aamir ch
29 decentral smart grid stability using artifical neural network Mehmood tariq Dr.Muhammad adnan khan
30 internet of medical things enabled cloud based breast cancer identification with machine learning Anoosha yasmeen khan Dr.Muhammad adnan khan
31 modeling, simulation and optimization to diagnose liver infection using fuzzy inference system Ume tayyaba Dr.Muhammad adnan khan
32 diagnosis of arthritis disease using multilayered mamdani fuzzy expert system Hafiz atta ul rehman Dr. muhammad adnan khan
33 cognitive effects of bilingualism on student learning at secondary level in district sheikhupura tayyba kiran Muhammad Nadeem Chohan
34 meaninglessness of the world in shakesperaean tragedies Rafaqat ali ibrar Mr, muhammad islam khan
35 syntactic study of patterns of noun phrases in pakistan english newspapers Muhammasd jamil Mr. Faisal Irfan
36 multiplicative molecular descriptors for carbon nanotubes Muhammad Asif Dr.M.Athar
37 study on feeding and breeding behaviour of red wattled lapwing in district narowal Waqar ahmed Dr. Asif mehmood qureshi
38 use of social networking siting for improving english reading and writing skills of students at undergraduate level in lahore saliha iftikhar Muhammad yousaf malik
39 the effect of school violence on mental and physical health of children at primary level: a case study of public school in tehsil muridka at provincs punjab level Addla Kausam Mrs. Nazir ahmed
40 syntactic analysis of text of twilight in dehli written by ahmed ali rubina allah ditta Mamoona shahzadi
41 use of formative assessment to improve narrative writing skill of students at middle level of district sialkot Muhammad iqbal Ms.Tania ali khan
42 a gynocentric analysis of the pakistani bride and an ambrican brat by bapsi sidhwa Arbaila talat Ammara maqsood qadri
43 the impact of deforestation on environmental quality: an empirical analysis of pakistan Sher Ghulam Muhammad Dr. Abdul Farooq
44 computations of degree-based indices for and polyomino chains Muhammad shahid Dr. zohaib Zahid
45 the english language learing problems faced by secondary level students of district narowal ammra zafar Muhammad yousaf malik
46 A critical study of red birds in the context of agamben's camp as a fundamental political paradigm Sayyad rizwan ali shsh Muhammad aamir ch
47 perception and prospests of research data management in department libraries: a study of university of the punjab, pakistan rauf ishaq Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaz
48 use of marketing feature on university library website in pakistan: a content analysis Shkeel ahmad baber Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaz
49 students of frontal sony horn and dental morphology of the middle siwalik ruminants from type locality dhok pathan, chakwl district, punjab, pakistan tahir shahzad Dr. m. athar
50 green synthesized selenium doped zinc oxide nanoparticles: a battle against charcoal rot of maize saima anwar Dr. Sundus abdul majeed