Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Role Of Cement Industry And Financial Analysis Of Lucky Cement And D.G.Khan Cement Hafiz Ismail Malik Miss Nosheen
2 Role Of State Bank Of Pakistan In Small And Medium Enterprises And Its Effects On Economic Development Sana Zahra Sir Faisal Javaid
3 Industry Analysis Electronics Sector Muddasar Basher Dr. Naseer Akhtar
4 Effect Of Work Place Politics On Pakistani Employees Organizational Citizenship Behavior Faran Riaz Prof.Sajjad Ul Aziz
5 Payroll Structure And Design Syed Jawad Hussain Bukhari Sir Saqib Habib
6 Study Of Marketing Strategies Of Walls Cream Arshad Iqbal Dr. Naseer Akhtar
7 The Export Potential Of Football From Pakistan Malik M Shamas-Ul-Haq Awan Khawaja Tauqeer Ahmed
8 Achieve Organizational Success Through Effective Human Resource Management Syed Hamid Shah Sir. Sajjad Ul Aziz
9 Project Title Marketing Analysis Of Ici Paint Naseer Ahmed Suleman Khan
10 Introduction To Rising Capital And Its Impacts On Firm Umair Sultan Tipu Minhaj University Lahore
11 Effect Of Stock Market Variables On Equity Return In Pakistan M.Wasim Hussan Prof. Sohal Nawaz Malhi
12 Financial Statement Analysis Of Silk Bank Zaib Rasool Rana Tanveer Hussain
13 The Impact Of Talent Management Practices On Business Performance Imsha Khalid Major (R) Khalid Nasr
14 Effect Of Aggressive And Conservative Working Capital Management Policy On Manufacturing Firms Profitability Tanveer Aslam Faisal Javaid
15 A Critical Study Of Human Resource Practices In Packages (Pvt).Ltd Sohaib Amin Mr. Sajjad Ul Aziz Qadri
16 Importance Of Customer Relationship Management In Banking Sector Hafiz Fahad Rasheed Mr. Tauqeer Ahmed
17 Management Study On Pak Electron Limited Hira Fatima Mr. Sajjad Ul Aziz
18 Monetary Sector Of Nbp Sher Dil Khan Sir. Saqib Habib
19 A Study General Study On Hrm In Warid Zaheer Ahmad Mr.Sajjad Ul Aziz
20 Role Of Banking Sector And Financial Analysis Of Nbp & Bal M. Salman Ijaz Nabeel Rehman
21 Final Project Of Marketing Nishat Mills Limited Sufyan Nawaz Sir. Salman Khan
22 Lever Brother Pakistan Limited Ch.M.Umer Afzal Sir. Salman Khan
23 A General Study On Hrm Sulman Maqbool Mr.Sajjad Ul Aziz
24 Job Desiging Atif Hussain Miss. Nosheen
25 Bank Alfalah Ltd Javaid Iqbal Nabeel Rehman
26 Trends Of Fmcg Sector In Pakistan Unilever Mubashir Basher Mr. Tauqeer Ahmed
27 Working Capital Management Of Lucky Cement M.Asif Rana Tanveer Hussain
28 Measuring The Effectiveness Of Advertising Iqra Waheed Mr. Tauqeer Ahmad
29 Performance Management Techniques Faiza Mahmood Mr. Sajjad Ul Aziz
30 Finance Statement Analysis Of Selected Firms In Cement Industry Faisal Hameed Minhaj University Lahore
31 Lg Hassan Khalid Mr. Salman Khan
32 Impact Of Non Performance Loan On Banking Sector Performance Ghulam Mustafa Qadri Mr. Faisal Javed
33 Stock Markets Of Pakistan Usman Ghani Cheema Rana Tanveer Hussain
34 Trends Of Fmcg Sector In Pakistan Mubashir Basher Mr.Tauqeer Ahmed
35 Attaining Organizational Success Through Effective Performance Management Hrm Study Of Mcb M Naveed Khan Sajjad Ul Aziz
36 Ownership Structure And Financial Performance Hifsa Shehzadi Miss. Sundas Sohail
37 Financial Planning And Forecasting Of Packages Ltd Talat Jabeen Rana Tanveer Hussain
38 A General Study On Hrm In Telenor Sulman Maqbool Mr.Sajjad Ul Aziz
39 Effect Of Personality Certification On A Product Value A Study With Preference To Pakistan Advertising Sector Anum Zafar Muhammad Saleem Zia
40 Determinants Of Dividend Policy Evidence From Pakistan Muhammad Mushtaq Faisal Javaid
41 Marketing Strategic Prospective Of Master Tiles Mr Syed Muzzamil Saeed Mr Salman Khan
42 Ratio Analysis And Future Development Kashif Inam Rana Tanveer Hussain
43 Islamic And Conventional Insurance Comparative Analysis Zainab Noor Muhammad Rana Tanveer Hussain
44 Jgc-Descon Engineering Limited Ahmed Humayun Ghulam Ahmad Rana
45 Value Added Tax And Its Impact Economy Sadaf Batool Rana Tanveer Hussain
46 Silk Bank Ltd Financial Analysis Rana Muhammad Tazeem Ashraf Prof. M.Irshad
47 Review Of Automobile Industry In Pakistan Asim Hafeez Khawaja Tauqeer Ahmed
48 Achieving Organizational Success Through Effective Training And Development Aness Ur Rehman Sajjad Ul Aziz
49 A Study Of Consumer Perception 0n Mobile Phone Nokia Muhammad Asim Mr. Tauqeer Ahmed
50 A Study Of Pel Procurement System Shahid Asghar Sir . Amir Baig