Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 R&J Automobiles ADS Website Rabiya Aslam Jamal Ejaz
2 Tourism Management System Muhammad Ahmad Mr. Muahammad Sohail
3 Globalization, Challenges responsibilities of Muslim Ummah Zulfiqar Ahmad Prof. Dr. Khaliq Dad Malik
4 An Analysis of Smslanguage with its Varities: Muhammad Abubakar Sana Nazir Ahmed
5 Synthesis of Sulphonamides from Sulpha Drug M. Sulman Aziz Dr. Talib Hussain
6 Representation of Muslim Identity in Dr. Tahir ul Qadri's Fatwa on Terrorism and Suicide Bombinhs: Abdul Farooq Khan Majid Khan
7 Effectiveness of PEELI( Punjab Education and English Language Initiative ) in English Language Teaching: Sahibzada Muhammad Ahmed Raza Mr. Asif Ikram
8 A Study of Punjabi Culture in Bapsi Sidhwa'S Novels Amna Naz M. Islam Khan
9 Synthesis Characterization & Bioactivity of Zinc Oxide & Cadmium Oxide Nanoparticles Irfan Ijaz Madam Ammara Nazir
10 Synthesis and Characterization of Chalcone Derivatives from Different types of Aldehydes by Using Aldol Condensation Mechanism Amina Sajjad Dr. Talib Hussain
11 Study of Substitution Materials Used in the Synthesis of Paints M. Amjad Haider Watto Prof. Dr Talib Hussain
12 Development and Validation of an Analytical Method for Determination of Nh ( Amino) Grouos in A Compound by Karl Fisher Titration Ahmad Raza Farooqi Minhaj University Lahore
13 Determination of Toxic Metals ( Cadmium and Mercury) in the Vegetable Samples of Lahore Area Irrigated by Sewage Water Muhammad Inam- Ul- Hassan Minhaj University Lahore
14 A Critical Study of Migrants' Issues in the Book of Unknown Americans and the Grapes of Wrath Muhammad Imtiaz Iqbal Muhammad Aamir Ch.
15 Impact of Employee Satisfaction on Competitive Advantage with the Moderating Effect of Service Quality in Fashion Industry of Punjab, Pakistan Zain Ul Abideen Nasir Mr. Sajjid Ahmad
16 Comparative Study of Pollution Load by Different Departments of Pulp and Paper Industry Adeel Yaqoob Minhaj University Lahore
17 An Encounter with Nature: Abdul Fahad Shehzada Muhammad Aamir Ch.
18 Loss of Innocence in Donna Tartt's novel the Goldfinch Farah Naz Miss Sudas Majeed
19 Enhancing Students ' Reading Comprehension Through Websites at Graduate Level Raheela Saeed Mr. Muhammad Yousaf Malik
20 Faulkner's Female Characters in the Light of Gynocriticsm Farah Azizi Miss. Sundas Majeed
21 The Syntax of Ellipsis: Mehwish Jameel Sir Irfan Abbas
22 An Analysis of Five Shot Stories of Ernest Hemingway in the Framework of Deixis and Parallelism Rana Ahmad Shad Sana Nazir Ahmad
23 Existential Angst in the Plays of Jean Paul Sartre and Derek Walcott Shahwar Tabassum Mr. Muhammad Islam Khan
24 Textbook Evaluation to Teach English Grammar skills at intermediate level Muhammad Ikram Asif Ikram Anjum
25 Comparative Study of Diasporic Elements in Jasmine, Brick Lane, and an American Brat Uzma Aziz Mr. Muhammad Aamir ch
26 Politics and Modes of Resistance in Ngugi wa Thiong 'O'S Novels: Muhammad Jawad Naeem Muhammad Islam Khan
27 Impact of the Social Media on Students Behavior at Elementary Level Rashida Latif Prof. Muhammad Yousaf Malik
28 A Portrayal of Transgender: Imran Khan Mr. Muhammad Islam Khan
29 Context of use of Elt Materials and Adaptation Techniques at Higher Secondary Level at Lahore Abdul Ghaffar Mr. Irfan Abbas
30 The Effect of Gender Discrimination on Linguistic Behavior Ayesha Basharat Mr. Irfan Abbas
31 A Socio Psychological study of cultural influences and usage of Language in Advertisements Zaheen Muzafar Amna Naveed
32 A Contrastive Analysis of English and Arabic Deixis Hafiza Asmat Ms Tania Ali Khan
33 A Pragmatic analysis of Direct and Indirect Illocutionary Speech Acts in Novel Batool, Memoona Tania Ali Khan
34 The English Patient: Farrukh Khurshid Ms. Sundas Majeed
35 Representation of Karachi as a Dystopian city in Kamila Shamsie's Kartography and Mohammad Hanif' our Lady of Alice Bhatti Umair Hameed Sir. Usman Dar
36 Feminization of Anxiety in Post- Colonial and Existentialist Fiction: Mehwish Anwar Muhammad Islam Khan
37 Critical Discourse Analysis of Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan In the United Nation General Assembly Selected Political Speeches Habib Zaman Muhammad Tayyab
38 Collective Unconscious and Archetypes in Kamila Shamsie's Home Fire: Ghulam Hussain Muhammad Islam Khan
39 A Study of Feministic Perspective of Masculinity in Bharati Mukharjee's Novels Noman Khan Prof. Muhammad Islam Khan
40 Diachronic Analysis of the Orthographic Patterns of Computer Meditated Communication of Facebook Zaryab Ahmed Sana Nazir Ahmed
41 Exploring Men's Perceptions of Women's role in Agriculture: Shumila Kausar Dr. Muhammad Ramzan
42 The Feminist Response to Cultural Oppression Depicted in Bapsi Sidhwa's Selected Novels Muhammad Wasim Mukhtar Muhammad Islam Khan
43 Exponent of Mysticism Through the use of Natural images in Rumi's 'Masnavi' Farkhanda Khalid Miss Sundas Majeed
44 Perception of National Identity of Pakistanis Through the Index of English Native Countries Exposure Hafsa Hamid Butt Mr. Majid Khan
45 The Dilemma of Norwegian Women in Plays of Henrik Ibsen Sumaira Rashid Sir Muhammad Islam Khan
46 Comparative Study of Diasporic Elements in Jasmine, Brick Lane, and An American Brat Uzma Aziz Mr. Muhammad Aamir Ch..
47 An Analysis of Flouting of Grice's Maxims in Shazaf Fatima Novel how it Happend: Amna Ilyas Sana Nazir Ahmed
48 Applicability of entailment and Presupposition in James Joyce's Story "ARABY" Sumera Aslam, Amna Niaz, Amin Sohail Sir Yousaf Malik
49 Linguistic Analysis of Pakistani Electronic Media Talk Shows: Mureed Ahmad Sir Muhammad Yousaf Malik
50 Marginality of Australian Aborigines in Jack Davis' Plays Sadia Rehman Ms .Sundas Majeed