Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Application of Extended Expansion Method to Investigate the Traveling Wave Solutions of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Umair Mehmood Dr. Fiza Batool
2 Eccentricity Based Indices of M. Level Wheel Graphs Muddasar Shahzad Dr. Faraha Ashraf
3 Natural Convection Flow of A Viscous Fluid With Slip and MHD Effect Mamoona Murtaza Dr. Niat Nigar
4 Femicide in Baloch Society: Muhammad Awais Bushra Siddiqui
5 On Distance Based Polynomial of Petal and Flower Graphs Toqeer Nasir Dr. Faraha Ashraf
6 Analysis of Syntactic Errors in English Writing At Bs English Level: Maryam Iftikhar Mr. Majid Khan
7 Analysis of Syntactic Errors in English Writing At Bs English Level: Maryam Iftikhar Mr. Majid Khan
8 Effect of Classroom Management on Techer-Student Interaction at Secondary Level Schools in District Lahore Maham Parvaiz Dr. Shazia Malik
9 Solvable Three Dimensional System of Difference Equations Habib Ur Rehman Sajid Dr. Stephen Sadiq
10 A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of Uzma Aslam Khan's Novel "Trespassing" Shahid Hussain,Nadia Tubassam, Asim Alvi, Muhammad Imran Ashraf Ms. Kashifa Khatoon
11 Impact of Austerity and Government Size on Economic Performance Atta Ul Mustafa Dr. Khuram Shahzad
12 Determinants of Agriculture Productivity in Pakistan: Zunaira Zahoor Dr. Khuram Shahzad
13 Displaying the Structure of the Solutions for some System of Recursive Equations Shahid Nisar Dr. Stephen Sadiq
14 Effect of Bimetallic Nanoparticles on the Control of Fusarium Wilt of Tomato Caused By Fusarium Oxysporum Iqra Nazish Dr. Sundus Akhtar
15 Reversed Topological Indices of Symmetrical Structure of Bismath Tri-lodide Rukhsana Kousar Dr. Shahid Imran
16 Computing Topological Indices and Polynomials for the Network of Bismath Sub Carbonates Feza Aslam Dr. Shahid Imran
17 Computing Topological Indices and Polynomials for the Structure of Antimony Telluride Isra Muzammil Dr. Shahid Imran
18 Topological Indiees of Azithromycin Compound used in the Treatment of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Humaira Arshad Dr. Shahid Imran
19 Decision Based on Dual Probabilistic Linguistic term sets with Incomplete Assessments of Comparative Linguistic Expressions Rabiah Bibi Dr. Shahzad Faizi
20 A Multimoora Approach Based on Multi hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Information with Application Badar Un Nissa Dr. Shahzad Faizi
21 The Role of Cpec in Socio Political Development of Pakistan (2013-2018) Hira Jahangir Dr. Naudir Bakht
22 Pak-US Geostrategic Cooperation Amidst war on Terror in Afghanistan (2001-2011) Muhammad Ahsan Ayyub Prof.Dr. Naudir Bakht
23 Social Impacts of Radical Feminism in Pakistan: Nozaina Babar Dr. Sajid Mehmood Shahzad
24 Application of Fractional Derivative in Bio Heat Transfer Model Memoona Ameer Dr. Niat Nigar
25 MHD Flow Analysis with Constant Proportional Caputo Fractional Derivative Rida Khalid Dr. Niat Nigar
26 Role of PGPR Pseudomonas Sp. in Improving Growth Allelopathic stress of Dharek Asma Arshad Dr. Nadia Jabeen
27 A Misogynistic Study of George RR Martin's A Study of Ice and Fire Lazir Masih Syed Abuzar Naqvi
28 Diaspora Leads Protagonists to Identity Crisis in Selected Novels of Mohsin Hamid Muhammad Irfan Ms. Ammara Maqsood Qadri
29 Comparative Study of Population Mean Using Ratio Estimator in Simple Random Sampling Abida Irfan Aslam
30 Convexity and Shape Preservation Properties of 8-Point Interpolating Subdivision Scheme Sadia Javed Dr. Abdul Ghaffar
31 A New 7- Point Quaternary Approximating Subdivision Scheme Aiman Nawaz Dr. Abdul Ghaffar
32 Image Interpolating of 8- Point Stationary Subdivision Scheme Misbah Shaheen Dr. Abdul Ghaffar
33 A Review of Performance Appraisal and Change Management in Uman Resource Management Practices at AICL Mishal Khalid Dr. Sajjad Ahmad
34 The Prosecution of Child Sexual Abuse and Criminal Justice System: Ammara Hussain Muhammad Saeed Khan
35 Effect of Formative Assessment Techniques on Students' Learning and Academic Achievement at University Level Anosha Haroon Dr. Fahd Naveed Kausar
36 Effectiveness of Method of Environmental Design for Prevention of Street Crimes: Abid Hussain Muhammad Saeed Khan
37 Role of Anti Narcotics Force in Combating Drug Trafficking: Babar Malik Muhammad Saeed Khan
38 Analytical Solution of Jeffery six constant Fluid using the homotopy Perturbation Method Muhammad Kaleem Sajid Dr. Aqila Shaheen
39 The Study of Non-Newtonian Fluid in a Tube Muhammad Shahzad Dr. Aqila Shaheen
40 Analysis for Jeffrey six Constant fluid under the Effects of Buongiorno model Muhammad Aaqib Ali Dr. Aqila Shaheen
41 The Study of Peristaltic Flow in a sisko Fluid Under the Effects of Magnetic Field Khawar Hussain Khan Dr. Aqila Shaheen
42 Analysis of heat and mass Distribution Effects for Peristalic Flow Tousif Latif Dr. Aqila Shaheen
43 A Comparative Study of Arima and ARCH Model on time Series of Stock Prices for Oil Companies Maria Shehzadi Dr. Qurat ul an Sabir
44 Cybercrime and Criminal Justice System of Pakistan: Syed Muhammad Irfan Muhammad Saeed Khan
45 Molecular Characterization of Onion Yellow Dwarf Virus Infecting Onion Sadaf Mustafa Dr. Adnan Ahmad
46 Improving Soil Phosphorus Supply in Maize Plant by Integrated Use of Oxalic Acid and Inorganic Phosphorus Fertilizer in Calcisoll Attia Dildar Dr. Wasiq Ikram
47 Potential Application of Selenium Doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles to Control Tomato Leaf Hafiza Fiza Abbas Dr. Sundus Akhtar
48 Control of Parthenium Hysterophorus by Exploiting The Allelopatahic Potential of Anagallis Arvensis Riffat Marium Dr. Nadia Jabeen
49 Memory Type Control Chart for Monitoring Coefficient of Variation Using Auxiliary Information Kanwal Jahangir Dr. Saadia Tariq
50 Classical and Bayesian Estimation Based on two Parameter Weibull Distribution Under Different Loss Funcions Muhammad Azhar Amara Javed