Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Role of Lahore based non- governmental organizations during covid-19: an appraisal Nazia Hamid Dr. Madieha Akram
2 Computing Topological Indices And Polynomials For Chemical Graphs Nylon66, Polythiophene and Backbone Structure of DNA Muhammad Mubashir Izhar Dr. Shahid Imran
3 A Comparative speech analysis of alec & angel in the novel Muhammad Bilal Hassan Miss Kashifa Khatoon
4 Confessions And Suppressed Desires: A Comparative Study Of Selected Poems Of Sylvia Plath and sara shagufta Sadia Hameed Muhammad Islam Khan
5 Evaluating the Nutritional status of university students with special reference to osteoporosis and iron deficiency Zeenia Dr. Muhammad Jawad Iqbal
6 Evaluating the role of Egg albumen as an effective dietary strategy to address chronic kidney disease Mehak Khalid Ms. Noshiza Majeed
7 Probing The Therapeutic Potential Of Dates (Phoenix Dactylifera) And Figs ( ficus Carica) to elevate hemoglobin levels Emaan Naveed Dr. Saleha Hameed
8 Swot Analysis Of University Libraries Of Lahore Shabana Tabassum Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
9 Librarian's perception About library Cataloguing Standards in universities of Lahore Tahir Raza Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Awan
10 Impact Of E-Resources On Teaching and Research Productivity of University Faculty: Bushra Ikram Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
11 A Study of gender theory in the plays buried child and fool for love by Sam Shepard Sahra Rashid Ms Aasma Iram
12 The study of Electronic vs Print format: user's preferences at aiou, Islamabad Attya faryal Shahid Mehmood
13 Attitude of students towards library software in NUST, Islamabad Hafiz Muhammad Umar Farooq Mr. Shahid Mehmood
14 Group Decision-making-making frameworks under linguistic q-rung orthopair fuzzy Einstein models Rida Mehreen Dr. Sumera Naz
15 The Role of Artificial Intelligence in 2nd Language Learning : M. Nisar raza Ms. Kashifa Khatoon
16 A pragmatic analysis of deixis in the novel great expectations Muhammad Irfan Miss kashifa khatoon
17 Adoption of source software by library professionals of Lahore: perception and challenges Mirza Muhammad Akbar Mr. Shahid Mehmood
18 Historical and fictional representation: A postmodern study of a tale of two cities and great expectation by Charles Dickens Saima Arshad Miss Ammara Maqsood
19 Mathematical Epidemiology of covid-19: Analysis of Spread and control parameters Novara badar Dr. Muhammad Sarmad Arshad
20 Influence of wilderness on Christopher McCandless in the novel into the wild Javed Iqbal Syed Abuzar Naqvi
21 A critical discourse analysis of manifestos of Pakistani political Parties Kamran Shaukat Mr. Muhammad Tayyab
22 Usability of Academic Library Website: A Case of the Forman Christian college university Wasim Sarwar Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
23 A study of automated circulation services in university libraries of lahore Majid Jahangir Dr. Nadeem Siddique
24 Exact Solution For The Unsteady Natural convection flow of a viscous fluid Muhammad Arshad Dr. Nait Nigar
25 On the study of magnetohydrodynamic free convection flow of viscous fluid Hafiz Muhammad Asadullah Dr. Niat Nigar
26 Impact of skills on performance: case from higher education institution (HELs) Pakistan Syeda zill e huma zaidi Qamar zaman
27 Searle's theory and fiction: speech act analysis of "A Farewell to arms" Rabail Mughal Mr. Muhammad tayyab
28 Assessment information literacy instruction: A comparative study of public and private universities of Islamabad Aamir Shahzad Prof. Dr. muhammad Shahid Soroya
29 Evaluating The Effect Of Inositol Based Dietary Regimen In The Management Of Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome Induced By Hormonal Irregularity Hafsa Hanif Ms. Noshiza Majeed
30 Acquisition Of Journals In Medical Colleges Libraries Of Lahore City Status, Policies And Problems Danish Aziz Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
31 Elements Of Intersectional Feminisms In the Female Characters Of The Novel Beloved By Toni Morrison Sultan Mehmood Ayed Abuzar Naqvi
32 Impact Of Internet On Bilateral Trade Of Pakistan Zeeshan Ahmad Ms. Sundas Sohail
33 To study The Effect of Mentha Piperita oil Supplementation on The growth Performance And Proximate Composition of Oreochromis Niloticus Zunaira Fatima Dr. Asif Mehmood Qureshi
34 Struggle For Identity And Prosperity: A Postcolonial Study Of Things Fall Apart And Anthills of The Savannah By Chinua Achebe Huma Nawaz Ms. Ammara Maqsood
35 An Ecofeminist Study Of The Hungry Tide And Surfacing Fatima Ahsin Ms. Ammara Maqsood
36 Needs And Importance of Research Based Training/Workshops For Library And Information Science Scholars In Punjab Zafar Iqbal Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahid Soroya
37 Knowledge, Attitude And Practices of information Literacy Among Postgradute Students Of Medical Universities Of Punjab (Pakistan) Farah Naz Cheema Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
38 A Study Of Digitization Initiatives in Lahore City Bushra Almas Jaswal Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
39 Access And Use Of Digital Resources By Undergraduate Students Of Social Sciences: A Study Of Public Sector Universities In Faisalabad Samia Naz Dr. Muhammad Tariq
40 Accessibility, Usage And Behavioral Intention Of Electronic Books By LIS Students In Punjab Aniqa Ramzan Prof. Dr. Rais Ahmed Samdani
41 Students' Participation In Library Instruction Programs & Its Impact On Ability To Locate Search And Use Library Resources Mussarat Iqbal Prof. Dr. Rais Ahmed Samdani
42 Practices Of Knowledge Management In University Libraries Of Punjab Misbah Noreen Dr. Muhammad Tariq
43 Sources And Services of College Libraries of Gilgit Baltistan: An Appraisal Muhammad Sadiq Shahid Mehmood
44 Assessment Of Effectiveness Of Resources And Services Of Libraries Post Graduate Colleges Of Lahore: A User'Viewpoint Muhammad Azam Prof. Dr. Rias Ahmed Samdani
45 Current And Required Level Of Soft Skills: A Study Of University Library Professionals In Lahore Asia Sultana Dr. Muhammad Fazil Khan
46 Perception And Prospects Of Research Data Management In Department Libraries: A Study Of University Of The Punjab, Pakistan Rauf Ishaq Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj
47 Users'Need Assessment for Medical Libraries Of Lahore Shazia Bashir Dr. Muhammad Shahid soroya
48 Impact Of Parenting Style Of Juvenile Delinquency: A Case Study Of Lahore Muhammad Asad Dr. Rahat Abdul Rehman
49 Tour Hub Syed Kazim Hussain Syed Younas Ali
50 Impact Of The British Colonial Rule On The Muslims Of India: A Case Study Of Constitutional Development 1909-1935 Saif Ullah Prof. Dr. Zahida Sulemam