Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

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1 Improving Soil Phosphorus Supply in Maize Plant by Integrated Use of Oxalic Acid and Inorganic Phosphorus Fertilizer in Calcisoll Attia Dildar Dr. Wasiq Ikram
2 Potential Application of Selenium Doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles to Control Tomato Leaf Hafiza Fiza Abbas Dr. Sundus Akhtar
3 Control of Parthenium Hysterophorus by Exploiting The Allelopatahic Potential of Anagallis Arvensis Riffat Marium Dr. Nadia Jabeen
4 Memory Type Control Chart for Monitoring Coefficient of Variation Using Auxiliary Information Kanwal Jahangir Dr. Saadia Tariq
5 Classical and Bayesian Estimation Based on two Parameter Weibull Distribution Under Different Loss Funcions Muhammad Azhar Amara Javed
6 Bayesian Estimation And Prediction of Gamma Distribution Based On Life Time Data Khurram Asghar Ali Amara Javed
7 Prediction of the Covid- 19 Transmission Using Compound Poisson Regression Model: Ruby Liaqat Dr. Qurat ul An Sabir
8 Socio cultural Aspects of Identity Formation A Case study of Walled city of Lahore Hajra Waheed Salma Naz
9 Rai Ahmed Khan Kharal, The Hero of war of Independence 1857 Muneer MASIH Prof. Dr. Sabiha Gul Javed
10 Role of Institution of Ombudsman in Good Governance Through Public Delivery in Punjab Muhammad Ali khan Madam Salma Naz
11 Management of Chromium Stress in Tomato by Using Aqueous Plant Extract Anam Tufail Dr. Sundus Akhtar
12 Factors Affecting Behavioral Intentions in Hospitality Industry of Pakistan Junaid Tariq Ms. Nosheen Rafi
13 ''Impact of Institutional Credit on Agriculture Output in Pakistan'' Ms. Saba Chaudhary Mr. Khurram Shahzad
14 Juvenile Delinquency and Its Rehabilitation ( A Study of Borstal Institutions and Juvenile Jails of Pakistan) Imran Mushtaq Malik Muhammad Saeed Khan
15 Antioxidant Profiling of Mulberry and its Utilization in Food Products Hafiz Javeria Rehman Dr. Summer Rasheed
16 Evaluating the Physiochemical and Nutritional Attributes of Dates ( Phoenix dactylifera) Based Cupcakes: Ahmed Hassan Ms. Iqra Saeed
17 Role of Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan in Countering Terrorism: Mazhar ul Hassan Prof. Muhammad Saeed Khan
18 The Role of Pakistan People's Party Parliamentarians in the Political Culture of Punjab 2008-2013 Abdul Hamid Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht
19 Pakistan India Relations in the Perspective of war on Terror M. Bilal Shafiq Mrs. Sajida Begum
20 Library Services and Level of User Satisfaction in the Libraries of Govt. Post Graduate College of Rawalpindi Fayyaz Ahmad Shah Dr. Muhammad Fazil Khan
21 Factors Effecting Reading Habits of Students: Sanila Arshad M. Rafiq Awan
22 Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Postgraduate Students Learning in Punjab University Lahore Toqeer Ahmad Prof. Dr. Muhammad Fazil Khan
23 Application of Multi-Attribute Decision Making with Generalized fuzzy Information Rida Majeed Dr. Sumera Naz
24 Floating Control Chart for Monitoring Process Dispersion Tooba Imran Dr. Saadia Tariq
25 Quality & Sensory Evaluation of Java Plum ( Syzygium Cumini) Enriched Yogurt Khalid Mahmood Mr. Abid Hussain
26 Mapping Information Avoidance Behaviors Among Medical Libraries of Lahore Muhammad Raza Qadeer Ayesha Khaliq
27 Use of Print and Electronic Journals by the Academic Community: Muhammad Naeem Dr. Nadeem Siddique
28 Students perception About Research Supervision: Iftikhar Hussain Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
29 Research Support Services: Nusrat Ali Dr. Iqbal Hussin Asad
30 Knowledge Sharing Behavior of Students in University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences ( UVAS), Lahore : Muhammad Azhar Ishaq Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
31 The Development of User's Initial Trust in online Library Services at Public and Private Universities in the Punjab Mosarat Yasmeen Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad
32 Reasons for Living of Elderly in Old age Home: Samreen Fida, Hibra Khan Dr. Madieha Akram
33 Association in Burnout and job Satisfaction among working Social Sciences Postgraduate Students of Lahore Amina Javed Dr. Madieha Akram
34 Effects of Online Pathological Gaming on Aggressiveness in Adolescents: Shazia Rafiq Dr. Madieha Akram
35 KAP Analysis of Students Regarding E-Learning during Covid- 19 in Universities of Lahore Saba Sarwar Dr. Madieha Akram
36 A Comparative Study of Dentition and fontal bony horns of selenoportax and Pachyportax ( Mammalia, Bovidae) Hira Shabbir Dr. Muhammad Akhtar
37 Study the Association of C-Reactive Protein and risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Heart Patients Above the age of 50 years Zainab Naeem Dr. Irum Naureen
38 Diversity and Distribution Patterns of Raptors Fauna in Lahore Pakistan Ammara Nazir Prof. Dr. Asif Mehmood Qureshi
39 A Study of Changes in Concentration of Acute Phase proteins and Stress Hormones on Commercially fed Broiler Chicken Hira Nazir Dr.Muddasir Hussain Abbasi
40 A Study of Genetical Variation in Mentally Retarded Children of Vehari District of South Punjab Alia Hussin Dr. Asif Mehmood Qureshi
41 Morphological Study of Dental and other Fossilized Material of Lower and Middle Siwalik suids from Type locality dhok bun Ameer khatoon, Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan Kehkashan Abid Dr. Muhammad Akhtar
42 A Study of the Effect of Commercial feed on Meat Protein Contents of Boiler Chicken Syeda Qandiel Zahra Dr. Maddasir Hassan Abbasi
43 Common Fixed Point Theorems in Complex Valued Metric Spaces Fozia Musarrat Muhammad Tahir
44 INDO-PAK Relations in the Perspective of War on Terror (2008-2018) Muhammad Binyameen Ms. Sajida Begum
45 Numerical Solutions of stiff Differential Equations using Implicit with Explicit Stages runge -kutta Method
46 Women Police Officers and work Life Balance: Fouzia Taj Mr. Mubashar Muhammad Kamran
47 The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Well-Being of Public Secondary School Teachers in District Lahore Misbah Gillani Dr. Muhammad Akram
48 Usage and Effect of Social Media on Students' Performance during Covid-19 Crisis in Lahore Sameera Arshad Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
49 Cloudjoin Web Application M. Waqas Saleem Sir. Saleem Akhtar
50 House Rental System Muhammad Humza Mr. Muhammad Younus Ali