Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Online Store and Inventory Management System Aslam, Faiqa Syed Younas Ali
2 Lot Based Harmful Gas Detection System in Automobiles Khalid, Muhammad Sohaib Sadia Abbas Shah
3 A Classified Marketplace for Birds Lover (Android App) Akbar, Muhammad Ameen Amna Ishtiaq
4 Identifying the Need for Digital Literacy Skills of Readers: Khan, Naseem Ullah Prof. Dr. Rais Ahmad Samdani
5 Exploring the Status of Information Literacy Skills of Agricultural Research Scientists: Akhtar, Muhammad Nadeem Dr. Fauz Dar Khan
6 A Study of Information Seeking Behavior of Teachers in Special Education Institutes of Lahore Shahzad, Khurram Farhana Saeed Hashmi
7 Online Information Management Skills of Millennials: Role of Digital Literacy and Information Overload Arshad , Sania Farhana Saeed Hashmi
8 Use of Social Media and its Effects on Academic Performance of Faculty Members in Universities of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Arif, Anees Prof. Dr. Rais Ahmad Samdani
9 Use Of Mobile Devices and self-Efficacy In Information Seeking Behavior of College Students of Rural Areas : Rafiq , Muhammad Awais Ferhana Saeed Hashmi
10 Guidance Of Tourism (Android Application) Sajid, Muhammad Shahzaib Ma’am Misha Asif
11 Disease-Based Medicine Prediction System (Web app) Latif, Muhammad Abubakar Khadija Tahira
12 Disease-Based Medical Center Predication (An Android application) Jamil, Usama Muhammad Kamran
13 Mental Health Tracker (An Android Application) Afzal, Sumeeya Sammra Habib
14 Multiplayer Battle Arena Online 3d Shooting Game Raza, Haider Muhammad Kamran
15 Impossible Track Car Nawaz, M. Rab Khadija Tahira
16 Digital Locker with Blockchain Technology : Zunnoorain, Hafiz Muhammad Syed Atir Raza Shirazi
17 Analysis of Recruitment, Rewards, Training & Performance: Usman, Muhammad Dr. Khalida Naseem
18 Chatbot And Ai Image Generator Moeez, Abdul Khadija Tahira
19 Food Delievery App (An Android Application) Helping You To Speak To The World Fashi, Zile Ms. Amna Ishtiaq
20 Startups And Jobs Contract System Zahid, Awais Mr. Saif Ali
21 3d Car Parking Simulator (Unity Game) Hannan, Abdul Mian Ahad Mahmood
22 Smart Doctor Appointment (An Android Application) Helping You To Appoint A Doctor Zubair, Afaq Misha Asif
23 Usage Pattern of Electronic Resources of Research Scholars of Universities of Lahore Bhatti, Abdan Tariq Ferhana Saeed Hashmi
24 Online Automobile Mechanic (An Android Application) Helping You To Repair Your Car At Your Location Haider, Ali Ms. Sammra Habib
25 3d Spaceship Hunter Talib, M Talha Muhammad Kamal
26 Venue Rental Application Book Event Online Aslam, Rana Shahwaiz Muhammad Kamran
27 Residential Management System (A Web Application) Helping You Find Suitable Place to Live Hussain, Babar Muhammad Kamran
28 Property Diaries (An Android Application) Asghar,Burhan Mr. Abdul Wahad
29 News Application/ Website Helping You to Access News From Different Platforms Ali, Syeda Aliha Misha Asif
30 Pet Adoption & Store (Android Application) Helping You To Adpot A Pet Raheem, Muhammad Abdul Misha Asif
31 ( مزہب عالم میں تصور گناہ و نجات ( تحقیقی وتقابلی جائزہ ضیاء الدین ڈاکٹر ظہور اللہ الازہری
32 Conceptual Metaphors in Movie The Donkey King: A Semiotic Analysis of Signs (Icons, Indexes, Symbols) using Peirce’s Theory Waqar, Areeba Dr. Waqasia Naeem
33 Autoformatting Document Writer (AFDW) Making your Document life more comfortable. Dilshad, Sajeel Misha Asif
34 Identification And Susceptibility Pattern Of Bacteria Isolated From The Wound Specimen Safdar, Fizza Mian Mubeen Ali Qadri
35 Mulri Dimwnaion Analysis fo Coco-Cola Limited With Pepsi-Cola International Bibi,Natash Dr .Muhammad Kashif Khan
36 Constant Metric Dimension of Bicentric Subdivided Rotationally Symmetric Convex Polytopes Hussain, Arif Dr. Niat Nigar
37 Online Medical Store System (Website) Abbas , Mahrukh Sadia Abbas Shah
38 Lawyers Management System ( An Android Application) Hussain, Syeda Aila Sammra Habib
39 Face Recognition Attendance System For Faculty (An Android Application) Amir, Iqra Sadia Abbas Shah
40 Analysis of System of Difference Equations of Higher Order Using Some Number Sequences Arshad, Muhammad Ahmad Dr. Stephen Sadiq
41 University Cafeteria Application Helping You to Live An Easy Life Ahmad, Afaq Saif Al
42 Timetable Management System (Website) Helping You to Create Timetable for the Institution Chadhar, M. Zeeshan Zaka Sadia Abbas Shah
43 Diagnostic Value of Thrombocytopenia, leukocytosis and elevated Hepatic Enzymes as biomarkers in Dengue Patients” Latif , Husnain Dr.Hira Muzzamal
44 Computation of Metric Dimension of Line Graphs of Subdivided Ladder-Type Graphs Abbas, Zaheer Dr. Niat Nigar
45 A Study of the Generalized Peterson Graph in Terms of Bi-Metric Dimension Iqbal, Kainat Dr. Niat Nigar
46 Edge Metric Dimension for Subdivision of Nylon 6, 6 Polythiophene and Structure of DNA Network Graphs Babar, Talha Dr. Niat Nigar
47 Effects of Remittances on Household Food Insecurity in Pakistan Ahmad, Aftab Waqas Shair
48 Calculation of Edge Irregular Reflexive Labeling for Line Graphs of Selected Graphs Razaq, Ayesha M. Amir Asif,
49 Evaluation of Lipid profile, Coagulation profile and Hematological parameters in Hypertensive patients Raza, Ali Mian Mubeen Ali Qadri
50 Prevalence of Iron deficiency anemia in non dialysis dependent and hemodialysis dependent chronic kidney disease Shehzad , Muhammad Qamar Mian Mubeen Ali Qadri