Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST

Sr # Thesis & Dissertations Repository LIST Submitted By Submitted To
1 Evaluation of Carbomer in Various Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Ophthalmic Uuspensions Muhammad Atif Riaz Ms. Ammara Nazir
2 Synthesis and Characterize\\ation of n Heterocyclic Imidazolium Benzimidaolium Salts and their complexes Nadeem Ilyas Mr. Khizar Hayyat
3 Stabilization of vegetable oil by using antioxidants present in peels water melon and Nimra shoukat Ms. Ammara Nazir
4 Synthesis Of Defferent Chlorinated Derivatives Of Sulfonamides Khawaja Awais Ur Rehman Dr. Izahar-ul- Haq khan
5 Estimation Of Sulfolax,Sorbic Acid And Methyl Paraben Sodium In Laxative Drops Muhammad Saqlain Tahir Dr. Abdul Qadir
6 Estimation Of Acetaminophen Pamabrom And Pyrilamine In Tablets By Rp-Hplc Method And Its Validation Shahdi Anwar Dr. Abdul Qadir
7 Accumulation And Residual Quantification Of Broad Spectrum Antibiotic In Plants Shahid Riaz Mr. Khizar Hayyat
8 Synthesis And Characterization Of Some Esters Prepared By Condensation Of Available Pharmaceutical Drugs Fareeha Sarwar Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir
9 Development And Optimization Of Fluoride Based Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Phool Shahzadi Dr. Irshad Khokar
10 Evaluation Of Antioxidant Activity Of Botanical Plant Tulsi Rana Haibat Ali Khan Dr. Muhammad Umar
11 Simultaneous Determination Of Lignocain Hci And Mefenamic Acid By Chromatographic Techniques Usman Khan Dr. Farah Kanwal
12 Method Development For Simultaneous Estimation Of Lysine Hci And L-Carnitine In Capsules Waseem Akhtar Hussain Dr. Talib Hussain
13 Synthesis Of Some New Sulphonamides From Sulpha Drug Rustam Ali Mr. Malik Naveed
14 Synthesis Of Ionones Khizar Hayat Dr. Akbar Saeed
15 Hydrometallurgical Extraction Of Manganese From Manganese Ore Hafiz Waqas Hasan Dr. Shahid Tufail Shaikh
16 Phytochemical Sereening And Measurement Of Antiradical Activity Of Solanum Erianthum Muhammad Asif Iqbal Dr. Muhammad Umar
17 Determination Of Sulphur In The Leaves Of Eucalyptus Plants Grown Along Canal Bank Bank Road Lahore Muhammad Masood Mr. Ahmad Raza Bokhari
18 Method Development And Validation For The Determination Of Loratadine Methylparaben And Propylparaben In Antihistamine Suspention By Hplc Abdul Shakoor Dr. Ali Muhammad
19 Determination Of Lead In Road Side Soil Of Major Roads On The Outskirts Of Lahore Nosheen Sher Mr. M.A. Iqbal
20 Accumulation Of Toxic Metals (Chromium, Chromium And Molybdenum ) In Livestock Fodder And Podder And Products Syed Azhar Ali Shah Termazi Dr. Talib Hussain
21 Synthesis And Characterization Of Mixed Ligand Cu (11) Complexes With 4 Aminoantipyrins Majid Nazir Mr. Khizar Hayyat
22 Determination Of Arsenic Concentration In Urban Drinking Water Sources Of District Lahore And Characterization Of Different Arsenic Arsenic Removel Techniques Abdul Gaffar Shad Dr. Ali Muhammad
23 Determination Of Toxic Metals (Cadmium And Mercury In The Vegetable Samples Of Lahore Area Irrigated By Sewage Water Muhammad Inam Ul Hassan Dr. Farah Kanwal
24 Study Of Heavy Metals In Tea Samples Marketed In Pakistan Sidra Arif Dr. Irshad Khokar
25 Analytical Method Development And Desloratadine By Hplc Method Development And Validation Of Desloratadine By Hplc Method In Pharmaceutical Formulation Muhammad Anees Dr. Ali Muhammad
26 Investigation Of Trace Metals Lead And Nickel In The Veget Ables Irrigated By Sewage Ravi And Fresh Water Abdul Shakoor Dr. M.. Abdul Qadir
27 Comparative Study Of Macro- Elements In Veget Ables Irrigated With Different Sources Muhammad Haroon Dr. Talib Hussain
28 Synthesis Of Non Benzidinic Homologucs Of Direct Red 28 (Dye) Muhammad Sohaib Dr. Talib Hussain
29 Synthesis Of Different Chlorinated Derivatives Of Sulfonamides Khawaja Awais Ur Rehman Dr. Ali Muhammad
30 Synthesis Of Poly Amide Resin With Improved Adhesion And Its Spectroscoplc Evaluation Sajjad Hassan Dr. M.. Abdul Qadir
31 Hydrometallurgical Extraction Of Copper Ore Muhammad Shahid Dr. Farah Kanwal
32 Validation Study Of Rp Hplic Method For Simulatanedus Determination Of Amlodipine Besylate And Simvastatin In Tablet Dosage Form Muhammad Fiaz Mr. Khizar Hayyat
33 Trace Element Analysis Of Precious Metals In The Sample Of Jabal Al Nour Makkah Saudi Arabia Muhammad Faisal Mr. M. A Iqbal
34 Syntiesis And Characterization Of Mixed Ligand Nickeldd Complexes With 4-Aminoantipyrine M. Bilal Manzoor Mr. Khizar Hayyat
35 Measurement Of Antioxidant Activity Of Anisomeles Indica Muhammad Maqbool Dr. Muhammad Umar
36 Kinetic Study Of Reduction Of 4-Nitrophenol Using Silver Nanoparticals Based Hybrid Microgels As Catalyst Ghulam Mustafa Dr. Farah Kanwal
37 Comparative Studies Of Toxic Metals (Lead .Copper And Manganese) In Cattle Feed Ijaz Ullah Khan Dr. Talib Hussain
38 Extraction Of Antimony From Indigenous Ore Of Stibnite Muhammad Umer Zahid Mr. Irfan Hafeez
39 Manufacture Of Feed Grads Dicalcium Phosphate From Locally Available Phosphate Orck Treated with hydrochloric acid Waqar ahmad Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir
40 Validation And Development Of Analytical Method For Tacrolimus Spectrophotometrically Masaud Anwar Dr. Talib Hussain
41 Evaluation Of Free Radicals Seavenging Activity Of Peristrophe Puniculata Muhammad wasim younis Dr. Muhammad Umar
42 Growth Response of L-Methionine Metal Complexes on Plants Irfan Ismail Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir
43 Growth Response of Glycine Metal Complexes on Plants Mudassar Kamal Malik Dr. Talib Hussain
44 Quantitative Determination of Arsenic, Effects on Biological Components of Environment (Arsenicsis) and Evaluation of Sources of Arsenic In-Ground Water Munawar Hussain Mr. Khizar Hayyat
45 Determination of Arsenic Concentration in Urban Drinking Water Sources of District Lahore and Characterization of Different Arsenic Removal Techniques Abdul Ghaffar Shad Dr. Muhammad Umar
46 Stability Indicating HPLC Method for Simultaneous Determination of Gatifloxacin and Prednisolone Acetate in Binary Combination Syed Saleem Razzaq Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir
47 Detection and Determination of Banned Aromatic Amines in Textile Articles of Pakistan Fareed Ahmad Mr. Muhammad Arif
48 Study of Adsorption of Chromium (VI) Ions and Methylene Blue on Polyp role Rabia Shaukat Ms. Ammara Nazir
49 Determination of Arsenic and Mercury in River Ravi and Urban Sewage Streams Abdul Rehman Dr. Talib Hussain
50 Removal of Mercury (II) Ione and Acid Violet Using Polyp role as Adsorbent Saadia Yasmeen Mr. Malik Naveed