E-Books Repository LIST

Sr # E-Books Repository LIST Author ISSBN
1 Good Laboratory Practice Seiler J P
2 Stereochemistry (Tutorial Chemistry Texts) David M
3 Stereochemistry (Basic Concepts in Chemistry). Morris D G
4 Organic Chemistry Joh E M
5 Organic Chemistry Robert T. M, Robert N. B
6 Integrated Approach to Coordination Chemistry.pdf Marusak R. A, Doan K., Cummings S. D.
7 Inorganic Structural Chemistry M?ller, U
8 Vogel?s Textbook of Macro and Semimicro QualitativeInorganic Analysis Svehla, G
9 Inorganic Chemistry.pdf Shriver D, Atkins P
10 Inorganic Chemistry Miessler, G. L, Tarr, D.A
11 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Cotton, F. A, Wilkinson G, Murillo C. A, Bochmann
12 Green chemistry for environmental sustainability Sanjy Kumar Sharma, Ackmez Mudhoo
13 Aqueous microwave assisted chemistry; Synthesis and catalysis Vivek Polshettiwar, R.S. Verma 978-1-84973-038-9
14 Methods and reagents for green chemistry, An introduction Pietro Tundo 978-0-471-75400-8
15 Green Chemistry. An introduction text Mike Lancaster 0-85404-620-8
16 Metals in Medicine Dabrowiak, J. C
17 Introduction to spectroscopy Pavla D. L, Lampman G. M.
18 Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure. Ill- Electronic Spectra of Polyatomic Molecules G. Herzberg
19 Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure. II, Infrared and Raman Spectra of Polyatomic Molecules G. Herzberg
20 Atomic Absorption, Fluorescence and Flame Emission Spectroscopy Thomspon K.C, Reynold R.J
21 Chromatographic methods. Stock, Rice
22 Introduction to Modern Liquid Chromatography Snyder, J. J. Kirkland 9.78047E+12
23 Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds R.M. Silverstein, G.C. Sassier, T.C. Morrill
24 Molecular Spectroscopy N. Levine, 9.78047E+12
25 Interpretation of Mass Spectra McLafferty, F. W
26 Spectrocriemical Analysis by Atomic Absorption and Emission L.H. J. Lajune
27 An Introduction to Analytical Atomic Spectrometry L. Ebdon, E.H. Evans
28 Crystal Structure Analysis J.P.GIuskerand, K.N.Trueblood
29 Spectrochemical Methods of Analysis J D Ingle, S.R. Crouch
30 NMR and Chemistry An Introduction to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy J. Akitt, " 978-1-4899-3097-2
31 Coulometry in Analytical Chemistry G.W C Milner, G Phillip 978-0-08-203314-1
32 Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis G.W Ewing
33 Instrumental Analysis G D Christian, J.E. O'Reilley, Allyn, Bacon 9.78021E+12
34 Mass Spectrometry Edmond De Hoffmann, Vincent Stroobant
35 An Introduction to Analytical Atomic Spectrometry Ebdon, EH. Evans
36 Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry E. A, V Ebsworth, D. W. H. Rankin, S. Cradock
37 Experimental Electrochemistry for Chemists D. T. Sawyer, J. L. Roberts 9.78047E+12
38 Applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Organic Chemistry L. M. Jackman, S. Sternhell 978-0-08-012542-8
39 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Organic Chemistry D- W Mathieson
40 Introduction to Spectroscopy D, L. Pavia, G. M. Lampman, G. S. Kriz, Jr.
41 Electroanalytical Chemistry BH Vassos, GW Ewing 9.78047E+12
42 Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy Banwell, C. N. 0-471-85424-7
43 An Introduction to Proton NMR Spectroscopy Ault, G. Dudek
44 Electrochemical Methods A.J. Bard, L.R. Faulkner 0-471-04372-9
45 High Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance A. Pople, W. G. Schneider, H. J Berstein.
46 Total Quality Management DALE H. BESTERFIELD 9.78813E+12
47 The Theory and Practice of Change Management John Hayes 978?1?137?27534?9
48 Sucessful Presentation Skills Andrew Bradbury 978 0 7494 4560 7
49 Strategic Management A Competitive Advantage Approach, Concepts and Cases Fred r. David 978-1-292-14849-6
50 Strategic Brand Management Building Measuring and Managing Brand Equity Kevin Lane Keller 978-0-273-77941-4