E-Books Repository LIST

Sr # E-Books Repository LIST Author ISSBN
1 Second Language Pedagogy Prabhu, N. S.
2 Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching Larsen-Freeman, D
3 The practice of English language teaching Harmer, J
4 Optimality Theory Prince, A., & Smolensky, P
5 Concise history of the language sciences E F K Koerner, R E Asher
6 An introduction to language Fromkin, V., Rodman, R , Hyams, N 9.78113E+12
7 Of Grammatology Jacques Derrida
8 Course in general linguistics De Saussure, F., Baskin, W, Meisel, P
9 Aspects of the Theory of Syntax Chomsky, N 9.78026E+12
10 Introducing Semantics Riemer, N
11 Linguistic Semantics Lyons, J 9.78052E+12
12 Introducing English Semantics Kreidler, W. C.
13 Semantics Kearns K
14 Semantics A Coursebook James R. Hurford, Brendan Heasley, Michael B. Smith
15 Semantics Language Workbooks Howard, G
16 An Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics Griffiths, P 9.78075E+12
17 Theories of Lexical Semantics Geeraerts, D 9.7802E+12
18 Continuity in linguistic semantics Catherine Fuchs, Bernard Victorri 9.78156E+12
19 Linguistic Semantics Frawley, W
20 Semantics A Reader Davis, S, Gillon, S. B 9.7802E+12
21 Lexical semantics Cruse, A
22 Linguistic Meaning Allan, K 9.78042E+12
23 The Study of Language Yule, George 9.78052E+12
24 The Handbook of Linguistics M. Aronoff, J. Rees-Miller 9.78141E+12
25 From Whitney to Chomsky Joseph, J 9.78903E+12
26 A History of English Language Bough, A.C, Cable, T. 9.78042E+12
27 Educational Technology R. P. Pathak, Jagadeesh Chaudhary 978-933-250107-2
28 Elearning: The Key Concepts Robin Mason, Frank Rennie 978-020-309948-3
29 Evaluation: A Systematic Approach Peter H. Rossi; Mark W. Lipsey; Howard E. Freeman 978-076-190894-4
30 The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research Norman K. Denzin, Yvonna S. Lincoln 978-076-192757-0
31 Qualitative research for education? Bogdan, Robert; Biklen, Sari Knopp 978-020-551225-6
32 Intelligent Leadership John M. Burger?&?Charles F. Webber? 978-1-4020-6022-9
33 Curriculum : foundations, principles, and issues Francis P. Hunkins Allan C. Ornstein 978-129-216208-9
34 Ethical Leadership and Decision Making in Education Joan Poliner Shapiro; Jacqueline A 978-141-061353-0
35 Better_Policy-Making Helen Bullock Juliet Mountford
36 Study to Teach: A Guide to Studying in Teacher Education Steve Herne 978-020-315923-1
37 International Handbook on the Continuing Professional Development of Teachers Christopher Day, Judyth Sachs 978-033-522025-0
38 Innovations in Teacher Education Clive Beck, Clare Kosnik 978-142-377292-7
39 A guide to teaching practice Louis Cohen, Lawrence Manion 978-041-530675-1
40 The Teaching Profession R. G. Kane and Professor M. Mallon
41 Newly Qualified Teachers University of Birmingham
42 Inside Science Education Reform J. Myron Atkin, Paul Black 978-0807743188
43 Philosophical inquiry in instructional technology: David L. Solomon
44 Designing and Instructional Design". Educational technology research and development Gordon Rowland
45 Toward a philosophy of instructional technology: Donald Ely
46 The iterative use of single case research designs to advance the science of EI/ECSE Brian Reichow, Brian A. Boyd, Erin E. Barton, Samuel L. Odom 978-3-319-28492-7
47 Modern Philosophies of Education, NELSON B. HENRY
48 Educational Psychology John Santrock 978-007-337878-7
49 Educational Psychology: Developing Learners Eric M Anderman, Lynley H Anderman 978-0134-02243-7
50 The Curriculum: Theory and Practice Professor A Vic Kelly 978-141-293259-2