E-Books Repository LIST

Sr # E-Books Repository LIST Author ISSBN
1 Minimalist Syntax Andrew Radford
2 Genre-Text-Interpretation Kaarina Koski, Forg
3 Genre in a Changing World Mike Palmquist
4 Genre Anis S. Bawarshi, Mary Jo Reiff
5 English as a Global Language David Crystal 9.78052E+12
6 ongman Dictionary of English Logman 9.78013E+12
7 British and American English John Algeo
8 An Introduction to Pidgins and Creoles John Holm 9.78052E+12
9 Global Englishes Jennifer Jenkins 9.78042E+12
10 World Englishes Gunnel Melchers, Philip Shaw 9.78144E+12
11 The Routledge Handbook of Sociolinguistics Around the World Bell, Martin, J
12 Sociolinguistics Peter Trudgill 9.78014E+12
13 Foundations of Pragmatics Wolfram Bublitz, Neal R. Norrick 9.78311E+12
14 Pragmatics Mey, J.
15 Pragmatics Levinson, S 9.78052E+12
16 Principles of Pragmatics Leech, G 9.78058E+12
17 The Study of Language George Yule
18 Pragmatics George Yule 9.78019E+12
19 Pragmatic Stylistics Black, Elizabeth
20 Developing Materials for Language Teaching Tomlinson, B 9.78052E+12
21 Designing Tasks for the communicative Classroom Nunan, D 9.78052E+12
22 Syllabus Design Nunan, D 9.78019E+12
23 Language Testing.pdf Mc Namara, T 9.78141E+12
24 Techniques in Testing Madsen, S. H 9.78019E+12
25 Testing for Language Teachers Hughes, A 9.78052E+12
26 Writing English Language Tests Heaton, B. J.
27 Innovation in English Language Teaching Hall, D., Hewings, A
28 Teachers as Course Developers Graves, K
29 Choosing Your Course book Cunnings worth, A
30 Teaching by Principles.pdf Brown, H. D
31 Assessing Reading Alderson, J. C, North, B
32 Psycholinguistics Thomas Scovel
33 Psycholinguistics Steinberg, D. D
34 Error Analysis Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition.pdf Richards, J.C
35 Principles and practice in second language acquisition Krashen, S. D
36 The Articulate Mammal Aitchison, J
37 Critical Discourse Analysis Weiss, G, Wodak, R
38 Methods of Critical Analysis Wodak, R, Meyer, M
39 The language of evaluation Martin, J. R, White, P. R
40 Working with discourse Martin, J. R, Rose, D
41 Critical discourse analysis Locke T
42 Critical Discourse Analysis: the Critical Study of Language.pdf Fairclough, F. N
43 Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers McCarthy, M
44 Discourse Analysis Johnstone B
45 An Introduction to Discourse Analysis Gee JP
46 An Introduction to Discourse Analysis Coulthard, M
47 Discourse Cook G
48 Discourse Analysis Gillian Brown, George Yule
49 A Course in Language Teaching.pdf Penny Ur
50 Approaches and methods in language teaching Richards, Rodgers