E-Books Repository LIST

Sr # E-Books Repository LIST Author ISSBN
1 Classical Mechanics T. L. Chow 9.78147E+12
2 Electrodynamics F. Melia 9.78023E+12
3 Elements of Electromagnetics M. N. O. Sadiku 9.78019E+12
4 Elements of Electromagnetics M. N. O. Sadiku
5 Introduction to Electrodynamics D. J. Griffiths
6 Advanced Engineering Mathematics E. Kreyszig 9.78047E+12
7 Mathematical Methods for Physicists K. F. Riley, M. P. Hobson, S. J. Bence
8 Mathematical Methods for Physicists G. Arfken, H. J. Weber, F. E. Harris 9.78012E+12
9 Principles of Physical Optics 9.78047E+12
10 Optics 9.78008E+12
11 Optics M. V. Klein, T. E. Furtak 978-3-642-73409-0
12 Optics Hecht and A. Ganesan
13 Introduction to Optics 1. F. Pedrotti, L. S. Pedrotti, L. M. Pedrotti 9.78013E+12
14 Quantum Physics of Atoms, molecules, Solids, Nuclei and Particles R. M. Eisberg, R. Resnick 9.78047E+12
15 Concepts of Modern Physics Beiser 9.78007E+12
16 Modern Physics Paul A. Tipler, Ralph A. Llewellyn,
17 Modern Physics R.A. Serway, C.J. Moses, C.A. Moyer 9.78053E+12
18 Vibrations and Waves George King 9.78047E+12
19 Vibrations and Waves P. French,
20 The Physics of Vibrations and Waves J. Pain 9.78047E+12
21 Thermal Physics M. Sprackling 978-0-333-53658
22 Heat and Thermodynamic M. W. Zemansky
23 Physics for Scientists and Engineers, with Modern Physics D. C. Giancoli 9.7813E+12
24 University Physics with Modern Physics R. A. Freedman, H. D. Young, A. L. Ford 9.78032E+12
25 Physics for Scientists and Engineers R. A. Serway, J. W. Jewett 9.78113E+12
26 Physics for Scientists and Engineers R. A. Serway, J. W. Jewett 9.78144E+12
27 Fundamentals of Physics D. Halliday, R. Resnick, J. Walker 9.78047E+12
28 Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Skoog, D. A, West, D. M
29 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Kathleen A. H., James E. H
30 Lippincott Biochemistry Harvey, R. A., Ferrier
31 Harper?s Biochemistry Murray, R.M, Harper, H.A
32 Biochemistry Voet, D, Voet, J.D
33 Lehninger?s Principles of Biochemistry Nelson,D.L. 9.78143E+12
34 Chemical Principles The Quest for Insight Atkins, P., Jones, L.
35 Chemical Kinetics Laidler. K. J
36 Introduction to Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Somorjai, G. A, Li, Y
37 Modern Nuclear Chemistry Loveland, W., Morrisey, D. J
38 Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry Choppin, G., Liljenzin, J-. O
39 Handbook of Nuclear Chemistry Vertes, A., Nagy, S, Klencsar, Z
40 Physical Chemistry by Silbey Silbey, R. J., Alberty, R. A
41 Medicinal Chemistry Thomas, G.
42 Pharmaceutical Analysis Watson, D. G
43 Food Analysis Nielsen, S. S
44 Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis.pdf K?rti, L, Czak?. B
45 March?s Advanced Organic Chemistry.pdf Smith, M. B
46 Microscale Organic Laboratory with Multistep and Multiscale Syntheses Mayo, D. W, Pike, R. M, Forbes, D. C
47 A Guide Book to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry Sykes, P
48 Organic Chemistry Robert, T. M, Robert, N. B.
49 Vogel?sTextbook of Practical Organic Chemistry Furniss, B. S., Hannaford, A. J., Smith, P. W. G., Tatchell, A. R.,
50 Reaction Mechanisms of Inorganic and OrganomettalicSystems Jordan, R. B.