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  • Microeconomic analysis

    Microeconomic analysis

    Statement of Responsibility: Hal R. Varian.

    Classification #: 338.5 V426M 2017

    Edition: 3rd ed. Publisher: Viva Books, Year Published: c2017.

  • Tum muhabbat ka istarah ho - تم محبت کا استعارہ ہو

    Tum muhabbat ka istarah ho - تم محبت کا استعارہ ہو

    Statement of Responsibility: Lubna Safdar - لبنیٰ صفدر

    Classification #: 891.89 L929T 2017

    Publisher: Feroz Sons, Year Published: c2017.

  • Bible ki fehrest musalima ilm ul tashreeh

    Bible ki fehrest musalima ilm ul tashreeh

    Statement of Responsibility: Mutarjam; Saleem Anjum,Father Aftab James Pall.

    Classification #: 220.88 B582B 2017

    Edition: Ishaat-pantees Publisher: Catholic bible commission Pakistan,;Maktaba-e-Anaveem Pakistan, Year Published: 2017

  • The sociology of globalization /

    The sociology of globalization /

    Statement of Responsibility: Luke Martell.

    Classification #: 303.46 M361S 2017

    Edition: 2nd ed. Publisher: Polity Press, Year Published: c2017.

  • Political sociology

    Political sociology

    Statement of Responsibility: edited by Satyabrata Chakraborty.

    Classification #: 306.2 P769P 2017

    Publisher: Trinity Press, Year Published: c2017.

  • Textbook of Nutrition :

    Textbook of Nutrition : For BSc Nursing students /

    Statement of Responsibility: Monika Sharma.

    Classification #: 613.02 S531T 2017

    Publisher: CBS Publishers, Year Published: c2017.

  • Barasi's human nutrition :

    Barasi's human nutrition : a health perspective

    Statement of Responsibility: Mike Lean, Emilie Combet, The University of Glasgow, UK.

    Classification #: 613.2 L437B 2017

    Edition: 3rd ed. Publisher: CRC Press, Year Published: c2017.

  • Krause's food & the nutrition care process

    Krause's food & the nutrition care process

    Statement of Responsibility: [edited by] L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond,

    Classification #: 615.854 M214K 2017

    Edition: 14th ed. Publisher: Elsevier, Year Published: c2017.

  • Nutrition


    Statement of Responsibility: Paul Insel..[et al.].

    Classification #: 612.3 I591N 2017

    Edition: 6th ed. Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Learning, Year Published: c2017.

  • Process heat transfer

    Process heat transfer

    Statement of Responsibility: Donald Quentin, Kern

    Classification #: 536.1 K396P 2017

    Publisher: McGraw-Hill Year Published: c2017.