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  • Java how to program :

    Java how to program : how to program /

    Statement of Responsibility: Paul Deitel, Deitel Associates, Inc.Harvey Deitel,

    Classification #: 005.133 D368J 1998

    Edition: 10th ed. Publisher: Sun Microsystem . Year Published: c2015.

  • Effective business communication  report writing

    Effective business communication report writing

    Statement of Responsibility: Mian Muhammad Akram

    Classification #: 174.4 A315E 2015

    Publisher: Ilmi kitab kahna, Year Published: 2015

  • Genetics /

    Genetics /

    Statement of Responsibility: Monroe W Strickberger

    Classification #: 575.105 S916G 2015 c.3

    Edition: 3rd ed. Publisher: Rahul Printing, Year Published: 2015.

  • American poets and poetry :

    American poets and poetry : adrienne rich & richard wilbur

    Statement of Responsibility: Munwar Ali Malik

    Classification #: 811.009 M971A 2015

    Publisher: New Kitab Mahal, Year Published: c2015.

  • Dehshat gardi aur fitna-e-khawarij :

    Dehshat gardi aur fitna-e-khawarij : Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri ka mbsot tarikhi fatwa - دہشت گردی اور فتنہء خوارج : شیخ الاسلام ڈاکٹر محمد طاہرالقادری کا مبسوط تاریخی فتویٰ

    Statement of Responsibility: Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri - شیخ الاسلام ڈاکٹر محمد طاہرالقادری

    Classification #: 297.272 T128D 2015 c.3

    Edition: Ishaat 9th Publisher: Minhaj-ul-Quran Publications, Year Published: c2015.

  • Arms and the man /

    Arms and the man /

    Statement of Responsibility: George Bernard Shaw.

    Classification #: 822.912 G347A 2015

    Publisher: Kitab mahal publishers, Year Published: c2015.

  • Operations management

    Operations management

    Statement of Responsibility: Jay Heizer, Barry Render.

    Classification #: 658.5 H473O 2015 c.1

    Edition: 9th ed. Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall, Year Published: c2015.

  • Chemical process control :

    Chemical process control : an introduction to theory and practice /

    Statement of Responsibility: George Stephanopoulos.

    Classification #: 660.281 S827C 2015

    Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Year Published: c2015.

  • Genetics


    Statement of Responsibility: Hugh Fletcher, Ivon Hickey.

    Classification #: 576.5 F612G 2015

    Edition: 4th ed. Publisher: Garland Science, Year Published: 2015

  • The constitution of the Islamic republic of Pakistan, 1973 :

    The constitution of the Islamic republic of Pakistan, 1973 : constitution (eighteenth & nineteenth twentieth first amendments) acts,2015

    Statement of Responsibility: M.A. Zafar, Muhammad Kazam Khan.

    Classification #: 342.54 Z131C 2015

    Publisher: Key Law Reports (KLR) Publications, Year Published: 2015