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  • CADCAM :

    CADCAM : From principles to practice

    Statement of Responsibility: Chris Mcmahon, Jimmie Browne.

    Classification #: 004.25 M167C 1996

    Edition: 2nd ed. Publisher: Addison Wesley Publications, Year Published: c1996.

  • Learn Java now

    Learn Java now

    Statement of Responsibility: Stephen, R. Davis

    Classification #: 005.133 D264L 1996

    Publisher: Microsoft Press, Year Published: c1996.

  • The java  application programming interface, volume 1 core packages :

    The java application programming interface, volume 1 core packages : volume 1

    Statement of Responsibility: James Gosling, Frank Yellin

    Classification #: 005.133 G676J 1996

    Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Year Published: c1996.

  • Exploring Java

    Exploring Java

    Statement of Responsibility: Patrick Niemeyer and Joshua Peck.

    Classification #: 005.133 N672E 1996

    Edition: 1st ed. Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates, Year Published: c1996.

  • Java in a nutshell :

    Java in a nutshell : a desktop quick reference for Java programmers /

    Statement of Responsibility: David Flanagan

    Classification #: 005.133 F583J 1996

    Edition: 1st ed. Publisher: Reilly & Associates, Year Published: 1996.

  • Visual J ++ Programming:

    Visual J ++ Programming: FrontRunner

    Statement of Responsibility: Peter Aitken, David H. Friedel, Jr., Anthony Potts.

    Classification #: 005.133 A311V 1996

    Publisher: Goriolis Group, Inc., Year Published: 1996

  • Visual Basic 4 API how-to :

    Visual Basic 4 API how-to : the definitive guide to using the Win32 API with Visual Basic 4 /

    Statement of Responsibility: Noel Jerke and Eric Brierley.

    Classification #: 005.265 J55V 1996

    Publisher: Waite Group Press, Year Published: c1996.

  • Visual modeling technique :

    Visual modeling technique : object technology using visual programmimg /

    Statement of Responsibility: Daniel Tkach, Walter Fang, Andrew So ; [foreword by Steve Mills].

    Classification #: 005.12 T626V 1996

    Publisher: Addison-Wesley, Year Published: c1996.

  • Foundations of lotus notes

    Foundations of lotus notes

    Statement of Responsibility: Kerwein Erica

    Classification #: 055.333 E681F 1996

    Edition: 3rd ed, Publisher: IBM, Year Published: 1996.

  • Teach yourself--Lotus Notes 4 /

    Teach yourself--Lotus Notes 4 /

    Statement of Responsibility: Bill Kreisle.

    Classification #: 650.028546 K922T 1996

    Edition: 1st ed. Publisher: MIS Press, Year Published: c1996.