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  • Turbo pascal 7 handbook

    Turbo pascal 7 handbook

    Statement of Responsibility: Feibel Werner

    Classification #: 005.262 F297T 1993

    Edition: 7th ed,: Publisher: Osborne mc graw hill press Year Published: 1993.

  • Assembly language for the IBM-PC

    Assembly language for the IBM-PC

    Statement of Responsibility: Kip R. Irvine.

    Classification #: 005.265 I722A 1997

    Edition: 2nd ed. Publisher: Maxwell Macmillan, Year Published: c1993.

  • Using PC tools for Windows

    Using PC tools for Windows

    Statement of Responsibility: Caroline M. Halliday, David Haskin, James Mcdaniel Judy Petersen, Timothy S. Stanley

    Classification #: 005.369 H155U 1993

    Publisher: Que Corporation, Year Published: c1993.

  • Writing device drivers for SCO UNIX :

    Writing device drivers for SCO UNIX : a practical approach

    Statement of Responsibility: Peter Kettle, Stephen Statler.

    Classification #: 005.43 K436W 1993

    Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co, Year Published: c1993.

  • Windows internals :

    Windows internals : The implementation of the Windows operating environment

    Statement of Responsibility: Matt Pietrek.

    Classification #: 005.43 M435W 1993

    Publisher: Addison-Wesley, Year Published: c1993.

  • Distributed systems management

    Distributed systems management

    Statement of Responsibility: Alwyn Langsford, Jonathan D. Moffett.

    Classification #: 004.35068 L285D 1993

    Edition: 1st ed. Publisher: Addison-Wesley, Year Published: c1993.

  • India's economic future :

    India's economic future : government, people, and attitudes

    Statement of Responsibility: V V Bhanoji Rao

    Classification #: 330.954 B575I 1993

    Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Pub. Co., Year Published: 1993.

  • Global corporate finance :

    Global corporate finance : text and cases /

    Statement of Responsibility: Suk H. Kim, Seung H. Kim.

    Classification #: 658.1599 K491G 1993

    Edition: 2nd ed. Publisher: Kolb Pub. Co, Year Published: c1993.

  • Financial markets and institutions :

    Financial markets and institutions : a managerial approach

    Statement of Responsibility: Kenneth J. Thygerson.

    Classification #: 332.10973 T549F 1993

    Publisher: HarperCollins College Publishers, Year Published: c1993.

  • Financial risk management :

    Financial risk management : fixed income and foreign exchange

    Statement of Responsibility: Tim S. Campbell, William A. Kracaw

    Classification #: 332.45 C152F 1993

    Publisher: Harper collins college publishers, Year Published: c1993.