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  • Principles of economics /

    Principles of economics /

    Statement of Responsibility: J. Vernon Henderson, William Poole.

    Classification #: 330 H496P 1991

    Publisher: D.C. Heath, Year Published: c1991.

  • Islamic economics :

    Islamic economics : Theory and practics

    Statement of Responsibility: M. A. Mannan, Muhammad Ashraf.

    Classification #: 330.1 M282I 1991

    Publisher: Book Sellers & Exporters, Year Published: 1991

  • Collins dictionary of business /

    Collins dictionary of business /

    Statement of Responsibility: Christopher Pass,Bryan Lowers,Andrew Pendleton,Leslie Chadwick

    Classification #: 650.03 C466B 1991 c. 1

    Publisher: Harper Collins publisher, Year Published: 1991.

  • Accounting for business

    Accounting for business

    Statement of Responsibility: Peter Atrill, David Harvey, and Edward McLaney.

    Classification #: 657.7 A882A 1996

    Publisher: Butterworth Heinemann, Year Published: 1991

  • An introduction to operations management

    An introduction to operations management

    Statement of Responsibility: C.D.J. Waters.

    Classification #: 658.5 W315A 1991

    Publisher: Addison-Wesley, Year Published: c1991.

  • Computer-aided marketing and selling :

    Computer-aided marketing and selling : information asset management

    Statement of Responsibility: Robert Shaw.

    Classification #: 658.80028 S261C 1991

    Publisher: Butterworth Heinemann LTD, Year Published: c1991.

  • Manufacturing processes for engineering materials

    Manufacturing processes for engineering materials

    Statement of Responsibility: Serope Kalpakjian.

    Classification #: 670 K127M 1991

    Edition: 2nd ed. Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company, Year Published: c1991.

  • School finance :

    School finance : its economics and politics

    Statement of Responsibility: Austin D. Swanson, Richard A. King

    Classification #: 379.1220973 S972S 1997

    Publisher: Longman publishers, Year Published: c1991

  • Historical dictionary of Pakistan

    Historical dictionary of Pakistan

    Statement of Responsibility: Shahid Javed Bukri.

    Classification #: 954.91 S525H 1991

    Publisher: Mirza Book Agency, Year Published: c1991.

  • The Punjab Muslim Students Federation, 1937-1947 :

    The Punjab Muslim Students Federation, 1937-1947 : a study of the formation, growth, and participation in the Pakistan movement

    Statement of Responsibility: Sarfaraz Hussain Mirza.

    Classification #: 378.1981 S244P 1991

    Publisher: National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research, Year Published: 1991.