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  • An introduction to operating systems

    An introduction to operating systems

    Statement of Responsibility: Harvey M. Deltel

    Classification #: 005.43 H341I 1998 c.2

    Edition: 2nd ed, Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co, Year Published: c1990.

  • Computer graphics

    Computer graphics

    Statement of Responsibility: Francis S. Hill, ed by John Griffin.

    Classification #: 006.6 H645C 1990 c.1

    Publisher: Prentice Hall, Year Published: c1990.

  • The money market

    The money market

    Statement of Responsibility: Marcia Stigum.

    Classification #: 332.0412 S855T 1990

    Edition: 3rd ed. Publisher: Dow Jones-Irwin, Year Published: c1990.

  • Macroeconomics


    Statement of Responsibility: Martin Bronfenbrenner et al.

    Classification #: 338.5 B788M 1990

    Publisher: Houghton mifflin company, Year Published: c1990.

  • Basics in listening :

    Basics in listening : short tasks for listening development

    Statement of Responsibility: Hiroshi Asano, Munetsugu Uruno, Michael Rost.

    Classification #: 438.34 A798B 1990

    Publisher: Lingual House, Year Published: c1990.

  • Finance And Accounting :

    Finance And Accounting : for nonfinancial managers /

    Statement of Responsibility: William G. Droms.

    Classification #: 657.024658 D836F 1990

    Edition: 3rd ed. Publisher: Addison wesley publishing company, Year Published: c1990.

  • Human resource management for the hospitality industry

    Human resource management for the hospitality industry

    Statement of Responsibility: Karen Eich Drummond.

    Classification #: 647.9406 D795H 1990

    Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold, Year Published: c1990.

  • Participatory business planning /

    Participatory business planning /

    Statement of Responsibility: David Stevens

    Classification #: 658.4012 S844P 1990

    Edition: 1st ed. Publisher: Wright book pvt LTD, Year Published: c1990.

  • Operations management :

    Operations management : strategy and analysis

    Statement of Responsibility: Lee J.Krajewski, Larry P. Ritzman.

    Classification #: 658.5 K857O 1990

    Edition: 2nd ed. Publisher: Addison Wesley, Year Published: c1990.

  • Modern marketing

    Modern marketing

    Statement of Responsibility: Frank William Jefkins

    Classification #: 658.8 J475M 1990

    Edition: 2nd ed. Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Year Published: c1990.