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  • Tofha Ganj Bakhsh

    Tofha Ganj Bakhsh

    Statement of Responsibility: Bashir Ahmad Khan.

    Classification #: 297.272 T571T 1981

    Publisher: Ghulam Ali, Year Published: c1981.

  • Polarization round The character of

    Polarization round The character of

    Statement of Responsibility: Mutada Mutahai

    Classification #: 297.64 M98P 1981

    Publisher: World Organization for Islamic Services, Year Published: 1981

  • A history of English literature :

    A history of English literature : The Middle Ages and the Renascence (650-1660) /

    Statement of Responsibility:

    Classification #: 820.9 L525H 1981

    Edition: Rev. ed. Publisher: J.M. Dent, Year Published: 1981.

  • The submarine caper

    The submarine caper

    Statement of Responsibility: Franklin W. Dixon ; illustrated by Leslie Morrill.

    Classification #: 813.52 D621S 1981

    Publisher: Wanderer Books, Year Published: c1981.

  • Men against tanks :

    Men against tanks : a history of anti-tank warfare

    Statement of Responsibility: John Weeks.

    Classification #: 358.18 W395M 1981

    Publisher: David & Charles, Year Published: c1981.

  • The world of Islam today

    The world of Islam today

    Statement of Responsibility: Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq.

    Classification #: 909.09 Z619W 1981

    Publisher: National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research , Year Published: c1981.

  • Islamiat lazmi - اسلامیات لازمی

    Islamiat lazmi - اسلامیات لازمی

    Statement of Responsibility: Wefaqi Wazarate Taleem - وفاقی وزارات تعلیم

    Classification #: 297.09 I824 1981

    Publisher: Izhar Sons, Year Published: 1981.

  • Mahasin Kanz-ul-Iman - محاسن کنز الایمان

    Mahasin Kanz-ul-Iman - محاسن کنز الایمان

    Statement of Responsibility: Malik Sher Muhammad Khan - ملک شیر محمد خان اعوان

    Classification #: 297.01 M251M 1981

    Publisher: Kanz-ul-Iman Society, Year Published: 1981

  • Ernest Hemingway's The sun also rises

    Ernest Hemingway's The sun also rises

    Statement of Responsibility: Ernest Hemingway

    Classification #: 813.52 H373S 1981

    Publisher: Surjeet Publication, Year Published: 1981

  • The Punjab code

    The Punjab code

    Statement of Responsibility: Government of the Punjab

    Classification #: 345.49140 P984P 1981 V.1,C.1

    Edition: 1st ed. Publisher: Government of the Punjab, Year Published: 1981-1982.