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  • Business research methods

    Business research methods

    Statement of Responsibility: C. William Emory.

    Classification #: 658.40072 Em69B 1980

    Edition: Rev. ed. Publisher: R. D. Irwin, Year Published: c1980.

  • The effect of Islamic legislation on crime prevention in Saudi Arabia :

    The effect of Islamic legislation on crime prevention in Saudi Arabia : proceedings of the symposium held in Riyadh, 16-21 Shawal, 1396 A.H. (9-13 October, 1976)

    Statement of Responsibility: Ministry of interior, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Classification #: 364.95 M664T 1980

    Publisher: Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Crime Prevention Research Centre, Year Published: c1980.

  • Mashaikh Conference /

    Mashaikh Conference /

    Statement of Responsibility: Irfan ahmad.

    Classification #: 297.273 I29M 1980

    Publisher: Idara Tahqeeq Islami Press, Year Published: 1980.

  • Pukhtun economy and society :

    Pukhtun economy and society : traditional structure and economic development in a tribal society

    Statement of Responsibility: Akbar S. Ahmed.

    Classification #: 301.29 A313P 1980

    Publisher: Routledge & Kegan Paul, Year Published: 1980

  • Pakistan, the enigma of political development

    Pakistan, the enigma of political development

    Statement of Responsibility: Lawrence Ziring.

    Classification #: 320.9549 Z68P 1980

    Publisher: Dawson Westview, Year Published: 1980

  • Critical practice /

    Critical practice /

    Statement of Responsibility: Catherine Belsey.

    Classification #: 801.95 B419C 1980

    Publisher: Methuen, Year Published: c1980.

  • Chemistry for the engineering and applied sciences /

    Chemistry for the engineering and applied sciences /

    Statement of Responsibility: W. Steedman, R. B. Snadden, I. H. Anderson.

    Classification #: 540 S813C 1980

    Edition: 2d ed. Publisher: Pergamon Press, Year Published: c1980.

  • Al-Tariqa al-Muhammadiyya - الطریقۃ المحمدیہ

    Al-Tariqa al-Muhammadiyya - الطریقۃ المحمدیہ

    Statement of Responsibility: Hussain Hilmy bin Saeed Astanwali - حسین ہلمی بن سعید استانبول

    Classification #: 297.1 H972A 1980

    Publisher: Isir Kitabvi, Year Published: 1980

  • The language of goldfish :

    The language of goldfish : a novel

    Statement of Responsibility: Zibby Oneal.

    Classification #: 813 O585L 1980

    Publisher: Loins Tracks, Year Published: c1980.

  • Better English pronunciation

    Better English pronunciation

    Statement of Responsibility: J.D. O'Connor.

    Classification #: 428.34 O183B 2010

    Edition: 2nd ed. Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Year Published: 1980