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  • Modern economics

    Modern economics Koutsoyiannis A.

    Statement of Responsibility: Koutsoyiannis A,

    Classification #: 338.5 A111M 1979

    Edition: 2nd ed. Publisher: Higher and further education division, Year Published: 1979

  • Income tax ordinance (xxxi to 1979)

    Income tax ordinance (xxxi to 1979)

    Statement of Responsibility: Faiz-Ur-Rehman.

    Classification #: 343.54 F175I 1979

    Publisher: Nadeem Law Book House, Year Published: c1979.

  • Mozan al waqat - موذن الاوقات

    Mozan al waqat - موذن الاوقات

    Statement of Responsibility: Muhammad Mushtaq - محمد مشتاق

    Classification #: 297 M973M 1979

    Publisher: Mein Mushtaq Ahmad & Sons, Year Published: 1979

  • Shamail-e-Tirmizi /

    Shamail-e-Tirmizi /

    Statement of Responsibility: with notes from Shaikh al-Hadith Maulana Zakariya Sahib-+s Khasail-e-Nabavi by Ahmed E. Bemat ; tran

    Classification #: 297.124 I733S 1994

    Publisher: Progressive Books, Year Published: 1979

  • Modern tragedy

    Modern tragedy

    Statement of Responsibility: Raymond Williams.

    Classification #: 809.916 W675M 1979

    Edition: Rev. ed. Publisher: Verso Editions, Year Published: c1979.

  • The German generalstalk :

    The German generalstalk : Startling revelations from Hitler's high command

    Statement of Responsibility: B.H Liddel Hart.

    Classification #: 937 B111G 1979

    Publisher: Quill, Year Published: c1979.

  • On the sociology of Islam :

    On the sociology of Islam : lectures

    Statement of Responsibility: Ali Shari-+ati, Translated by, Hamdi Algar.

    Classification #: 297.19 A411O 1979

    Publisher: Mizan Press, Year Published: c1979.

  • Management  :

    Management : foundation practices

    Statement of Responsibility: Dalton E. Mcfarland

    Classification #: 658.4 M164M 1979

    Edition: 5th edition. Publisher: Collier macmillan publishers, Year Published: c1979.

  • The law latin lexicon

    The law latin lexicon

    Statement of Responsibility: compiled ; edited by Abdul Ghafoor Chaudhary,

    Classification #: 340.0371 G411L 1979 c.1

    Publisher: Law Book Land, Year Published: 1979.

  • Digital logic and computer design

    Digital logic and computer design

    Statement of Responsibility: M. Morris Mano.

    Classification #: 621.3815 M285D 1995 c.2

    Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Year Published: c1979.