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  • Macmillan English

    Macmillan English

    Statement of Responsibility: Thoburn Tina, Arnold, Virginia, Schlatterbeck, Rita, Terry, Ann

    Classification #: 372.6 T351M 1984 c.1

    Publisher: Macmillan, Year Published: 1972

  • Zarb-e-Kalim - ضربِ کلیم

    Zarb-e-Kalim - ضربِ کلیم

    Statement of Responsibility: Iqbal - اقبال

    Classification #: 891.4391 I649Z 1972

    Publisher: Asad Publications, Year Published: 1972

  • Modern political systems: Europe.

    Modern political systems: Europe.

    Statement of Responsibility: Roy C. Macridis and Robert E. Ward, editors.

    Classification #: 320.3094 M174M 1972

    Edition: 3d ed. Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Year Published: c1972.

  • Foreign policy in world politics

    Foreign policy in world politics

    Statement of Responsibility: Roy C. Macridis, editor. Contributing authors: Vernon V. Aspaturian [and others].

    Classification #: 327 M174F 1972

    Edition: 4th ed. Publisher: Prentice-Hall Year Published: c1972.

  • Intermediate Accounting /

    Intermediate Accounting / Comprehensive Colume

    Statement of Responsibility: Harry Simons,

    Classification #: 657.044 S611I 1972 c.1

    Edition: 5th ed. Publisher: South western publishing, Year Published: 1972.

  • Soldiers and soldering :

    Soldiers and soldering : Or Epithets of war

    Statement of Responsibility: Field Marsha, Earl Wavell.

    Classification #: 355.04 F453S 1972

    Publisher: Johnathan Cape, Year Published: 1972

  • V was for victory :

    V was for victory : politics and American culture during world war II :

    Statement of Responsibility:

    Classification #: 973.917 J613V 1972

    Publisher: A Harvest Book, Year Published: c1972.

  • Pakistan failure in national integration

    Pakistan failure in national integration

    Statement of Responsibility: Rounaq Jahan.

    Classification #: 320.95 R760P 1972

    Publisher: Columbia University Press , Year Published: c1972.

  • Genetics


    Statement of Responsibility: Strickberger, Morne M.,

    Classification #: 575.1 S916G 1972 c.1

    Edition: 3rd ed. Publisher: Prime Students, Year Published: c1972.

  • Principles of electrodynamics

    Principles of electrodynamics

    Statement of Responsibility: Melvin Schwartz.

    Classification #: 537.6 S399P 1972

    Publisher: Dover Publications, Year Published: 1987, c1972.