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  • Cassell's German and English dictionary /

    Cassell's German and English dictionary /

    Statement of Responsibility: compiled by H.-C. Sasse, J. Horne, Charlotte Dixon.

    Classification #: 433.21 S792C 1986

    Publisher: Collier Books, Year Published: 1986, c1966.

  • Additional mathematics book

    Additional mathematics book

    Statement of Responsibility: Huat Cheah Tat

    Classification #: 510 T355A 1999

    Publisher: Cambridge U. P., Year Published: -1966

  • Political systems :

    Political systems : some sociological approaches /

    Statement of Responsibility: H.V. Wiseman.

    Classification #: 320 W814P 1966

    Publisher: Routledge & K. Paul, Year Published: 1966.

  • The nerves of government :

    The nerves of government : models of political communication and control

    Statement of Responsibility: Karl wolfgang deutsch.

    Classification #: 320.1 D489N 1966

    Publisher: Free Press of Glencoe, Year Published: c1966.

  • Pakistan economic survey 1965-66

    Pakistan economic survey 1965-66

    Statement of Responsibility: Ministry of Pakistan

    Classification #: 330 P152P 1966

    Publisher: The Economics Adviser to the Government of Pakistan , Year Published: 1966.

  • Kashmir :

    Kashmir : a call to the conscience of humanity

    Statement of Responsibility: Syed Abul Ala Maududi.

    Classification #: 915.46 A166K

    Publisher: Kashmir Study Center, Year Published: c1966.

  • Salmond on jurisprudence

    Salmond on jurisprudence

    Statement of Responsibility: P. J. Fitzgerald,

    Classification #: 340.1 F554S 1966 c.1

    Edition: 12th edition. Publisher: Sweet Maxwell, Year Published: 1966.

  • The Pakistan code :

    The Pakistan code : with chronological table and index

    Statement of Responsibility: Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Law Division.

    Classification #: 345.490823 P152P 1966 V.1

    Edition: 2nd edition. Publisher: Manager of Publications, Year Published: 1966-1987.

  • Elementary practical organic chemistry :

    Elementary practical organic chemistry : Qualitative organic analysis

    Statement of Responsibility: Arthur I. Vogel.

    Classification #: 547.0028 V878E 1996

    Edition: 2d ed. Publisher: Pearson, Year Published: c1966.

  • Network analysis and synthesis,

    Network analysis and synthesis,

    Statement of Responsibility: Franklin F. Kuo.

    Classification #: 621.3 K966N 2012

    Edition: 2d ed. Publisher: Wiley, Year Published: c1966.