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  • An introduction to mathematics

    An introduction to mathematics

    Statement of Responsibility: Donald W. Western and Vincent H. Haag.

    Classification #: 510 B7896A 1959

    Publisher: Holt Year Published: c1959

  • Organic chemistry

    Organic chemistry

    Statement of Responsibility: Donald J. Cram and George S. Hammond.

    Classification #: 547 C847O 1959

    Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Year Published: 1959

  • Chemical for Industry

    Chemical for Industry Rohm and Haas

    Statement of Responsibility: Rohm and Haas Company.

    Classification #: 338.476 C517C 1959

    Publisher: Rohm & Haas, Year Published: 1959.

  • The invertebrates :

    The invertebrates : Vol. 5, Smaller Coelomate groups: Chaetognatha, Hemichordata, Pogonophora, Phoronida, Ectoprocta, Brachipoda, Sipunculida, the Coelomate Bilateria.

    Statement of Responsibility: Libbie Henrietta Hyman.

    Classification #: 592 H996I 1959

    Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Year Published: 1959.

  • مسلمانوں کی سیاسی تاریخ

    مسلمانوں کی سیاسی تاریخ

    Statement of Responsibility:

    Classification #:

    Publisher: مجلس ترقی ادب کلب روڈ لاہور Year Published: 1959

  • Buddhist scriptures

    Buddhist scriptures

    Statement of Responsibility: Edward Conze

    Classification #: 294.30082 C768B 1959

    Publisher: Penguin Books, Year Published: 1959.

  • Kitab e muqaddas yani purana aur niya ahad namah - کتاب مقدس یعنی پرانا اور نیا عہدنامہ

    Kitab e muqaddas yani purana aur niya ahad namah - کتاب مقدس یعنی پرانا اور نیا عہدنامہ

    Statement of Responsibility: Pakistan Bible Society - پاکستان بائبل سوسائٹی

    Classification #: 220 K621K 1959

    Publisher: The Pakistan Bible Society, Year Published: 1959.