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  • Programming languages design and implementation

    Programming languages design and implementation

    Statement of Responsibility: V.Zelkowitz Terrence W. Pratt/Marvi

    Classification #: 005.13 T277P 1996

    Edition: 3rd ed, Publisher: Marvin V.Zelk, Year Published: c2014.

  • Principles of economics /

    Principles of economics /

    Statement of Responsibility: J. Vernon Henderson, William Poole.

    Classification #: 330 H496P 1991

    Publisher: D.C. Heath, Year Published: c1991.

  • Public finance /

    Public finance /

    Statement of Responsibility: Harvey S. Rosen.

    Classification #: 336.73 R813P 1995 c.1

    Edition: 4th ed. Publisher: Irwin McGraw hill, Year Published: c1995.

  • Price theory and applications

    Price theory and applications

    Statement of Responsibility: B. Peter Pashigian

    Classification #: 338.52 P281P 1995

    Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Year Published: c1995.

  • Performance of public sector enterprises 1991-98

    Performance of public sector enterprises 1991-98 Government of Pakistan Finance Division

    Statement of Responsibility: Government of Pakistan Finance Division

    Classification #: 338.62 P416P 1998

    Publisher: Mirza book agency, Year Published: 1998

  • Principles of macroeconomics

    Principles of macroeconomics

    Statement of Responsibility: John B Taylor

    Classification #: 339 T238P 1995

    Publisher: Houghton mifflin company, Year Published: c1995.

  • Popularl oxford practical dictionary :

    Popularl oxford practical dictionary : containing English words with English & Urdu meanings

    Statement of Responsibility:

    Classification #: 423 P819P

    Edition: New ed. Publisher: Orintal Book Society, Year Published: [n.d.]

  • Progress in listening

    Progress in listening

    Statement of Responsibility: Michael Rost, Nobuhiro Kumai.

    Classification #: 428 R839P 1993

    Publisher: Longman Singapore publishers pte ltd, Year Published: c1993.

  • Programmed college vocabulary

    Programmed college vocabulary

    Statement of Responsibility: George W. Feinstein.

    Classification #: 428.1077 F299P 1986 c.1

    Edition: 3rd ed. Publisher: Prentice Hall, Year Published: c1992.

  • Popular Oxford practical dictionary :

    Popular Oxford practical dictionary : containing Urdu words with English meanings in Persian character

    Statement of Responsibility: Oriental Books

    Classification #: 491.439321 P965P 1977

    Publisher: Oriental Book Society, Year Published: c1977.