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  • Microprocessor system design techniques

    Microprocessor system design techniques

    Statement of Responsibility: Barnett Richar.

    Classification #: 004.16 B261M 2000

    Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (SEA) PTE ltd. Year Published: c2000.

  • Microsoft word for windows

    Microsoft word for windows

    Statement of Responsibility: Vampbll Mary

    Classification #: 005.322 C189M 1994

    Edition: 3rd ed, Publisher: Sun Microsystem. Year Published: c1994.

  • Mastering Word 2000

    Mastering Word 2000

    Statement of Responsibility: Ron Mansfieldron, J.W. Oslen

    Classification #: 005.312 M317M 1999

    Edition: 2nd ed, Publisher: Comdex publishing . Year Published: c1999.

  • Microsoft Windows 98 :

    Microsoft Windows 98 : for distribution with a new pc only

    Statement of Responsibility: Donald Busche, Marly Bergerud.

    Classification #: 005.446 B977M 1998

    Publisher: South-Western Educational Pub., Year Published: c1998.

  • Modern database systems :

    Modern database systems : the object model, interoperability, and beyond /

    Statement of Responsibility: edited by Won Kim

    Classification #: 005.75 M689M 1995

    Publisher: Addison-Wesley, Year Published: c1995.

  • Multimedia computing :

    Multimedia computing : case studies from MIT project athena

    Statement of Responsibility: Matthew E. Hodges, Russell M. Sasett

    Classification #: 006.6 H662M 1992

    Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company, Year Published: c1992.

  • Money and banking in Pakistan

    Money and banking in Pakistan

    Statement of Responsibility: Javed A. Ansari

    Classification #: 332.1095 M494M 1984 c. 3

    Edition: 3rd ed. Publisher: Oxford University Press, Year Published: 1984.

  • Managed futures

    Managed futures

    Statement of Responsibility: Carl C. Peters,

    Classification #: 332.64509 P442M 1992

    Publisher: Heinemann Asia, Year Published: c1992.

  • Managing price risk in pakistan wheat market

    Managing price risk in pakistan wheat market

    Statement of Responsibility: Rashid Faruqee, Jonathan R. Coleman.

    Classification #: 338.1 R224M 1996

    Publisher: The international bank for resonstruction & development, Year Published: c1996.

  • Managing restructuring in the textile and garment subsector :

    Managing restructuring in the textile and garment subsector : examples from Asia

    Statement of Responsibility: Dhevan Meyanathan.

    Classification #: 338.476770099 M266M 1994

    Publisher: Economic development institute of the world bank, Year Published: c1994.