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  • Banking currency and finance

    Banking currency and finance

    Statement of Responsibility: Rana Safdar Hussain khan, Rana Shabbir Ahmed Khan

    Classification #: 332.09409042 S128T 1999

    Publisher: Ilmi kitab khana, Year Published: 1999.

  • Blueprint for investment :

    Blueprint for investment : an approach for serious long-term investors

    Statement of Responsibility: Richard FitzHerbert.

    Classification #: 332.63 F555B 1993

    Publisher: Wrightbooks, Year Published: c1993.

  • Basics in listening :

    Basics in listening : short tasks for listening development

    Statement of Responsibility: Hiroshi Asano, Munetsugu Uruno, Michael Rost.

    Classification #: 438.34 A798B 1990

    Publisher: Lingual House, Year Published: c1990.

  • Business finance

    Business finance

    Statement of Responsibility: Graham Peirson,...[edt..all]

    Classification #: 658.15 P379B 1995

    Edition: 6th ed. Publisher: McGraw-Hill (Australia), Year Published: c1995.

  • Bulletproof documentation :

    Bulletproof documentation : creating quality through testing

    Statement of Responsibility: Dorothy Cady.

    Classification #: 808.0666 C126B

    Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Year Published: [n.d.]

  • Business communications /

    Business communications /

    Statement of Responsibility: Asrar H. Siddiqi.

    Classification #: 658 As69B 1987

    Edition: 2nd Revised ed. Publisher: Royal Book Company, Year Published: 1987.

  • Banking currency and finance

    Banking currency and finance Hassan Mobeen Alam.

    Statement of Responsibility:

    Classification #: 332.0940 M687B 1999

    Publisher: West Pak Publishing, Year Published: c1998-1999.

  • Banking Currency & Finance

    Banking Currency & Finance

    Statement of Responsibility: M. Saeed Nasir

    Classification #: 332.0973 S127B

    Publisher: Ilmi kitab khana, Year Published: [n.d.]

  • Business ethics :

    Business ethics : readings and cases in corporate morality /

    Statement of Responsibility: W. Michael Hoffman, Robert E. Drederick.

    Classification #: 174.4 H699B 1995

    Edition: 3rd ed. Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Year Published: c1995.

  • Business mathematics and statistics

    Business mathematics and statistics

    Statement of Responsibility: Nasir Ali Sayed, Guhlam Hussain Gill

    Classification #: 650.0151 N254B

    Publisher: Newfine printing press, Year Published: [n.d.]