In the view of many thinkers today, the world has moved on from modernity to postmodernity. This means that the values of modernity, such as reliance on reason, desire for progress and commitment to industrial development have given way to a more critical attitude to the limitations of reason, progress and industry. One example of this shift of attitude is the heightened awareness of the need to protect the environment from being exploited to satisfy the excessive needs and unnecessary demands of humanity. In this conference, we will explore the role and contribution of world religions to this new, postmodern reality.

In the world of the past, the truth was the same for all. In a postmodern world, however, truth is seen as susceptible to multiple interpretations depending on individual perspectives. People in the postmodern world have greater freedom to interpret and implement the message they find in the metanarratives of world religions. In other words, the postmodern grasp of religious truth differs from the traditional one. The challenge for the religions in a postmodern world is how to respond to this new-found freedom. Can the religions allow for a greater diversity of opinion without losing their traditional authority over religious truth?

In this conference, we will explore the response of world religions to postmodern concerns and values. World religions may have a variety of responses to a particular issue in the postmodern world. In fact, the religions may even inspire and encourage the individual pursuit of truth and its personal implementation. In this case, religions in the postmodern world may discover a new role and a unique contribution. But the fear of losing their precious heritage or their traditional custodianship of religious truth may cause the religions to reject or, at least, to criticize postmodern values and attitudes. It is up to the religions to decide which direction they will take.


1.    The postmodern world is not the same environment in which the world religions were originally founded.
2.    World religions may have actually inspired or facilitated the rise of postmodern consciousness.
3.    World religions should participate in the postmodern criticism of modern attitudes such as dependence on reason, progress, and industrial development that are destroying the planet.
4.    Are the world religions willing to accept and integrate postmodern attitudes to pluralism, freedom and feminism?
5.    In what ways should the traditional message of the religions be adapted to a postmodern world?
6.    How does contemporary postmodern society challenge the beliefs and practices of the world religions?
7.    Are religious values absolute or are they relative to their social, political, cultural or historical context?
8.    Is postmodernity a threat or an advantage for world religions?
9. Globalization is a feature of the postmodern world. What is the role of religion in a globalized world?

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