Minhaj University Lahore, Pakistan, is organizing its fourth international conference on the theme:
Spirituality and World Religions on 30 th and 31 st October 2021.

This conference will take place while Covid19 is still disrupting the lives of many people throughout the
world. As a result of the pandemic, the daily practice of religion has also been affected and religious
routines can no longer be taken for granted. These circumstances challenge us to re-examine our
religious traditions so as to connect with their inner strength and power.

This conference on Spirituality and World Religions will reflect on alternative ways of thinking and
behaving that the world religions can suggest in these troubled times. Spirituality refers to the strength
and motivation that the religions can give us in order to become more integrated, balanced and happy
human beings. Spirituality is the heart of religion. In fact, without spirituality, religion is just a routine.

But it is also evident that we can practice the outward forms of religion without paying much attention
to the invitation of all the world religions to deepen our self-awareness and to become more sensitive to
the needs of those around us. In other words, we can practice religion without drawing on its source of

In this conference, we are calling for papers that will remind us of the light, wisdom and strength
contained in each of the world religions. We hope that this conference will enable participants to re-
connect with the capacity of the religions to transform every aspect of their lives including their
engagement in social, political and economic activities.

Main theme:
The Inner Dimensions of Religion: The search for new meaning in ancient traditions

1. Mysticism in the changed environment of Covid19
2. External & internal (exoteric & esoteric) dimensions of world religions
3. Learning from the spirituality of religions other than our own
4. The contribution of spirituality to interreligious dialogue
5. A spirituality for social action and political involvement
6. Signs of spirituality in Pakistani society
7. Influential spiritual leaders of our time
8. A spirituality for justice and liberation
9. Spirituality in a technocratic society
Important Dates
a) Last date for submission of abstracts August 02, 2021
b) Acceptance of abstracts August 16, 2021
c) Last date for submission of full papers October 01, 2021
d) Acceptance of full papers October 08, 2021
e) Last date for registration of presenters October 15, 2021
f) Conference dates October 30 & 31, 2021

Registration Fees
a) Presenters from abroad USD 200/-
b) Presenters from Pakistan Rs 5000/-

The accepted papers will be published in South Asian Journal of Religion and Philosophy
Website for Online Registration and Submission of Papers:

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