4th World Islamic Economics & Finance Conference (Virtual)

4th World Islamic Economics & Finance Conference (Virtual)

THEME: “Pandemic Crisis, Digitalization and Social Responsibility: An Emerging Role of Islamic Economics and Finance”

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak as a global threat for world economies and health systems. The World Bank has estimated the possibility of a 5.2 per cent contraction in global GDP in 2020 and more severe socio-economic consequence for years to come. Serving as the most detrimental economic outlook since 1990, this crisis poses a threat to historical productivity – reversing economic gains, exacerbating poverty levels, and preventing the achievement of several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this regard, the Islamic nance industry has to work beyond industry interest for the sake of betterment of society. Amid this crisis, the importance of digitalization has been realized by industries ranging from health, housing, job creation to industrial manufacturing. As global economies face critical challenges within an age of digitalization, it is crucial to foster a movement for digitalization in the Islamic nance industry and determine a direction for the future. It is important to address existing challenges as well as to attain sustainability goals.

With this framework, Minhaj University Lahore is organizing a conference to share ideas within an academic forum. Next year is the 4th international conference on Islamic economics and nance with the theme of ‘Pandemic Crisis, Digitalization and Social Responsibility: An emerging role of Islamic Economics and Finance’. The conference will utilize the university’s strength to focus on the consensus that the Islamic banking and nance industry (IBFI) should be more inclined towards ethical and social concerns than the conventional system. Nevertheless, the continuous discussion and conversation that are currently taking place among academicians, this conference aims to address a specic issue related to a future road map of Islamic economics and nance.

1. Pandemic Crisis and Performance of Islamic Financial Institutions
2. Socio-Economic Challenges and Role of Islamic Finance Industry
3. Revitalization of Islamic Social Finance and SDGs/ Financial Economics & Islamic Social Finance
4. Digitalization of the Islamic Finance Industry: Myth or Reality?/ Banking Revolution Industry 4.0
5. Development of Halal Industry through Islamic Finance
6. Islamic Fintech, BlockChain & crowdfunding: Current landscape & Path Forward
7. Islamic Capital Market: Resilience and Growth
8. Accounting, Governance and Legal Issues in Islamic Finance Industry
9. Islamic Political Economy 

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