Spoken Arabic for Business

Spoken Arabic for Business

Spoken Arabic for Business

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is one of the most spoken languages in the world which has around 300 million speakers. Emerging from the Middle East the Arabic language filled the space of the world through media and trade. The current situation of the MSA is that there are English words adapted to Arabic language (al-ta’rib) and these words are adapted to be parallel with Arabic grammatical forms (al-mu’arrab).
Spoken Arabic is different from textual readings of Arabic newspapers, articles and novels. Next to the Standard Arabic there are many dialects like Moroccan, Egyptian, Levantine, Gulf, Mesopotamian, Hijazi, etc. There are also many types of Arabic like Classical Arabic, High Arabic, Educated Spoken Arabic, Media Arabic, etc.
In this course participants will focus on the Modern Standard Spoken Arabic. The students will get familiar with daily life situations and will be able to express themselves in different situations which can vary from family and education to business life.

Course Objectives

The Participants will be able to

  • Introduce themselves in Arabic
  • Conduct conversation about their family and educational background
  • Respond and ask simple questions about daily life situations.
  • Understand and build familiarity with Arabic Used in Business, Trade and Media
  • Initiate and lead small talk in Arabic

Special Feature

  • The students will get the privilege to study from the comfort of their home using Zoom software.
  • A certificate of Completion at the end of the training.
  • International Trainer

About Trainer

Mr. Qasim Khan, is a highly skilled Arabic Speaker. He is formally educated in Arabic language from Birzeit University, Palestine, Institute of Arab Culture, Jordan and Al-Azhar University, Egypt. Mr. Khan is a seasoned professional and has extensive knowledge of Arab dialects, culture, and Business world.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for professionals looking to explore opportunities, conduct business and develop better understanding of spoken Arabic language.

Participants will have special access to closed groups for interaction and engaged learning


Classes will be held on Zoom and Facebook Live

If you want to discuss your needs further. Please feel free to contact the ICE team.
Omar Ashraf
Program Manager ICE
For Registration:
Call/SMS/Whatsapp +92 306 1420067